Orthofeet vs Vionic: Which is Better for Your Feet?

Orthofeet vs Vionic

Vionic and Orthofeet are top-chart shoe brands that produce biomechanically engineered footwear aimed at satisfying your unquenchable desire for comfort and support.

Vionic footwear is designed by a group of podiatrists. They have a functional and supportive orthotic insole that relieves your feet from plantar fasciitis and any associated heel pain.

On the other hand, Orthofeet shoes are orthopedic and offer comfort and relief pain for up to 17 ailments. The shoes feature high-quality materials that guarantee durability, comfort, and support.

It is quite easy to spot the physical differences between these brands. But how about their performance, especially in relieving foot pain such as plantar fasciitis and proving arch support?

This Orthofeet vs Vionic delves into understanding which of the brands is better. For this study, we considered the Orthofeet coral and Vionic Kona.

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Orthofeet vs Vionic –Which One is Better?

Orthofeet shoes are better than Vionic shoes. They feature biomechanically engineered foam and insoles that are not present in Vionic shoes. These features help to relieve symptoms of common foot ailments and enhance your movement.

Unlike Vionic orthotic insoles, Orthofeet orthotic insoles are very flexible and take the shape of your feet within a week of wearing them to create room for comfort. The Vionic orthotic insoles are firm and take much time to adjust to the contour of your foot.

Differences Between Vionic Kona and Orthofeet Coral

Vionic Kona Orthofeet Coral
Features a rigid insole that takes time to break in Features a flexible insole and doesn’t take much time to contour to your feet
Does not offer an arch booster Offers an arch booster, added under the orthotic insole to enhance the arch support of your foot
Features casual and dresses shoe interior leather lining, which is stiff and ensures discomfort Features an interior lining that consists of soft fabric with extra foam fading seamless design at the forefoot for your comfort.
The leather lining has a rough connection which may irritate a sensitive foot The interior lining has a smooth design that enhances comfort and also protects your feet.
Does not feature removable spacers that allow the adjustment of space inside the shoe for a better fit. Features removable spacers
Does not feature a tie-less innovative system Features a tie-less innovative system

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Vionic Kona

Orthofeet vs Vionic
Vionic Kona

Vionic Kona is a female lace-up walking fitness shoe with concealed orthotic arch support. Like other Vionic products, the Kona shoe features a combination of advanced motion system technology and podiatrist-designed orthotics with a flexible outsole for your comfort and support. 


Vionic Kona features a mesh and faux leather upper with a lace-up system with six eyelets for adjusting fit and closure. The mesh and faux upper ensure maximum breathability while keeping you in style with appealing colors.

It features double stitches at the forefoot and the heel counter to enhance the show’s durability.

Vionic vs Orthofeet
Vionic Kona Upper


It features a removable textile-covered EVA orthotic insole insert to ensure optimal comfort for your feet. The insole is firm but flexible to some extent, to accommodate and adjust to your foot shape. Walking with these shoes is like walking on a soft pillow.

The soft EVA midsole completely lifts your feet off the rough terrain and makes you feel like you are on clouds. The insole or footbed takes some time to break in and contour to the shape of your feet. But after the break-in, you enjoy the comfort package it has for you.


Orthofeet vs Vionic
Vionic Kona Outsole

It is made of a durable rubber material with deep treads to ensure maximum traction to your feet. With the outsole, you can confidently walk on any terrain texture without slipping.

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Its comfort is top-notch and provides every support that you need on your feet. It features the combination of advanced motion system technology and a podiatrist-designed orthotic insert insole to create enough room for comfort on your feet.

It has a flexible insole which doesn’t take much time before it breaks in. It has a soft padded collar that ensures a warm and cozy feeling on your ankle. Its interior is lined with leather to enhance the comfort you feel on your feet.

The orthotic footbed offers maximum arch support to your feet. People with flat feet and feet ailments such as plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and arthritis can wear this shoe to alleviate their foot ailments. 


The shoe is carefully crafted with quality materials to ensure its durability. The upper features double stitches at the forefoot and the heel counter. The rubber outsole with deep grooves also ensures durability as it won’t crack or break for a long time of wearing the shoe.


