Hey Dude Wally Sox vs Wally Stretch

Wally Sox vs Wally Stretch

The Hey Dude Wally and Wendy are the most popular styles of the casual shoe brand. But as we stated in our previous post on Wendy vs Wally, the wendy is the style designed for women while the Wally is Hey Dude shoes for men.

Among the Hey Dude Wally collection are many other styles like the Wally sox and wally stretch.

If you are just getting started with the brand, distinguishing between the different versions of Hey Dude and making a better choice may be challenging.

Therefore, this article centers on Hey Dude wally sox vs wally stretch. It delves into the differences between the two, their unique features, and which of them is more durable.

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Hey Dude Wally Sox vs Wally Stretch: Differences

On the differences between wally sox and wally stretch, the table below summarizes all you should know:

Wally Sox

Wally Stretch

On feeling, Wally Sox is harder Wally stretch is soft on feeling
Made with stiff non-stretchy cotton Made with very flexible and stretchy cotton
Cannot go out of shape due to washing Vigorous washing stretches it beyond limit and makes it go out of shape easily
Because it is stiffer, Wally sox is less comfortable The softness makes it comfortable and cool on the feet
Available in limited colors. Click here to check on Amazon Wally stretch is available in many color variations. Click here to check on Amazon
Can be washed in the washing machine without fear getting destroyed It needs tender care, especially during cleaning
Better durability Wally stretch is less durable than wally sox

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Wally Stretch vs Wally Sox: Qualities Comparison

Hey Dude Wally Stretch vs Wally Sox
Wally Sox

Upper Material

The upper material of Wally stretch is made of elasticated, flexible, soft, and stretchy cotton textile. It should be a better choice if you need something very soft and more friendly.

Because of the tenderness of the material, you cannot subject it to heavy use, else it will wear out more quickly.

Hey Dude Wally Sox, on the other hand, comes with an upper made of durable, non-stretchy, and recycled stiff plastic mesh and neoprene.

This makes it a bit tougher than the stretch counterpart.


Due to the softness and stretchiness of wally stretch, it offers more comfort than the stiff and tough wally sox. Nevertheless, both styles have great levels of comfort as they are breathable and have enough padding on the collar.


Unlike the Wally Sox, the stretchiness of Wally stretch upper material stretches out upon use or washing. This sometimes causes the thread of the seam on the flex & fold technology to lose its grip. 

Sometimes, subjecting wally stretch to vigorous washing or harsh extreme temperatures like heat or sunlight can cause the textile to become washed out and weathered. Thus, wally sox is more durable than wally stretch.

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Wally stretch is available in many colors like black, blue, ivory, sand dune camo, platinum mix, beige, steel, meteorite, tobacco, ozone, black melange, street digi camo, lead, opal black, pride iron, and so on.

Wally sox, on the other hand, is available in limited colors like brown, gray, stone white, camel, pine, camel, and woodland camo.

This implies that you would not have much trouble finding the perfect color to match your outfit with wally stretch.


Every shoe is unique and requires unique handling and cleaning.

With the stretchiness and delicateness of the Wally stretch material, extra carefulness is necessary when cleaning to avoid over stretching and loosening up the shoes out of the original shape.

To prevent this from happening, we advise that you wash wally stretch inside a pillowcase. Washing the shoes vigorously can cause the seam thread of the flex & fold technology to loosen.

Also, color-catching washing products should be used when cleaning multi-colored ones. This is to prevent the colors from washing out and causing a splash of stains on the shoes.

After washing, the shoes should be air-dried and not sun-dried or heat-dried with a dryer. Doing this will prevent the elastic material from stretching out of shape.

Wally Stretch vs Wally Sox
Wally Stretch

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Now, talking about the Wally sox, they do not require as much carefulness as Wally stretch because the upper material is tougher and more durable.

Wally sox can comfortably be washed in a machine and air-dried. However, a color-catching washing product should be used for cleaning multi-colored ones. Before you throw them into the washing machine, ensure you remove the insoles and laces.


The prices of both styles of wally shoes weigh the same on the scale. You can get either for about $60 on Amazon. So, if you are wondering which is cheaper between the two, actually none is.

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Our Verdict: Which is Better?

On a sincere note, both wally stretch and wally sox are beautiful and unique shoes with unique features. However, when considering comfort and availability, wally stretch proves to be a better option than sox.

Meanwhile, wally sox beat the Stretch counterpart hands down. So if you are out for the one that will last longer, the better one is obvious. At the end of the day, it will be a question of what you want, comfort, and your pocket.

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