Vans Sk8- Hi vs Ward – Quality Comparison

Vans Sk8 Hi vs Vans Ward

Vans Shoe is a popular brand that has existed for a long time. This timeless shoe brand has also maintained high quality over the years, producing classic styles of footwear.

Although Vans are popularly considered skateboarding shoes, people now take them to be casual shoes.

The company introduced the Vans Sk8 in 1978. Then, it was called the Stye 38. The style featured a low-top design but the need for ankle protection and support inspired the creation of the Vans Sk8 Hi (which is a high-top version).

On the other hand, Vans Ward is just like the Van Old Skool but with some differences in its design. Ward is low-top but has a side stripe, and waffle sole just as Sk8 Hi.

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These two innovative products from Vans need closer attention. That is why in this article, we have compared Vans Ward vs Vans Sk8 Hi to help you understand their differences and the better one.

Differences between Van Wards and Sk8 Hi

1. Height

It is noticeable that Van Sk8 Hi is taller than vans ward.

2. Design/Style

Vans Ward is a low-top lace-up style shoe with the signature side stripe and vulcanized waffle sole. It also features a round toe, and a padded collar for extra comfort. The Van Sk8 Hi on the hand, is a high-top sneaker, made of high-quality, breathable canvas, with suede leather reinforcements on the toe and instep, to reduce wear and improve the subjection. Inside the shoe, an EVA sock liner keeps your feet cool and comfortable throughout the day.

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3. Ankle Support

Vans Ward provides less ankle support because it features a low-top design. Although it has some cushioning around the ankle, it is low compared to what Sk8 Hi has.

Some people prefer the Vans Sk8 Hi because of the comfort and stability it gives to the ankle.

So consider Ward if you need more freedom around your ankle. But if you need some support around there, Sk8-Hi is a better option.

4. Durability

Although it is more comfortable than Vans Ward, Sk8 Hi wears faster. Because of this downside, some people pick Vans Ward since it tends to last longer.

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Similarities between Van Ward and Sk8 Hi

There are obvious differences between the Vans Ward and the Sk8-Hi shoes. They are also similar in some areas

  • Sk8-Hi and Vans Ward have signature rubber waffle outsoles
  • Their upper features both suede and canvas
  • They both possess the side stripes
  • They were both inspired by skate

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Which is better; Vans Ward or Vans Sk8 Hi?

In terms of comfortability, the Vans Sk8 Hi is better than the Vans ward. This is basically because the Vans Sk8 Hi supports your ankle.

They feel very comfortable around the ankle and upper area as they have a padded collar that makes this achievable. Also, the reinforced toe caps help to prevent rough wear and tear.

However, in terms of fashion and durability, then the Vans ward comes ahead. It is a low-top shoe that offers a lace-up design that spices your fashion game.

Van Ward is worth your money because of its style, durability, as well as comfort.


The price of Vans shoes usually depend the style, material, and size. On Amazon, Vans Ward sells between $60 and $100. Click here to view them.

Vans Sk8 Hi, however, is sold at the range of $55 to $160 on Amazon. View them on Amazon.

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Take Away

Having both shoes in your shoe rack is not a bad idea. Switching either style to meet your particular needs at different times should be the goal.

Again, Vans Sk8 Hi is more promising in terms of comfort and foot stability than Ward. But Vans Ward is more durable and would also step up your fashion game better.

Both shoes are unique and equally essential in their ways and would serve their ideal purpose when you buy them.

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