How Do Converse Shoe Sizes Run?

how to converse shoe sizes run?

Nothing feels good about ordering a pair of shoes only to find out in the end that it is the wrong size. It even hurts more when the return procedure would cost you an arm and a leg.

To avoid this disappointing scenario, you need to know how your favorite shoe sizes run. Converse is one of the prominent sneaker brands in the world. It has lasted a century and remained people’s favorite.

In case you want to get a new pair of Converse, you must know how Converse shoe sizes run. Does it run large or small? Should I purchase half up or half down of the size? This article will be of help to you if you have the same or similar questions

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How Converse sizes run

Converse sneakers run big compared to other shoes. For example, when you place size 12 of Converse Chuck Taylor beside size Vans Old-skool, you will realize that Chuck Taylor is larger than old-skool.

This large sizing of Converse is not only compared to other shoe brands but also within different Converse shoe styles.

Converse Chuck Taylor runs larger than Converse one star. A chart of normal sizing of shoes with different converse shoes sizing will explain more.

Find Your Shoe Size

US Size
Chuck Taylor All Star/Chuck 70

Runs a half size large
All Star Pro BB/BB Evo

Runs a half size small
All other styles

Fit may vary

Foot Length (in)
3.5343.58 1/2"
43.54.548 5/8"
4.5454.58 5/6"
5.5565.59 1/7"
65.56.569 2/7"
6.5676.59 1/2"
76.57.579 2/3"
7.5787.59 4/5"
8.5898.510 1/6"
98.59.5910 1/3"
9.59109.510 1/2"
109.510.51010 5/8"
10.5101110.510 4/5"
11.5111211.511 1/7"
1211.512.51211 2/7"

Source: Converse Sizing page

The table above clearly shows that Converse shoes run a half size larger than the normal shoe size.

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How to manually find your size

  1. Find a flat place and place a piece of blank paper right against the wall
  2. Place your foot on the paper right against the wall and stand straight
  3. Ask someone to mark your heel to your toe or you can simply do it by yourself
  4. Measure the second foot too. There’s a high chance they won’t be the same length
  5. Then use a ruler to measure the heel to toe length you marked


Does Converse fit wide feet?

The converse is purpose footwear and is made narrow. But yes, frequent wear can make Converse expand to your foot size. 

Are Converse sizes in US or UK?

The Converse size chart is in US sizes. However, you can use the international shoe size chart to get the UK sizes if you want.

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Do you size up or down for converse?

Since Converse sneakers run a half larger than the normal, you can size it down by half. However, you wouldn’t want to get a very tight shoe. If you are not sure which size is best for you, go to the physical store and try different sizes.


It is good you know how Converse shoe sizes run. Now you can place your order to get a fitting shoe without the fear of it slipping off or having a tight grip.

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