Birkibuc vs Birko-Flor: Differences & Which is Better

Birkibuc vs Birko flor

Sandals generally are comfortable, lightweight, and breathable. They become more useful especially when it is summer. These features remain the same with sandal brands like Birkenstock.

We could agree that Birkenstock makes quality products. But one of the reasons they have remained relevant in the market is because they keep bringing out different styles and products to satisfy the ceaseless needs of their customers.

Birkibuc and birko-flor, however, are some of the upper materials they employ in their products. They also use EVA, polyurethane, and different classes of leather.

This article, therefore, focuses on Birkenstock birkibuc vs birko-flor, to understand their differences, compare their qualities, durability, comfort, and price.

In the end, we shall give you a verdict on which is better; birkibuc or birko-flor?

Stick till the end.

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Birkibuc vs Birko-Flor: Overview

Both birkibuc and birko-flor are synthetic upper materials. They are water-resistant, easy to clean, soft to the feet, vegan-friendly, durable, and cheaper than the leather options.

But they have their individual properties too. Let’s find out what makes each stand out.

What is birkenstock birkibuc?

Birkibuc vs Birko-Flor
Birkibuc Birkenstock

Birkenstock birkibuc is a synthetic nubuck leather made from acrylic and polyamide felt fiber. On production, the material is slightly buffed to create a matte finish, one that has a texture of velvety nubuck leather.

Because of its nubuck leather appearance, birkibuc is usually an ideal alternative when leather birkenstocks are not available. Similarly, if you are on the lookout for vegan birkenstocks, consider birkibuc too. They look as classy and sophisticated as leather.

Advantages of birkibuc

  • It is easy to clean and maintain. You only need water and mild soap
  • On the inside is a soft felt lining that makes it soft on the skin
  • It is durable
  • Birkibuc has a natural leather appearance; a feature of clas
  • Compared to leather, birkibuc is cheap

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What is birkenstock birko-flor?

Birko-flor vs Birkibuc
Birko-flor Birkenstock

Birkenstock birko-flor is a double-layered synthetic upper material in which its outer part is made of smooth polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The inner layer, which lies directly on the skin is a soft felt fleece.

It has a smooth, shiny appearance, and is not matte like birkibuc or oiled leather. It is a great option if you are looking for something stylish, yet easy to clean and maintain.

The inner fleece lining makes birko-flor stand out. It impedes the reaction of your skin with the synthetic parts. It also makes the sandals comfortable so that you don’t have to worry about getting blisters.

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Advantages of birko-flor

  • Just like birkibuc, birko-flor is easy to clean. A damp cloth is all you need.
  • It is stretchy and comfortable right out of the box. So you do not need time to break in.
  • Birko-flor is cheap making it ideal if you are on a budget
  • It is available in many colors unlike birkibuc

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Differences between birkibuc and birko-flor

In the table below are different qualities that different birkibuc from birko-flor:

Lined with polyamide felt fabricLined with fleece on the inside
Limited colorwaysAvailable in many colors
Looks like nubuck leatherDoes not have the leather-like look
Has matte finishSmooth and shiny
Requires time to break inComfortable out of the box and does not require break-in period
Birkibuc is not tear-resistantBirko-flor is tear-resistant
Not stretchyBirko-flor is stretchy

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On a general note, both styles of sandals are comfortable. However, your comfort in either a birko-flor or birkibuc Birkenstock depends on the nature of your feet (narrow or wide) and the size of the footwear.

We advise you to go for your regular size. If you are not sure of your size, use the chart on the site to verify. If you can visit a physical footwear store, better. You wouldn’t worry about discomfort if you get your proper size.

It is worthy of note that you will need a little time to break in birkibuc sandals. So you might experience a little discomfort in your first few wear. But your feet will love it as soon as you break in.
Birko-flor Birkenstocks are comfortable right out of the box!


A classic Arizona style of either material would not cost more than $140. It usually lies between $80 to $130 depending on your size.

So, there is not much difference when you talk about which is cheaper between birkibuc and birko-flor.

Birkibuc vs Birko-flor: Which is better?

Here is our final verdict on this comparison!

Birkibuc and birko-flor are great in their ways. They are comfortable, relatively affordable, stylish, and durable.
From experience and observation, birko-flor is easier to clean because of the smoother surface. It is also more comfortable in the first few times if wearing it.

Birkibuc, however, appears more sophisticated than birko-flor. That unique nubuck leather appearance makes it superb.

So your choice of either lies in what qualities you prefer more. Having both of them in your footwear closet may not be a bad choice. At least it is a gateway to spice up your style. If you can spare the money, then why not?

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Quick Answers

Is birkibuc leather?

No. Birkibuc is not leather but a synthetic material made from acrylic and polyamide. It is buffed slightly after which it looks like nubuck leather. Hence it is called synthetic nubuck leather.

Is birkibuc waterproof?

Birkibuc is water-resistant but it has a slightly porous surface (a feature that makes it breathable). While water may not have serious effects on birkibuc, we still do not advise that you expose it to water for too long.

Is birko-flor sweaty?

Birko-flor has a fleece lining which helps to keep your feet dry. It doesn’t cause sweaty feet except when you have naturally sweaty feet.

Can birko-flor get wet?

Birko-flor, as birkibuc, is water-resistant. However, the fleece can get wet when waterlogged but it dries up quickly under dry air.

Is birko-flor worth it?

Investing in birko-flor sandals is worth every dime. As we had already highlighted, they are durable, comfortable, and easy to take care of.

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