You can get the Vionic Kona at $100; that is about $30 less than Orthofeet Coral. If you wish to save the difference for other items on your list, then you might want to consider getting a pair of these.

Buy Vionic Kona on Amazon

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Orthofeet Coral

Orthofeet vs Vionic
Orthofeet Coral

Women with bad feet can always feel safe with this sturdy shoe. Orthofeet Coral is invested with incredible features to help you with your gait. It has a well-cushioned insole with a flexible gel-padded heel seat.

It also works fine for those who need motion control to handle overpronation. If you are a vegetarian, it is interesting to know that this shoe is vegan-friendly. Orthofeet Coral is recommended for those with foot conditions such as arthritis, plantar fasciitis, diabetes, bunions, hammertoes, flat feet, etc.


It features a stretchable knitted fabric upper that enhances breathability and comfort to your feet. It quickly forms to the contour of your foot shape to deliver extra comfort. It has a wide toe box to accommodate your toes and eliminate pressure points at bunions and hammertoes.

At the upper is the lace-up closure system but without metallic eyelets. Instead, it has elastics with the lace running in the dual zigzag form down to the tongue of the shoe. It also features a pull tab at the heel for easy slip-on and off.

Vionic vs Orthofeet
Orthofeet Coral Structure


Like Vionic, the shoe features an anatomically shaped and flexible footbed that forms to the contours of your feet and delivers great maximum arch support. The gel-padded heel seat helps to alleviate pain at the heel, foot, and up to your knees, hips, and lower back.

The Orthofeet arch booster is also added to the insole to enhance its arch support and minimize pressure at the heel and ball of the foot. The shoe also features two removable spacers of 3mm and 2mm thick. They allow for a suitable adjustment inside the shoe for an appropriate fit.

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Orthofeet Coral Outsole
Orthofeet Coral Outsole

It features a rubber outsole with deep grooves to ensure maximum traction while walking on slippery terrain. The lightweight sole with air cushioning and ergonomic-stride design improve your gait. It softens your step while working on your stability.


The shoe offers superior comfort to your feet with its soft stretchable upper that helps to eliminate pressure at the bunion and hammertoes. It offers protection and extreme comfort with the soft, seamless interior lining with no connection to eliminate the irritation that may be caused by friction against the skin.

It provides orthotic support to your feet and heals you from your foot ailment. It raises your arch and relieves pressure off your toes. The anatomically shaped and flexible footbed conforms to the shape of your feet to ensure maximum support and comfort.


The orthotic Coral is durable. It has a sturdy outsole with deep grooves that keeps the shoe to shape for a year or two before wearing out. It is also water-resistant and easy to clean.


Orthofeet Coral costs about $130. It is a good investment if you desire improved arch support and comfort especially if you have plantar fasciitis.

Buy Orthofeet Coral on Amazon

Why is Orthofeet Coral Better than Vionic Kona?

The Orthofeet has better features for comfort than the Vionic. Orthofeet features two removable spacers for an adjustable fit, which is not available in Vionic shoes. The orthotic insoles in Orthofeet shoes are flexible and mold to the contours of your feet within a week of wearing them.

Unlike Orthofeet shoes, Vionic shoes’ insoles are firm and take a longer time to break in and finally provide the comfort and support you need. The Orthofeet shoe features an arch booster added under the orthotic to enhance your comfort, which is also not available in Vionic shoes.

Orthofeet has an unconnected interior lining made of fabric with extra foam padding at the forefoot for your feet’s protection. Vionic also features interior lining but with leather material which has a rough connection that could probably irritate your feet.

Additionally, Orthofeet has no overlays across the bunions and has a wide toe box to provide extra room for the wriggling of your toes. It can accommodate thick insoles and eliminates pressure points on bunions and hammertoes.


Orthofeet shoes may be better than Vionic shoes, but that doesn’t make Vionic any worse. They still offer maximum comfort to your feet while keeping you in style. They are durable and provide optimal stability.

Whichever one you choose in buying would make a good impression on your feet. They are orthopedic wear and alleviate pain from your heel, foot, lower back, and knee. They are both recommended by podiatrists to cure plantar fasciitis and other foot ailments.


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