Blundstone 500 vs 550: Complete Quality Comparison

Blundstone 500 vs 550

Blundstone is an Australian footwear brand popular for making high-quality laceless, elastic-gored, and ankle-length boots. The company was founded in 1870 in Tasmania, Australia. They had supplied boots for the Aussie troops in World War I and II. For over 150 years, the company consistently thrived to satisfy its customers and make changes over time.

While their customers’ happiness is their priority, they produce all-purpose footwear that can withstand the rough terrains, farmlands, or any form of ruggedness. In 1969, the brand introduced the 500 series Chelsea boot to the market.

The Blundstone 500 was their best-selling boot as it can offer maximum comfort and stability to your feet. It is also durable and has an appealing appearance. Over time, the company introduced the 550 series Chelsea boot which is like the improved version of the Blundstone 500.

However, both styles have almost the same look except for the slight differences disclosed in this article. And with their differences, we will get to know which one is better than the other.

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Blundstone 500 vs 550 – Which One is Better?

As aforementioned, the Blundstone 550 is like the Blundstone original but with improvements and new technology featured in it. The Blundstone 550 classic beats the 500 Original hands down, starting from the comfort to the durability.

It is surprising Blundstone still has the Original in the market when the Blundstone classic can offer everything the former does and even more. With the Blundstone classic, you can get all-dyed leather upper with an interior leather lining for durability.

Unlike the Blundstone Original, the 550 classic features extra TPU in the outsole and a high-density foam insole for maximum comfort and stability on your feet. The 550s also have removable insoles, so you can insert the orthotics as you desire.

Both boots feature oil-tanned leather, but unlike Blundstone 500, the 550 version features extra rugged thermal pairs, which makes the boot waterproof.

Read further to find out more why 550 is better than the 500…

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Differences Between Blundstone 500 and 550

Blundstone 500

Blundstone 550

Has no interior leather lining Has full interior leather lining
Single-stitched at the heel Double-stitched at the heel
Lacks an extra line of stitching at the inside arch Has an extra line of stitching at the inside arch
Has a touch of black leather lining at the heel and left the rest of the boot bare has a fully-lined tan leather lining at the heel and synthetic lining at the forefoot.
Lacks an extra foam insole Has an extra foam insole for comfort especially during cold weather

Blundstone 500

Blundstone 500 vs 550
Blundstone 500 Boot

The Blundstone 500 is also known as the Blundstone Original. After the debut of the boot in 1969, it became the best-selling and the most popular Blundstone. At first, the boot’s features attracted farmers, builders, and manual laborers who stood on their feet all day doing their job.

But as time passed, it became a universal style for fashion lovers and adventurers. The boot combines a chic look with the comfort and stability it offers.

It features high-quality materials that protect your feet from cold weather and muddy ground. The ruggedness of the outsole could boost your confidence in walking on wet or slippery terrain.

Thanks to the wide variety of Blundstone boots, men and women can find their comfort with them during summer and winter.


Blundstone 500 vs 550
Blundstone 500 Upper

The 500 series Chelsea boot features one piece of chrome-tanned genuine leather upper with single stitching at the heel. Along with the leather upper are the double-sided elastic gores, a known feature in all Chelsea boots. It has a front and back pull-on tab at the top edge of the boot for easy slip-on.

The oil-treated leather upper protects your foot from oil or water splash. The one piece of leather used as the upper prevents breakage because it allows minimal seams.


Blundstone 500 features a polyurethane midsole with a memory foam insert in the heel, which ensures maximum comfort for your feet. However, the insole is not as thick as the Classic 550. It has a thin footbed covered with Cambrelle, a non-woven synthetic material that wicks moisture without hesitation.


Blundstone 500 Sole
Blundstone 500 Sole

The boot outsole is from a single piece of mold-injected TPU with deep grooves for a firm grip and strong traction. The TPU is 5mm thick, half of the TPU thickness in the Classic 550.


Like other Blundstone boots, the Original features XRD Extreme Impact Protection Technology which absorbs up to 90% impact from the ground, making it more comfortable for your feet. More so, the shoe is supposed to fit snugly to your feet. But it loosens at your instep over time to mold to the shape of your feet.

It has a contoured footbed that supports the arch and helps to distribute weight across your feet. Although the midsole is not as thick as in the classic 550, the Original still offers comfort and breathability to your feet.


