Kuru vs Hoka Shoes: Which is Better?

Kuru vs Atom

To perform well in sports, you need a well-constructed shoe to achieve it. A shoe with a cushioned insole that supports the arch and a well-grooved outsole can be the solution.

I couldn’t help but notice that Kuru and Hoka shoes do a great job producing quality recreational shoes.

These shoe brands are not just any brands but brands recommended by podiatrists and other health practitioners for healthy feet.

Hoka One One shoe was initially designed for runners in 2009 by Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard. Until it became more versatile, people now wear it for many recreational activities, including hiking and working out.

Kuru shoes, on the other hand, are works of fine art  backed by scientific knowledge. Not only does the brand consider the shoe’s performance important, but also the style, function, and your foot health. The shoe keeps you comfortable while still looking stylish.

Although both brands are good at what they do, people still wish to know the one that is better than the other. So in this Kuru vs Hoka, we will compare the features of Hoka Clifton 8 and Kuru Atom primarily to ascertain the better brand.

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Differences Between Kuru and Hoka Shoes



1. Mesh upper with rubber rubber eyestay, rubber outsole1. Breathable mesh upper, EVA foam midsole, rubber outsole
2. It has the company’s patented, three-layer sole-based support system which is comprised of Kuru ultimate insole, Kuru sole, and kurucloud2. It features an ultra-light midsole constructed in meta-rocker geometry that complements the natural gait cycle and makes you move forward.
3. Kuru insoles have a questionable durability3. Hoka insoles have top-notch durability

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Kuru VS Hoka – Quality Comparison

Kuru Atom vs Hoka Clifton 8
Kuru Atom


Kuru Atom features a breathable mesh upper that wraps around your foot with comfort and still allows air penetration to your feet.  The eyestay, however, which made of rubber is attached to the sidewall.

Hoka Clifton 8 on the other hand, features one-piece breathable mesh upper. So the two brands ensure that you have enough air around your feet.


Atom features kurusole – A three-layer sole-based support system that hugs your heel and keeps the height of your heel aligned to your toes. It offers natural cushioning to your foot so that you feel like you are walking on clouds.

The Clifton 8, on the other hand, features an ultra-light midsole with meta-rocker geometry construction that serves as a wheel in moving you forward.

The midsole offers shock absorption, support, and comfort in different degrees of cushioning.

Hoka shoes offer a different level of cushioning; responsive, balanced, and maximal cushioning.

It also features Profly™, a two-part midsole that provides a rebound effect to your feet and a snappy ride.

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Footbed/Arch support

The kurusole technology is tested by podiatrists and is overly recommended for your arch support. It cradles your heel to offer maximum comfort and it’s no wonder why doctors recommend it for plantar fasciitis.

Meanwhile, the Hoka One One shoe has more cushioning than average shoes. It provides comfort at its peak.

It is mostly recommended to those with fallen arches and plantar fasciitis patients because of the maximum arch support it offers.

Its cushioning acts to slow the foot velocity and reduces pressure under the heel and ball of the foot.

Hoka Clifton 8 vs Kuru Atom
Clifton 8


Most Kuru shoes run true to size, while some of them run half small or half large.

The brand recommends you measure with a Brannock device – a metal plate found in most shoe stores. But if you can’t measure, you can use the size you have most in your closet.

Kuru shoes have a wide toe box for easy comfort and they don’t stretch. However, some of the shoes fit snug when you buy them, but contour to the shape of your foot with time.

The Hoka One One shoes run true to size and have a wide fitting. But as a runner, you need to go a half size up for a roomier toe box as your feet tend to expand while running.

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Hoka Clifton is comparatively light They weigh about 234g, while Kuru Atom weighs about 346g. Therefore, Hoka shoes are more lightweight than Kuru shoes.


Hoka One One shoes are more expensive than kuru shoes. The Kuru Atom is priced at $160, while Hoka Clifton 8 ranges from $170 – $320 on Amazon

Check Clifton 8 on Amazon

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Kuru VS Hoka Shoes – Which one is Better?

Despite being recommended by podiatrists, Hoka shoes are better than Kuru shoes. Most users and previous reviews have shown displeasure with Kuru shoes as the insole wears out easily.

It rubs at the heel causing not blisters, but raw wounds. Its fitting is too wide that you can only enjoy the comfort it offers if you tie the laces tight.

Although it is cheaper than Hoka shoes, Hoka shoes are proven to be worth the price. Even with the chunk of midsoles featured in Hoka, the shoe weighs lesser than Kuru shoes.

Also, Hoka One One shoes are true to size and allow for toe wiggling. However, while most people enjoy the chunky sole of Hoka shoes, others find it uncomfortable for running.

Compared to Kuru, Hoka shoes are better at curing plantar fasciitis and delivering great arch support. Kuru gives momentary relief but barely provides a long-term solution.

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Without being biased, these shoes are good at what they do, they offer great comfort and support to your feet, they are both recommended by podiatrists and other health professionals for the well-being of your feet, and they are great sports shoes for any sports activity you wish to indulge.

In all, it all boils down to your personal preference. You won’t regret having either of these shoes in your closet.

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