Redback vs Blundstone: An Intensive Boot Battle

Redback vs Blundstone Boots

Redback and Blundstone are popular Australian footwear brands with a focus on producing high-quality boots to satisfy the needs of their customers. Therefore comparing them isn’t a walk in the park. They are both known to deliver comfort, stability, durability, and support.

The Blundstone boots, also known as the Blunnies originated in Australia in 1870. For over 150 years, the brand thrived for success as they constantly distribute new styles to the market. The boots are designed to withstand the harsh environment while creating enough room for lasting comfort on your feet. These boots are versatile and worn to satisfy any purpose, be it a casual or official occasion.

The Redback boot, on the other hand, is also a footwear brand known for producing quality Chelsea boots. The company has supplied the Australian defense forces with its terra combat boots since 2000. They are mostly worn by workers or manual laborers who are always on their feet all day because the boots can withstand rough terrains or any form of ruggedness.

Despite the fact that these boots have incredible qualities, one has to be better than the other. In this comparison of Redback vs Blundstone, we have reviewed the qualities of the Blundstone 550 and Redback UBOK. We hope it gives you enough insight on what to expect in over versions (if you wish to settle for them).

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Redback UBOK vs Blundstone 550 – Which One is better?

Both boots are unique and carry out their functions effectively, but the Redback UBOK has proven to be better than Blundstone 550 in many aspects. The Redback boot is more durable and sold at an affordable price compared to the Blundstone boot.

It also offers comfort right out of the box, eliminating the period for break-in or foot adjustment. The major downside is that they are primarily designed as work boots (which is absolutely OK) but may not be suitable for casual wearing. So, Blundstone is more versatile and fits any occasion and wear than the Redback boots would.

Difference Between Redback UBOK and Blundstone 550

Redback UBOK

Blundstone 550

Doesn’t have an interior leather lining Has an interior leather lining
Features a three-piece construction Features a two-piece construction
Made with full-grain leather upper Features genuine leather upper
Doesn’t have a steel toe cap for protection Comes with steel toe cap for protection
More suitable for work than casual wear Most suitable for casual and formal wear

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Redback UBOK

Redback Boots

When talking about Redback boots, the Redback UBOK always comes to mind as it is the most famous in the brand. They are made of three-piece leather, which makes the boot comfortable right out of the box. With Redback UBOK, there is no need for a break-in period as it offers a great fit at the first wear.

The boot is designed to ensure long-term comfort to your feet for any strenuous activity you may indulge in. It features an air-cushioned insole that gives a light and rebound feeling to your feet. The deep groovy outsole ensures a safe ride on rough and slippery terrain. It is even more interesting that the boot is available for both men and women to hold against the rough environment.

Redback Upper

Redback vs Blundstone

Redback UBOK features full-grain leather with almost 30% thickness which repels against oil or water penetration to your feet. It features modern construction technology with a three-piece upper that ensures maximum comfort right out of the box. No need for a break-in time as they fit great at first wear.

Like all Chelsea boots, the Redback UBOK features two-sided elastic gores, but no lace. At the top edge are the front and back pull-on tabs for easy slip-on and off.

Redback Midsole/Insole

The boot features a two-component urethane air-cushion midsole with millions of tiny air bubbles that provide strong impact absorption to your feet while maintaining the lightness of the shoe.

It also ensures arch support and relieves your foot of stress and fatigue. The footbed is removable, and its insulation provides thermal comfort as it also conforms to your foot shape.

Redback Outsole

Redback boots sole

It features a TPU outsole with unique heel reinforcement, which comprises a three-layer counter design for long-lasting stability on your feet. The outsole is molded using TPU compression technology, which makes them resistant to different chemicals.

The outsole features a deep multi-directional groove that stabilizes your traction on rough and slippery terrain. It ensures flexibility and cracking resistance.

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The urethane air-cushion midsole with millions of air bubbles makes you feel like you are walking on a cloud. It gives you a soft feeling while taking your feet off the rough terrain. The midsole also protects your feet from shock as it absorbs the impact from the ground adequately.

You don’t have to worry about the boot’s arch support because it offers it on a platter. It has an anatomically shaped footbed that contours to your feet. It balances the weight on your feet as it raises your arch and relieves your toe of too much pressure.

The footbed also absorbs heat and helps in thermoregulation. Unfortunately, the boot does not feature interior leather lining that could enhance the comfort and warmness of your feet, from the shaft to the toe box.

Redback Durability

Many features in this boot ensure the boot’s durability. The full-grain leather with about 30% thickness helps enhance the durability of the boot. The outsole molded with TPU construction technology, accompanied by deep grooves, also ensures the durability of the boot as it is highly resistant to corrosive acid.

Redback Price

Redback boots are not as expensive as the Blundstones. The Redback UBOK is sold in the range of $113 to $184.