One of the downsides of the Blundstone 500 is insufficient durability, but it is not awful either. The boot may last for a couple of months or a year before the mold-injected outsole detaches from the upper as they are only glued together and not stitched.

It also does not have an interior leather lining that holds the stitches at the quarter of the boot to the firm. It has a thin insole that could wear off before you know it.

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For about $200 to $230, you can purchase the Blundstone originals. If you are going to ask for my opinion, I would say the boots are overpriced.

Many boots featuring a full-grain leather upper and enough foam at the insole are priced below $200. But the style and appearance of the Blundstone Chelsea boot could be worth the price.

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Blundstone 550

Blundstone 550
Blundstone 550 Boot

The Blundstone brand could not get enough of the hype in the Original, so they decided to add more features, more like an improvement, and created the Blundstone 550. The Blundstone 550 can also be called the Classic.

It is like a better version of the Blundstone 500 as it offers more comfort, stability, and durability to your feet. You can read through the features of the Classic and see how the Blundstone top their game in producing boots.


Blundstone 550 Upper
Blundstone 550 Upper

The Classic 550 is not so different from the Original at the upper. Like the Original, the Classic features a chrome tanned upper that repels against oil and water. However, the Classic 550 features a thicker leather upper, much more than in the Original.

Unlike the Originals, the leather in Classic is all dyed up and coated with water-repellent, making it waterproof. It has double-lined stitching at the heel and an extra line of stitching at the upper for foot security and durability of the boot.

Like a custom in Chelsea boots, the Classic boots do not have laces but elastic gores at the sides of the boot for easy slip on and off.


The Blundstone 550 insole is removable, and you can insert your orthotics, but there will be no need for that as the boot features a high-density foam insole at the heel. It has a memory foam disc attached to the heel, which creates enough comfort and stability for your feet.

Like the Originals, the Classic features a polyurethane midsole that offers a soft feeling to your feet.


Blundstone 550 sole
Blundstone 550 Sole

Same as the Blundstone 500, it features a TPR outsole with cemented construction. However, the Classic TPR outsole is 5mm thicker than the Original, which makes it more durable and stable. The outsole is also deep-grooved for stability and strong traction on wet or slippery terrain.


This is the part where the Blundstone 550 has more benefits to offer than Blundstone 500. The Classic features interior lining at the shaft and forefoot for a cozy and warm feel. The interior lining also contributes to the durability of the boot.

It also features a steel shank between the insole and the outsole that helps to support your arch and offers stability at the midfoot. Moreover, it is helpful if you want to hike or climb mountains.

The extra foam at the heel ensures comfort and support to your feet.

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The interior leather lining at the shaft and synthetic lining at the forefoot ensures durability as they support the stitches. The 10mm TPR outsole also enhances the durability of the shoe as the outsole cannot wear out fast.
The extra line of stitches at the quarter and the double stitches at the heel contribute to its durability. It is, however, undeniably true that the Classic is more durable than the Original.


The Blundstone 550 is more expensive than the Original with a difference of $20 to $30 from the price of Blundstone 500. However, they are still overpriced.

On Amazon, a pair of Blundstone Classic boot costs about $220 or more depending on the size, color, and leather.

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Why Blundstone 550 is Better than Blundstone 500

Many things we want in a shoe, but the most important of them all is our comfort, support, and the shoe’s durability. No doubt the Blundstone Original offers comfort, support, and durability, but the Classic could offer even more to your feet.

Unlike the Original, the Classic has thicker leather upper, interior leather lining at the shaft, heel, and synthetic lining at the forefoot. These linings are for your warm and cozy feel. They also enhance the durability of the stitches.

While both styles have thin insoles, the Blundstone 550 features high-density foam at the heel to offer better comfort and support. The thickness of the outsole in the Classic Chelsea boot is double of the outsole in the Original.

It may not make sense as they are both cemented construction, but the outsole in the Classic has more durability than in the Original.

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Key Takeaway…

You can opt for whichever Blundies you want for the winter or fall. However, if you have sweaty feet and still want to get the boot vibe in summer, the Blundstone Original would be the best for your feet as they are more breathable because of the absence of interior lining.

To feel warm and cozy, you should go for the Blundstone Classic. The Blundstone Classic is also good for hiking and climbing mountains. In whichever way, the Blundstone Classic still takes the trophy.


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