Oofos VS Vionic: Which is Better?

Oofos vs Vionic Sandals

With the advancement of technology, most people choose to work from home rather than go to the office. It may be easier for you to walk barefoot in your house throughout the day, but walking with good footwear is better for healthy feet.

As you wouldn’t want a shoe that screams “I am orthopedic wear,” these two brands – Oofos and Vionic have deemed it fit to satisfy your wants in style. They are far beyond standard footwear. They are shoes recommended by podiatrists and other health professionals for healthy and happy feet.

Vionic is in fact, designed by a podiatrist (Philip Vasyli) who incorporated functional and supportive orthotic insoles without compromising on comfort. The Vionic sandals offer biomechanical support and control.

Oofos, on the other hand, is known to produce recovery footwear to relax your feet after much stress on them. With its unique material, the Oofos slide brings you comfort and relaxation feels at its maximum.

Although these two brands are good at what they do, people are curious to know which one is better for rating sake. This article is here to explain better.

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Differences Between Oofos Slide and Vionic Sandals/Slippers



Oofos slide is made of Oofoam Vionic sandal is made of leather
Oofos features a patented footbed It features orthaheel orthotic footbed
Invented by a team of footwear veterans Invented by podiatrists
Oofos is machine washable All vionic sandals are not machine washable

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Oofos vs Vionic
Oofos Sandal

Oofos vs Vionic – Comparison of Features

1. Upper

Oofos slide upper features a unique material known as Oofoam. Oofoam is closed cell foam that is found only in Oofos. It is water-friendly and dries fast. With the material, the slide offers lightweight and maximum comfort.

Vionic sandals, on the other hand, feature patented leather straps as the upper with a padded neoprene upper liner.

2. Midsole/Outsole

Just like the upper, the Oofos slide features Oofoam as the midsole. The flexible Oofoam absorbs up to 37% shock impact on your feet. It contours to the shape of your foot to give you maximum support and comfort.

Meanwhile, the Vionic sandal features a flexible medium-density EVA midsole that also absorbs shock and reduces stress on every part of your leg. It also features a durable TPR outsole with well-patterned treads for maximum traction and firm grip. The outsole is, however, more grooved than Oofos outsole.

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3. Arch Support/Footbed

Both footwear offers great arch support to your feet with different footbeds. Oofos slide features a soft patented footbed that conforms to the shape of your feet. It raises your arch and relieves the pressure off your toes. It also relieves pain in your spine, heel, and ankle.

It is common for sporty men and women as it minimizes stress from their feet after athletic activities. Vionic sandal features an orthaheel technology footbed. It is biomechanically designed to hug your arches and support your feet.

However, both footwear is recommended by podiatrists and other health professionals for plantar fasciitis and other foot problems as they support your heel and arch.

Vionic vs Oofos
Vionic Sandal

4. Sizing/Fitting

From previous reviews, both footwear fit narrow. However, Oofos slide runs true to size but if you usually wear a half size, it is best to order a half size up as a woman. If you are a man, it is best to order a half-size-down for the best fit.

With Vionic sandals, you should order the nearest size down if you are a half size.

5. Price

The price difference between these footwear is not much. From the price listing below, you can’t conclude which one is more expensive than the other.

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6. Weight

Although both footwear is lightweight, Oofos is lighter than Vionic. Oofos weight ranges from 4.8 oz. — 6 oz., while Vionic ranges from 7 oz. — 10 oz.

Oofos vs Vionic – Which one is Better?

Both shoes are good at what they offer. There are a few setbacks in their features, but none seem to be better than the other. The Oofos slides are not as stylish as Vionic sandals. Vionic sandals are more versatile and stylish than Oofos, and they are not only considered for indoor wear. However, the Oofos slide is more lightweight and can be machine washed, but the Vionic sandal can’t be washed in a machine.

In the end, it stops at personal choice and use. You cannot wear every vionic to the beach because you will ruin the leather upper, but oofos will suit that purpose. Vionic on the other hand will give you better class when you are looking for what to wear to the grocery store or for a short street walk.

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Few rundowns on their features, but I can’t help but conclude that both footwear is best for your feet health-wise. Oofos may not be as stylish as Vionic, but they can offer as much comfort as Vionic could offer.

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