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Blundstone 550

Blundstone 550 vs Blundstone UBOK

After the invention of the Blundstone 500, also known as the Original, the Blundstone decided to make a better version of it, one with the most requirements anyone would want in a boot. Hence, the invention of Blundstone 550.

Blundstone 550, also known as Classic 550 is an improved version of the Original boot. It is one of the popular Blundstone boots in the company. The interesting things about the Blundstone boots are they are strong-made to resist harsh weather and environment while taking it easy on your feet with maximum comfort and support.

They are suitable for any occasion, be it formal or casual. They could withstand strenuous activity all day long while keeping your feet warm. There is more to learn about their features.

Blundstone Upper

Blundstone 550 Upper

The Blundstone 550 features a 2.5mm thick genuine leather upper, chrome-tanned to repel against water and oil. The leather is all dyed to prevent creasing and to enhance its durability. The upper also features an extra line of stitching and a double line of stitching on the upper to ensure the longevity of the boot.

The leather Classic 550 Chelsea boot features a steel top cap for your toe protection against injury or cut. Like the Redback UBOK, the boot features an unlaced design with two-sided elastic gores and the front and back pull tab for easy slip-on and off.

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Blundstone Midsole/Insole

The Classic 550 features a thin piece of perforated foam as the insole and additional two high-density foam pads at the heel. But the insole or footbed can be removed to insert your orthotics to improve your foot health. It has a polyurethane midsole with a notch removed in the heel to add the high-density foam.

Between the midsole and outsole is a steel shank that provides flexibility and enhances maximum traction. For your foot support, the footbed is anatomically shaped to contour your feet. The boot also features XRD technology, a breathable, thin, lightweight material that absorbs impact from the ground.

Blundstone Outsole

Blundstone 550 Sole vs Redback Sole

The outsole attains the slip-resistance standard as they are well grooved to survive any terrain. It features mold-injected TPU rubber with cemented construction to the upper. The thickness of the outsole is up to 10mm with a well-elevated heel which relieves your foot of the rough terrain.

It features SPS technology that provides your feet with ultimate foot protection against corrosive acid. The boot uses a dual layering method in the outsole for durability and support.


Your maximum comfort is assured with the Blundstone 550. The boot features a 1mm thick leather lining from the shaft to the heel and a synthetic lining at the forefoot for your comfort and warmth, especially during winter.

The SPS technology protects your feet from harmful substances such as acid. The leather is chrome-tanned to prevent water and oil penetration to your feet. The footbed is contoured to the shape of your feet to support your foot arch and enables weight distribution across your feet.

The XRD technology enhances breathability, and comfort, and absorbs up to 90% shock from the ground. The Blundstone 550 can be anything but does not offer discomfort to your feet. The brand specializes in creating a comfortable boot for your strenuous job.

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Blundstone Durability

One aspect of the Blundstone 550 faulted is the lack of sufficient durability. The upper features genuine leather which cannot be compared to full-grain leather. Genuine leather creases faster, but thanks to the dye coating and the oil and water repellant, it could have been a lot worse.

The cemented construction used to hold the outsole to the upper makes the boot vulnerable to water. If they both fall apart, the boot will be useless in rain and mud. However, there are aspects of the boot that have proven durable. The double stitches at the heel and the extra line of stitches help to hold the upper together.

The interior leather lining also contributes to the durability of the boot by holding the stitches together. The 10mm thick TPU outsole with deep grooves and SPS technology also ensure the longevity of the boot.

Blundstone Price

The Blundstone 550 is more expensive than the Redback UBOK. It is sold for about $220 to $260. But for a boot with genuine leather upper and cemented construction, it is not worth the price.

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Why is Redback Better than Blundstone?

Redback offers more qualities to your feet than Blundstone at a cheaper price. Except for the comfort that both boots offer effortlessly, the Redback UBOK is more durable than the Blundstone 550. The boot features 30mm thick full-grain leather with a TPU construction technology of the outsole that boosts its durability.

The upper comprises a three-piece leather construction which ensures a great fitting right away. Unlike Redback, the Blundstone features genuine leather of 2.5mm thickness and a two piece-construction. It features a thin removable insole that could wear out before you know it.

It is also more expensive than Redback which has the right quality material for durability. However, Blundstone still has a way of beating Redback in the comparison. Unlike Blundstone, the Redback design is basically for work, but you can go out with Blundstone on any occasion.

The Blundstone has a steel toe cap for ultimate protection against cut or injury of your toes which the Redback boot lacks.

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Key Takeaway…

So you see, both boots have their pros and cons. It is left for you to choose the one appropriate for you at the moment. For versatile wear and a cozy feel, going for the Blundstone boot won’t be a bad idea. But for assured durability, you can go for Redback boots.


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