Camp Mocs Vs Boat Shoes: Differences, Pros & Cons

Camp Mocs vs Boat Shoes

Ever thought about a shoe that could blend into your corporate and casual lifestyle? Well, the camp mocs and boat shoes have got you covered.

We are yet again at a point where we have to appreciate the ingenuity of such great designs and maybe compare to see which supersedes the other.

We will also understand the differences between camp mocs and boat shoes

Camp Mocs vs Boat Shoe: Differences

Camp mocs and boat shoes are the traditional shoes that were worn by those who had to spend a lot of time on their feet. Both of these shoes have some features in common such as being light and comfortable.

Camp mocs and boat shoes are different in a few ways. Camp mocs are made from durable leather with a rubber sole, while boat shoes are made from canvas or suede with a rubber sole.

Camp mocs also have an upper that is either raw-edged or waxed, but boat shoes do not come with this option. Boat shoes also come with more color options than camp mocs, and they can be worn on dressier occasions.

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Apart from the above, the following helps to tell apart a camp moc from a boat shoe.

  • A boat shoe has a siped sole while camp mocs do not.
  • Camp mocs can’t be used in wet conditions, whereas the boat shoe is specifically designed for that purpose.
  • Camp mocs can be worn with socks, whereas it isn’t ideal to put on a boat shoe with socks.
  • The sole of a boat shoe may last longer than that of a camp moc.

What is a Camp Mocs?

Camp Mocs vs Boat Shoes
Camp Mocs

Leon Leonwood Bean created the first camp mocs. It had a design that tried to mimic the Native American Moccasin sewing techniques. The Moc’s design featured a hand-sewn upper with adjustable top laces and a flexible rubber sole.

It was adopted by individuals who spend most of their time in the wilderness. They were after the comfort it offers.

Fast forward to the present time, the Moc’s can be confidently worn to any form of occasion and can complement any fashion accessory worn. Due to its design, the Mocs serve both genders.

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What is a Boat Shoe?

Camp Mocs vs Boat Shoes
Boat Shoe (with siped sole)

Paul A. Sperry invented the boat shoe in 1935. He needed to solve the issue of slipping when on a boat due to water spilling

So he cut a siping into his shoe’s soles, bringing forth a shoe perfect for boating. Various brands that have adopted the boat shoe ideology are Portside, Sebago, and the famous Timberland.

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This style of shoes has Camp Moc-like construction, with their upper rubbed with oil to repel wetting, owning up to its name “Boat shoe”.

Advantages of the Camp Mocs

  • It can be worn in traditional attire, jeans, and even on corporate wear.
  • It’s made up of quality leather that gives a sense of style and class, lasting for a long time.
  • It’s an easy slip-on and gives maximum comfort to the user.
  • Easy to maintain with a gentle shine.
  • Camp mocs strengthen the leg and muscles by allowing the user to walk in his natural gait.

Why you wouldn’t want to own a camp moc

The following are the conceivable shortfall of the camp mocs;

  • Based on the material used for its upper, one cannot wear camp mocs in wet seasons
  • The camp mocs cannot be used to engage in sporting activities, as its design is not built in a way to give additional support to an athlete.

Advantages of a Boat Shoe

  • They provide a firm grip with a surface when used.
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Can be worn with any attire.

Disadvantages of boat shoes

  • Being made of leather, it retains heat more on a sunny day and makes the feet sweaty.
  • It becomes stinky in no time due to sweat.
  • The leather wears off and sticks to one’s feet.
  • Laces become undone more frequently.
  • Boat shoes cannot be worn with a sock, for it is definitely out of fashion.

Camp mocs Vs Boat shoes: Which is Better?

Which of the two should one go for? Judging by the benefits and drawbacks presented by both designs, I would say the boat shoe is a better option than the camp mocs. Boat shoes have the adaptability to diverse situations.

Meanwhile, choosing either of the shoes is a function of the purpose to which one would want them to serve. Looking to go on wetter terrains and still want maximum comfort and protection, I would advise you to go for a boat shoe.

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However, in situations where you will move around a lot, with your comfort a top priority, the camp moc is a good fit. Camp mocs are perfect for casual and corporate outings. The camp moc can go as low as $34 to as high as $230 per pair. Boat shoes cost within the range of $27 – $150.

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In summary, the boat shoe is a slip-on worn by those who spend most of their time in slippery situations. It is quite identical to the Camp moc, but the sole of the camp moc is adapted for muddy environments, usually found in campsites.

Both brands have successfully been blended into fashion, though they may seem out of style, they are still appreciated by classical individuals.

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