Amoji vs Crocs: Which is Better?

Amoji vs Crocs

Amoji vs Crocs is a battle between two excellent clogs that take your feet off the solid ground and make you feel like you are walking on clouds. These clogs are made of croslite that ensures softness and comfort.

But as it has always been, one of the clogs has to take the trophy of the best clog. Amoji clogs are made with passion and put the comfort of the people first before anything. They create an exciting feeling on your feet that you wouldn’t want to take them off so soon.

Crocs clog, on the other hand, is a popular clog that ensures comfort and support to your feet. Like Amoji clog, it has many holes at the upper ensuring breathability at its peak. It is worn by most celebrities and has served them with a good purpose on their feet.

Without drawing further on the qualities of the clogs, let’s cut to the chase.

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Differences Between Amoji and Crocs



Do not have a wide toe box as Crocs Crocs clog has a wider toe box than Amoji
Has more holes at the upper than Crocs Has lesser holes at the upper than Amoji
Insole not as soft as Crocs insole Crocs has a softer insole than Amoji
Do not have as many designs as Crocs Has more design than Amoji
Amoji clogs are styled for mainly casual wears Crocs clogs are styled for both professional and casual wear

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Amoji vs Crocs – Quality Comparison

Amoji slide vs Crocs
Amoji Garden Clog


Both clogs are made of croslite foam material for a soft feel and comfort. The croslite material is waterproof and has openings that allow for air penetration to your feet.

However, some Amoji clogs have more openings at the upper than Crocs clogs, and the holes are tinier than in Crocs clogs.


Both clogs feature foam resin material made of a polymer known as ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). But Crocs has more foam in the midsole than Amoji does. 

Crocs clog offers a softer feeling and has a foot contour on the footbed. Amoji, on the other hand, is flat and cannot raise your arch.

Crocs vs Amoji
Crocsband Clog

Arch Support/Footbed

Crocs clog has a contoured footbed that raises your arch and relieves pressure off your toes. It also has a deep heel cup to provide support and a firm grip on your heel. Crocs clog is worn by people with a high arch, low arch, and people who suffer from excessive edema of their legs and ankle.

Meanwhile, the Amoji clog is flat and cannot offer as much arch support as the Crocs clog. People with low arch feet or fallen arch may not find stability and comfort in wearing Amoji Clog.

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Crocs clog features an ankle strap to give you more comfort and grip on your feet. But not all Amoji clog has heel straps, especially the ones with tiny but multiple holes at the upper. The Amoji clogs that can be mistaken for crocs clog also have an ankle strap.


No doubt, Crocs clog has a wider toe box than Amoji. However, Crocs offer three different fits that vary in width: roomy, relaxed, and standard fit. To learn more about Crocs sizing, read Do Crocs size run big or small?

The roomy and the relaxed fit offer wide fitting, while the standard fit offers a snug but not tight fitting on your feet. But in Amoji clog, they run a bit large but in half size. The smaller sizes seem true to size but not the same as the larger sizes.


Crocs clogs are more expensive than Amoji clogs and are worth the price. The least you could purchase Crocs clog is about $27.28, and the highest is probably $110 on Amazon. Amoji clogs are priced in the range of $17.95 to $34.99 on Amazon.


Amoji is more lightweight than Crocs. Crocs clog is not all that lightweight because of its bulkiness. A pair of Crocs clogs weighs about 10.5 ounces to 16 ounces, while a pair of Amoji clogs weighs about 7.34 ounces to 8.25 ounces.

Amoji VS Crocs – Which One is Better?

Without much drag, Crocs clog is better than Amoji clog. Crocs offer better arch support than Amoji. Crocs feature a contoured footbed which Amoji does not have. Crocs have a soft footbed than Amoji and provide better comfort.

Crocs clog are designed for professional and casual use, while Amoji is commonly for casual purposes. Amoji does not have as much foam as Crocs. It is flat and cannot offer enough support to your feet as Crocs do. Amoji is more limited than Crocs. Crocs have more designs and varieties.

Nonetheless, Amoji is more lightweight and cheaper than Crocs, but it doesn’t change a thing about Crocs. Crocs are worth the weight and price. Amoji clogs are good but are not better than Crocs.

However, Amoji is one of the best Crocs cheaper alternatives. There is always an opportunity to wear a clog even if it is not Crocs.

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If you wish to save a few bucks for other things on your budget, or rather prefer to look trendy with the Amoji clogs, then you might want to go for them.

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Crocs are one-of-a-kind clogs and not taken for granted. So far in the shoe industry, no clog has stood to beat Crocs in the game. Amoji clogs can only be a cheaper alternative to Crocs. 

If you can afford to have these two clogs in your closet, do so. You won’t regret purchasing them if you get your perfect fitting.

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