Are Oofos Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Are Oofos Good for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a foot problem that leads to a sharp pain in the heel and under the foot. To heal from this pain, you need good footwear that offers maximum arch support and has a soft footbed for your feet.

The shoe industry has deemed it fit to produce shoes for those with such foot conditions to ensure their quick recovery. But one brand that has taken our interest today is the Oofos. Oofos is a recovery shoe brand, popularly known among runners who wear it for comfort after a long run.

Over the years, the brand has expanded into producing our everyday shoes, slides, clogs, sandals, etc. With their signature Oofoam technology, you are most certainly not going to worry about discomfort. But what we are yet to know is if Oofos is good for plantar fasciitis. And we are just in to find out.

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Is Oofos Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes, Oofos is good for plantar fasciitis. The slides are made of a patented material known as Oofoam. The Oofoam technology allows up to 37% impact absorption from your feet more than the traditional foam footwear material.

So the footwear conforms to the shape of your foot, giving you maximum support. It lifts your foot arch, thereby reducing pressure on your toes. With its patented soft footbed, they protect and offer an optimal combination of cushion feeling and comfort to your feet.

Moreover, it is highly recommended by podiatrists and other health professionals because of its lightweight and shock absorption rate. According to the company’s website, a pair of recovery shoes can help reduce fatigue, tightness, pain, and soreness in your feet.

The Oofoam also protects your joints, particularly around your toes and ankles. It takes the pressure off your joints to relieve sore muscles.

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Which Oofos are Best for Plantar Fasciitis?

All Oofos are good for plantar fasciitis, but the ones most recommended by the health professionals are the following;

  1. Oofos Oolala Luxe Sandal
  2. Oofos Women’s Oolala Thong Sandal
  3. Oofos Oocloog
  4. Oofos Unisex Ooriginal flip flop
  5. Oofos Ooahh Slide Sandal

Is Oofos Good for Flat Feet?

What most people know as flat feet is called a fallen arch. And yes, Oofos is good for fallen or flat feet, as you may call it. With the high arch featured in the footwear, the shoe has sufficient arch support to keep the foot from flattening while walking.

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Is Oofos Good for Achilles Tendonitis?

To reverse or lessen the effect of Achilles Tendonitis on your feet, you need to lift the load away from the Achilles tendon. With the Oofos recovery foam and patented footbed, it has enough arch support to relieve your Achilles tendon of stress. The Oofos OOriginal thong sandal is the best you can have for those feet.

Is Oofos Worth the Money?

No doubt, Oofos are expensive, but they are worth every dime paid for it. Ranging from the unique material used to the comfort and support it offers, you wouldn’t expect it to be of a lesser amount.

Although they are not true to size, if you find one of your sizes, you won’t regret having this footwear in your closet.

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Key Takeaway…

As recovery footwear, Oofos delivers maximum comfort and support right out of the box for you. It contributes to relieving stress off your feet and supports the arch of your feet. It can be worn by anyone at any time.

Yes, it is expensive and might not be an affordable choice for many, but if you can, then you are in for long-lasting comfort and enjoyment of your feet.

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