10 Best Cedar Wood Shoe Trees Review

Shoe trees are shoe care devices, designed to imitate the shape of your shoe. When you insert this tool in your shoe, it helps keep them to be in shape and avoid damages like creases, wrinkles, etc.

Over time, the use of shoe trees has evolved from merely keeping the shoes in shape to various other functions.

It has been discovered that shoe trees made of cedar wood are some of the most multifunctional and best ones out there. This has made them the centre of the market.

To keep your shoes long-lasting, you want to pair them up with shoe trees of the right size. Using the wrong sizes could either overstretch your shoes or underperform and make no difference at all.

Cedar shoe trees are also known to be long-lasting and rarely require changing.

It is safe to say that for anybody who values their shoes, any of these shoe trees would serve as a well-appreciated gift. With that, let us look at some of the best cedar shoe trees available.

1. Woodlore Combination Shoe Trees for Men

Best cedar shoe tree

This combination shoe tree from Woodlore is ‘made for the job’. Its purpose is to help you increase the lifespan of your dress shoes; loafers, wingtips, etc.

This shoe tree helps keep them stretched out when they are not in use to reduce the tendency of creases and the likes.

Being made from red cedar, the shoe tree also has deodorizing abilities and will make sure your shoes are not embarrassing to take off in public anymore.

They also absorb moisture and sweat after long day wear, and they don’t need replacing.

If your cedar shoe trees ever stop deodorizing, you only need to sand them, and the new surface will resume the old work.

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Sizes: 6.5, 15 — 16, 7 — 8.5, 9 — 10, 10 — 11.5

Price: $39

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2. RaxCollection Cedar Wood Shoe Tree

Best cedar shoe tree

This RaxCollection shoe tree is a split-toe design shoe tree designed to blend to the length and width of your shoe to give it the best fit.

It has brass-plated steel tubes that help extend or reduce it lengthwise to suit your shoe and springs at the toe area for the width.

The shoe tree is made of naturally polished cedarwood. It naturally gives good scent to your shoe and absorbs a reasonable amount of moisture from it.

However, it is advised not to use this shoe tree for shoes with heels above 3cm (1.2 inches approx).

Sizes: Men (4.5 — 14), Women (5.5 — 15)

Price: $20

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3. Woodlore Women’s Combination Shoe Trees

Best cedar shoe tree

Like their men’s counterpart, this cedar combination shoe tree from Woodlore does great to keep your dress shoes, pumps, flats, heels, etc., in good shape.

They contain extendable steel plates for width and length adjustment so that they can adapt to whatever shoe they are to be out in. However, they have size ranges which you will do well to check out before buying.

They also serve the purpose of absorbing moisture and deodorising your shoe. This keeps the shoes looking new and smelling fresh.

While protecting against creases, it also protects against mildew and moths. Hence your shoe would last longer.

Sizes: 5 — 7.5, 8 — 9.5, 10 — 11.5

Price: $34

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4. Florsheim Men’s Woodard Cedar Shoe Tree

Best cedar shoe tree

Ever been in a situation where you try to put on your shoes but the insoles just won’t sit right?

You end up trying to use your toes to stretch them out as you put in your feet and it can get annoying, especially when you are in a hurry.  Meanwhile, there are better ways to stretch your shoes.

Florsheim Men’s shoe tree solves that problem. This combination shoe tree has its bottom designed to stretch out the insoles as well as the shoe itself.

It also sorts out wrinkles, creases and keeps the shoe dry, thereby extending the shoe lifetime.

Sizes: 6.5 – 8.5, 8 — 10, 9.5 — 11.5, 11.5 — 14

Price: $25

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5. Stratton Men’s Adjustable Split Toe Cedar Shoe Tree

Best cedar shoe tree

Stratton’s adjustable split toe shoe tree is made from aromatic cedarwood. This type of wood specialises in odour removal method of shoe preservation. It is also known for moisture absorbent properties.

