9 Classy Shoes to Wear With Denim Skirt (Mini & Long)

What shoes to wear with denim skirt

Making the best choice of footwear to complement your denim skirt can be as tasking as anything.

This is especially when you realize that your choice of shoes can either spice up or devalue your fashion style with a long or mini denim skirt.

With the right shoes and fashion tips provided in this article, wearing your denim skirts wouldn’t be as difficult as you’ve thought it to be.

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Shoes to Wear with Denim Mini Skirts

The following shoes look good with a denim mini skirt

  • White Sneakers
  • Flat Ballet shoes
  • Ankle Boots
  • Flats Slides
  • Sandals

Shoes to wear with denim mini skirt

1. White Sneakers

Perfecting your outfit with a pair of sneakers, especially white is one fashion style you should try out. White sneakers are a must-have pair of shoes for every lady out there.

So wear your mini denim skirt with a white plain tee properly tucked in. A grey tee with a ripped mini denim skirt is a great fashion style you should try out as well. Then match on with those sneakers.

2. Flat Ballet Shoes

Brilliantly colored flat ballets with your mini denim skirts would give you a stunning look.

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3. Ankle Boots

Thinking of the ideal pair of shoes to perfect your fashion style of mini denim skirt? Then, ankle boots give you the perfect look you seek.

4. Flat Slides

For an informal look for a down-the-street walk, a pair of flat slides with your mini denim skirt with either a crop top or a white tee would give you a simple yet fashionable look. You can try out that on your next casual outing.

5. Sandals

To achieve a perfect and classical look for summer, flat or heeled sandals are ideal for your mini denim skirt. You can try combining it with a white crop top to achieve a stunning outlook.

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Shoes to Wear with Long Denim Skirts

  • White Sneakers
  • Heels or Wedges
  • Ankle boots
  • Flat Sandals

What shoes to wear with long denim skirt

1. White Sneakers

As said earlier, sneakers are must-haves, especially a white pair of sneakers. White pairs of sneakers are versatile shoes you must have.

Having chosen a long denim skirt, consider rocking it with a pair of white sneakers.

2. Heels or Wedges

Ever worn a pair of heels or wedges on that long denim skirt?

No, I guess. A pair of heels would give you a stunning look you can’t think of with your long denim skirt. Shouldn’t you try it out soon?

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3. Ankle Boots

A pair of ankle boots with a pair of leggings complements your long denim skirt fashion style better than you can think of.

Ankle boots are not only ideal for mini denim skirts, they also fit well with long denim skirts. You can try it out!

4. Flat Sandals

A plain tee with your long denim skirt is a good match with a pair of flat sandals. You won’t get that flattering look until you try it out.

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Shoes to wear with different types of denim skirt

Denim skirts come in various lengths, colors, and shapes. Below are the different denim skirts (which could be mini or long) that you can find in the market:

  • The light wash denim skirt
  • Ripped Denim skirt
  • Button-up denim skirt
  • Pencil denim skirt
  • Pleated Denim skirt

1. The light wash Denim skirts

Combined with a polo shirt and a pair of flat ballets gives you a simple yet classical look.

2. Ripped Denim skirt

An amazing fact about denim is that the more it is ripped, the youthful you look. However, you wouldn’t want to put on heavily ripped denim in an official environment.

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The good news is that you can style your slightly ripped feminine-like denim skirt with a white shirt or top and a pair of white sneakers to give you the desired look.

3. Button-up denim skirt

A plain tee or a crop top with a pair of sneakers or heeled sandals helps you rock a button-up skirt better.

4. Pencil denim skirt

A short sleeve shirt with flat ballets or a pair of sneakers goes well with a pencil denim skirt.

5. Pleated Denim skirt

Rocking your pleated denim skirt with a plain tee and a pair of heels or sneakers gives you an awesome look.

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Thinking of how to style your Denim Skirts?

Getting the perfect fashion style of rocking your denim skirts can be a long row to hoe at times. However, below are a few fashion styles just for you:

  1. A white tee, crop top, or off-shoulder top with a mini denim skirt and a pair of white sneakers gives you a classical outlook.
  2. A long sleeve shirt with a long denim skirt and a pair of white sneakers is also a great way of rocking your denim skirt.
  3. A denim skirt with a jacket and ankle boots would make you cynosure as you walk down the street.
  4. You can also rock your denim skirts with a pair of leggings or stockings
  5. A long denim skirt with a pair of heels, an unbuttoned shirt, and an overcoat or jacket.

Can I wear a mini denim skirt to work?

Yes, you can. However, not the ones showing off your butts. Ensure your mini denim skirt is of appropriate length and meets the dress code standard of your working place.

Can I wear a denim skirt to work?

Yes, a denim pencil skirt of moderate length can give you the best outlook for your workplace.

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Is a denim skirt casual or formal?

Denim is considered casual. However, with a formal fashion style, you can spice your look to fit a formal setting.


Denim skirts are not old-fashioned. With the appropriate shoes and tops, a stunning look is guaranteed.

Certainly, the above article will help you make a better choice of shoes that help to rock your denim skirts better.

Wouldn’t you mind trying one of these fashion styles out on your next outing?

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