Hey Dude vs Sanuk: Which is Better?

Hey Dude vs Sanuk shoes

Sanuk and Hey Dude shoes are surf-inspired slip-on shoes that appear in different colors and patterns. They both offer comfort, the best they can, to your feet.

Well, if you intend to understand the differences between Hey Dude and Sanuk shoes, and in the end find out which of them is better, this article is for you.

Hey Dude vs Sanuk: Overview

What Are Sanuk Shoes?

Sanuk shoes
Credit: Sanuk Shoes

Sanuk is a footwear brand founded in Southern California in 1997 by Jeff Kelly. He started making Furreal flip-flops using indoor-outdoor carpets like the yoga mats as the padded sole. It’s no wonder the brand is named after a Thai word for happy. The footwear was created for a fun-filled and maximum comfort.

Sanuk shoes history

When they finally got a hit in the market, they went further to produce sandals and surf shoes, a hybrid of sandals and shoes.

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What Are Hey Dude Shoes?

Hey Dude shoe story
Credit: Hey Dude, USA

Hey Dude shoe, on the other hand, is an Italian footwear brand founded in 2007. They mostly deal in men’s footwear and for casual purposes. Like Sanuk, Hey Dude is a slip-on type of shoe, and it gives you a great feeling to your feet.

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Differences Between Hey dude and Sanuk


The canvas of Sanuk shoes is made with the same material as the yoga mats including recycled fiber from PET, cotton, etc.

It is lightweight and features elastic gores at the sides of the shoe. It also has a double reinforced topstitching in a moc toe design.

Unlike Sanuk, Hey Dude shoes upper is made of eco-friendly materials such as 100% recycled fiber from PET bottles.

The Sanuk shoes are perforated along the lateral sides for breathability during warm weather. Something you won’t see in Hey Dude shoes.

Hey Dude shoes feature lace-up closure for an adjustable fit which Sanuk shoes do not have.

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Sanuk shoes feature an EVA foam midsole that ensures long-lasting comfort. However, they are not as padded as those used in Hey Dude shoes. Therefore, Hey Dude shoes offer greater comfort than Sanuk shoes.

The outsole of Sanuk shoes is almost like that of flip-flops featuring a patented sandals construction that helps in the flexibility of the feet.

Hey Dudes on the other hand have outsoles that look more like sneakers. It is made of soft and flexible EVA.


Compared to Hey Dude shoes, Sanuk shoes are more durable than Hey Dude shoes. The Sanuk shoes feature a rubber outsole that outlasts the EVA sole featured in Hey Dude shoes.

So while Hey Dude is known for comfort, Sanuk is known for durability.

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Arch Support

Sanuk shoes have little or no arch support. The bottom of the Sanuk shoes is like the flip-flops, so it is suitable for you if you have flat feet or a fallen arch. We do not advise that you wear Sanuk shoes if you have a high foot arch.

The insole of Sanuk shoes is also irremovable and can’t be replaced with custom orthotic inserts for support.

Unlike Sanuk, Hey Dude shoes feature a memory foam insole. It easily blends with your foot arch and it’s elastic. You can also remove the memory foam insole if it’s not suitable for you.

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Heel Collar

Sanuk shoes do not have lasting or strong material to make a structured heel collar, so it scrapes the ankle. Hey Dude Shoes, on the other hand, have thick lasting on the heel.

Although it doesn’t rub against the ankle as the Sanuk shoe does, it digs into your ankle especially when you wear it for the first time.


Hey Dude has more versatile use than Sanuks:

  • They’re available in different colors, patterns, and styles.
  • They serve for both casual and formal/business occasions

Meanwhile, both Hey Dudes and Sanuks have styles for men and women.

Hey Dude VS Sanuk – Which One is Better?

Hey Dude vs Sanuk shoes

Judging from the qualities discussed above, it is safe to say that Hey Dude shoes are better than Sanuk shoes in most aspects.

The absence of lacing closure in Sanuk shoes is one of the factors that may have caused its setback compared to Hey Dude shoes. Rubbing at the back of the ankle is one discomfort no one wants to experience.

However, it doesn’t make Hey Dude shoes any better; both Shoes are not suitable for weak ankles.

Just as Sanuk rubs at the ankle, Hey Dude shoes dig into the ankle causing severe pain to your foot. But the problem of Hey Dude Shoe can be solved by getting a shoe half above your size. The shoelace also helps for an adjustable fit.

Furthermore, Sanuk shoes can’t be worn on hard surfaces or roads. Although they feature an EVA footbed that offers gel-like cushioning, it doesn’t give maximum support to your feet and can’t be worn standing for a long time. Meanwhile, Hey Dude shoes offer comfort and maximum support to your feet.

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Nonetheless, Sanuk still has good features that make it better than Hey Dude shoes. Features like the durability of the outsole. Sanuk shoes are made of rubber Outsole that is unlike Hey Dude shoes.

Sanuk shoes are also preferred during warm weather as they have perforations for breathability. This feature is what you can’t see in Hey Dude shoes.

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Similarities between Sanuk and Hey Dude Shoes

  • Both Sanuk and Hey Dude shoes are slip-on footwear
  • Most Hey Dude shoes as sanuk shoes are made with organic cotton canvas.
  • They are lightweight shoes suitable for summer and traveling
  • They both feel snug at the first time of wear and need a little break-in time to stretch out.

Take Away….

Sanuk footwear is for mostly house wear and casual purposes. Hey Dudes are also casual footwear but can also serve for official occasions or business.

You can get yourself Sanuk footwear for indoor purposes and get yourself a Hey Dude shoe for outing purposes. Either way, you have great footwear in your closet.

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