10 Best Socks to Wear With Hey Dude Shoes (No Show & Breathable)

socks for Hey dude shoes

Hey Dude shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes around in the form of casual loafers.

They have a highly cushioned memory foam insole, EVA outsole and are designed with elastic bands that work as a grip feature around the heel and sides.

They are the best shoes with removable insoles, are extremely durable, have excellent cushioning for heavy duty use, and are long lasting

As such, it is sometimes a controversial topic as to whether it is proper to wear them with socks or not.

Wearing your Hey Dude shoes with socks is NOT the wrong fashion! It depends on what type of different style you want to achieve.

For a casual outing, almost nothing is wrong. But for a semi-formal occasion, we suggest you wear no-show socks (if you must)

Also, during summer, wearing socks with Hey Dude shoes may not be necessary. After all, you need lots of air around your feet.

However, if you have one of the common foot problems of sweaty feet and uncontrollable sweat glands on your feet, wearing socks is highly recommended if you want your feet to stay dry!

Also, in winter or fall, socks are a necessity for most people if you want to keep your feet warm.

In this article, we have rounded up the best socks to wear with Hey Dude shoes. We hope it helps you make a better decision.

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What to Look for in Socks for Hey Dude Shoes

When considering the right socks to wear with your pair hey dudes shoes, you should look out for the following features:

1. Height

Hey Dude shoes are best worn with invisible socks or low-cut ankle socks.

However, if you choose to opt for visible socks like dress socks, ensure you wear them with dress pants and not shorts.

2. Fabric Materials

Proper socks for Hey Dude shoes should be made of soft material such as cotton, and sometimes with a blend of synthetic fibers like polyester, cool plus, and spandex, also known as Lycra or elastane.

These combo materials are considered great because they are lightweight, breathable, durable, soft, comfortable, and easily absorb and evaporate moisture.

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3. Thickness

Socks for Hey Dude shoes should be thin, gives off a cool feeling and incredibly lightweight. Socks that are too thin will not be able to keep the feet dry though as they are unable to absorb enough feet sweat!

The thickness of the chosen socks with hey dudes largely depends on the weather and shoe size (how tightly fitted you want your feet to be).

For instance, during winter, a thick sock is ideal for providing warmth for your feet. While thin socks will make your feet cool and fresh during summer.

Again, considering the fit of the shoe, thin socks are best for tight new shoes. While thick socks are recommended when the shoe is undersized, to fill up the space, allowing your feet to fit perfectly, as Hey Dudes shoes have no half size.

However, the thickness of the socks should be moderate, and that is why athletic socks can never be on the list of recommendations for hey dude shoes.

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Best No-Show Socks for Hey Dude Shoes


1. Jormatt Cotton No-Show Socks – EDITORS PICK

best no show socks for hey dudes

The Jormatt sock is a unisex style made up of 80% cotton and 20% supporting materials. These high quality materials socks come with reinforced toes, soft and elastic cuffs for stability, and back grips to ensure it does not slip from your feet.

These visually appealing socks are the best thing and can fit low-cut shoes such as the Hey Dude shoes.

They are a good choice when looking for something comfortable to wear and for socks that deliver top-notch breathability.

Whether you are wearing pants that are short or long, these low-cut breathable socks are perfect to go out with when wearing hey dude shoes.

As the Hey Dudes shoes are one of the most comfortable and flexible shoes available, thanks to cutting-edge technology such as the Flexing and Folding system and its soft oxford lining, it only makes sense to wear hey dudes with a pair of Jormatt Cotton Socks!

Why we like it

  • It is durable
  • Offers great comfort and support
  • It is non-slip because of the back grip
  • It is breathable
  • The thickness is moderate and perfect for all weather and fit.
  • Huge range of solid color

Price: Approx. $15 for 8 pairs

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2. IDEGG Unisex No Show Socks

Best socks for hey dude shoes

This is a multipurpose day long pair of socks, suitable for athletics and wearing with casual shoes like the Hey Dudes shoes. Both the outer and inner lining of these socks are made with a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex.

IDEGG socks for hey dudes shoes have remarkable feet moisture management, are comfortable to wear, and are very breathable. Aside from the high stretchability, the socks also have grip pads that prevent them from slipping off your feet while inside the shoe.

Why we like it

  • It is easy to wash, either with a machine or hand.
  • Great cushioning effect.
  • Very breathable
  • Easily absorbs heat and prevents odor
  • Do not slip your feet while walking or running

Price: Approx. $15 for 6 pairs

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3. Wernies No-show Socks

no show non-slip socks for hey dude shoes

Wernies socks are highly-rated ones for both men and women due to their attractive design. They have an ergonomically designed cuff that ensures good grip.

It also features reinforced toes for extra comfort.

These liner socks create invincible wear inside your Hey Dudes shoes while delivering more support and comfort to your feet.

On the inside, the socks have four strips of anti-slip that cut them from slipping off your feet while inside the shoe.

Why we like it

  • It is made of Cotton and Spandex
  • The washing is by hand only.
  • It is durable.
  • Good wicking property
  • It offers great comfort
  • It has a well-made cuff that provides your feet with a perfect fit.

Price: Approx. $17 for 8 pairs

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4. Joulli No-show Socks

socks for hey dude shoes

If you want to hide your socks when wearing loafers like hey dude shoes, then you might want to get these.

The Joulli liner socks are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex. This makes it very comfortable, breathable, soft, and highly absorbing.

The socks have 360° annular silicone strips and another non-slip silicone pad on the foot.