This shoe tree has a unique split-toe design for fitting wide and narrow shoes, and a spring-coil centre strip for adjusting the shoe tree length to fit your shoe.

Sizes: 6.5 – 8, 8 — 9.5, 10 — 11, 11.5 — 13.5, 14 — 16

Price: $22

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6. Sof Sole Split Toe Cedar Shoe Tree

Best cedar shoe trees

Sof sole is well known for their shoe extensions (insoles, laces, shoe trees, etc.), hence it is no surprise that they make great shoe trees as well.

This shoe tree works well with dress shoes; corporate and casual. Being made of cedar, it is no stranger to keeping moisture out and great scents in.

In the absence of a heel top, it has a pull tab for easy removal when you wish to wear the shoe. It also has adjustable metallic strips at toe and centre to help you fill your shoes.

Sizes: 7 – 9, 10 — 12; Men’s size

Price: $19

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7. Cedar Elements Combination Cedar Shoe Trees

Best cedar wood shoe trees

The Cedar Elements store shoe trees come with a different type of flair. They have a brass-coated steel centre strip that enables you to adjust the length of the tree to fit the shoe, and another at the toe area for fitting the shoe width.

This shoe tree made in the US from aromatic red cedar and are effective in keeping out moth and mildew. They also keep shoes dry and leave that enticing wood smell behind when you remove them. It also has a heel-top for easy removal.

Sizes: 8 – 9.5

Price: $72

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8. Eazone Cedar Split-Toe Shoe Trees for Men

Best cedar wood shoe trees

Made from premium red cedar, this shoe tree has many properties that are on high demand. These include high moisture absorption, deodorization and perfuming. It also helps protect the shoe’s leather and fabric from moist and smells.

The shoe tree consists of spring strips that enable it to adapt to the size of whatever shoes it has to align. Finally, the heel hook at the top aids easy removal from the shoe.

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Sizes: 6 — 7, 7.5 —8.5, 9—10, 10.5 — 11.5

Price: $22

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9. Allen Edmonds Combination Cedar Shoe Trees

Best cedar wood shoe trees

These shoe trees, by Allen Edmonds, are made primarily for their boots, but thanks to the adjustable strip. So, they can be used by pretty much any shoes of their size.

They protect your shoes and prolong their life by keeping them. dry and free from moth and odour.

Sizes: 5 – 16

Price: $25

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10. Luxinton ‘Luka’ Men’s Twin Tubed Cedar Shoe Tree

Best cedar wood shoe trees

The Luxinton Men’s Split toe cedar shoe tree is made from premium aromatic red cedar. It has the moisture absorbent, fragrance inducing properties of a cedar shoe tree.

This one will make sure your shoes stay new for very long as it will keep out creases, wrinkles and give the shoes that wooden smell.

It has twin-centre strips for extending the shoes by length to match your shoe, and spring coils at the toe area to expand to the shoe width.

All this is done at minimum tension to avoid slacking the shoe. It has a heel hook for easy removal and is best used with flat dress shoes.

Sizes: 7.5 — 8.5, 9 —10.5, 11 — 12, 12.5 — 13.5 14 — 16

Price: $21

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Cedar Wood Shoe Trees

Now, you could be asking whether cedar wood shoe trees are worth the hype and relatively high cost. Well, they could, judging from the qualities they possess.

Nevertheless, just like every other thing, cedar wood shoe trees have setbacks that could make you think twice.


  • Cedar wood shoe trees have a natural and unique scent that helps to keep your shoes fresh. So, using it is one of the ways to deodorize your shoes.
  • They are highly absorbing. So while the shoe trees stretch your shoes, they also remove the moisture and keep your shoe dry.
  • Shoe trees made from cedar have bright red colors that give them a beautiful look.
  • If the device loses its scent, you simply need to give it a light sanding. So, you do not have to replace it.


  • It is expensive
  • Since cedar wood is softwood, it can easily be scratched unintentionally.
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