These create improved friction between the socks and shoe thereby locking your feet tightly on the socks and preventing them from slipping off.

Why we like it

  • It is very comfortable and soft
  • High moisture-wicking ability
  • It does not slip off easily from the feet

Price: $13 for 6 pairs

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5. Mottee & Zconia Unisex No-Show Socks

best no-socks for hey dude shoes

Still wondering what socks to wear with your Hey Dude shoes? You might want to look at what the Mottee & Zconia socks offer.

The socks are made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex.

They are ultimately one the best to wear with loafers; they are completely invisible when worn, breathable, and comfortable.

On the inside, they feature a heel silicone grip that helps to keep them in place while inside the shoe. The sock’s cuff is designed to offer optimum fit.

Why we like it

  • It is washable in cold water but does not bleach or iron
  • A well-made cuff that makes it neither loose nor tight on the feet
  • Good wicking property
  • Sturdy material to ensure durability
  • The toe and heel are reinforced to provide extra durability
  • The seam around the toe is hand-linked to prevent irritation
  • It is stretchy, soft, and comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Non-slip

Price: Approx. $15 for 6 pairs

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6. Thirty48 Men’s No-Show Socks

Best no show socks for hey dude shoes

The Thirty48 socks are made with an improved type of fiber called Cool Plus.

Research shows that this material is reckoned for good water diffusion and high wicking properties. This sock, therefore, would be fit to wear with hey dude shoes for improved comfort and dry feet.

It looks like liner socks and on the heel, it features a non-slip silicone pad that helps to keep them in place. Thirty48 no-socks are invisible and wouldn’t cause a scene when worn on a hot summer day.

Why we like it

  • It is machine-washable in cold water and can be air-dried. However, it should not be bleached or ironed.
  • It has air mesh that allows airflow and breathability.
  • Very durable
  • The cool plus fiber makes your feet cool and dry
  • High-quality synthetic material that does not stretch even with washing

Price: $12.5 for 3 pairs

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7. Leotruny No-Show Socks

socks to wear with hey dude shoes

Featuring 85% cotton, the Leotruny socks are specially designed to deliver the utmost cushioning and comfort to users.

The heel and the toe part are reinforced for extra support and on the heel are 5 anti-slip silicone bands.

You can also rely on its high wicking property and softness. Since it is a good quality no-show sock, we recommend you wear it with Hey Dude shoes for comfort and the sake of good fashion.

Why we like it

  • It is machine-washable
  • Non-slip due to the five silicone bands near the heels.
  • Great comfort and cushioning effect
  • The thickness is moderate

Price: $15 for 3 pairs

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8. Qing Ultra Low-Cut Socks

best socks for hey dude shoes

This is a non-slip sock made with high-end combed cotton and a blend of other fibers. It is thin, soft, breathable, and delivers the maximum comfort you need to stay comfortable in your hey dude shoes.

Both the heel and toes are reinforced to offer improved cushioning and prevent holes from forming or losing elasticity.

They have seamless toes and are durable. Specially designed for wearing loafers and slip-on shoes, the Qing low-cut socks could be worth investing in.

Why we like it

  • Very stretchy but not loose
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Highly non-slip
  • Breathable and good wicking property
  • Natural cotton prevents blisters

Price: $16 for 6 pairs

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9. ZeroSock Bamboo Invisible Socks

no show socks for hey dudes

The ZeroSock bamboo is truly a no-show sock that you can comfortably wear with your Hey Dude shoes.

In the forefoot area, they have cotton mesh for improved ventilation. They are soft and thin but come with reinforced toes and heels for durability and cushioning.

On the heel, the cotton material fabric blends with a gel grip to ensure good slip resistance.

Another reason you might want to consider this is because of its high moisture-wicking property.

Why we like it

  • Extra breathability mesh forefoot
  • Soft, thin, and comfortable
  • Anti-slip gel heel
  • High moisture wicking feature

Price: $20 for 4 pairs

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10. SixDaySox No Show Men’s Socks

Best socks for Hey dude shoes

These are low-cut socks made with cotton and spandex. It features a breathable mesh design on the upper, reinforced toes, and heels for durability and improved cushioning.

With a single silicone stripe, they cut out the frustration caused by sloppy socks.

They also have antimicrobial and odor-resistant features, thereby promoting healthy feet. Feel free to slide your feet in these alongside your hey dude shoe and enjoy a promising comfort.

Why we like it

  • Additional breathability feature
  • Soft, stretch, but not loose
  • Non-slip
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good wicking property
  • Odor resistant

Price: $18 for 4 pairs

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Importance of Wearing Socks

Now, it is no longer a question of whether one can wear hey dude shoes with socks but why you need to.

People wear shoes with socks for many reasons which may include:

  • Socks absorb sweat thereby preventing stinky feet
  • Wearing your shoes with socks will improve the durability
  • It serves as extra cushioning to the feet by preventing direct contact of the feet with the shoe soles.
  • It also prevents blisters and sores caused by friction.
  • During winter, socks provide warmth to the feet.
  • Socks to the health of your feet by keeping them dry. This prevents diseases like athlete’s foot, frostbite, and so on.


Hey dude shoes with socks are a very perfect combo when one wants to create a formal look. 

However, invisible socks like no-show socks are best recommended in this case. Fortunately, there are many no-show socks available in stores for hey dude shoes. You might want to consider our recommendations.

Besides the look one wants to create, the numerous benefits of wearing socks should be enough conviction for one to rock hey dude shoes with socks.

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