13 Skechers That Look Like Hey Dudes

Skechers Like Hey Dude Shoes

Skechers and Hey Dude shoes are popular footwear brands that would barely be missing in the racks of people who care about looking good. While Skechers are more popular for their athletic shoes, they also manufacture business-casual styles like the Hey Dude shoes.

Although unique in many of their designs, these brands have some styles in their collections that share a few similarities. So, in this post, we shall reveal and look at the features of those Skechers that look like Hey Dudes.

But while some people could term them Hey Dude dupes, we will just maintain that they are unique brands that perhaps, coincidentally have matching features.

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Skechers Bobs Skipper

Bobs Skipper is a collection of Skechers for women that look like Hey Dude shoes. They feature the iconic canvas upper, rounded toe design, and bungee laces for adjusting fitting.

On the inside, the shoes feature a memory foam insole while the sole is built with a sturdy but flexible EVA material. The outsole is properly threaded to ensure good traction and slip resistance.

Meanwhile, they did not also fail to have the breathability and comfort signature of the wally and wendy styles. With the EVA sole and memory foam insole, the shoes provide reasonable shock absorption and responsiveness.

Nevertheless, all the Bobs skipper Skechers do not look exactly like Hey Dudes but they bear certain similarities with the summer brand. Here is a list of Bobs Skechers that could be compared with Hey Dudes:

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1. Bobs Skipper Hampton Bays

Skechers like Hey Dudes
Hampton Bays: View on Amazon

2. Bobs Skipper Beach Camp

Skechers Like Hey Dudes
Beach Camp: View on Amazon

3. Bobs Skipper Port Jefferson

Skechers like Hey Dude shoe
Port Jefferson: View on Amazon

4. Bobs Skipper Tide Pool

Skechers Like Hey Dude shoe
Tide Pool: View on Amazon

5. Bobs Skipper Big Skies

Skechers like Hey Dude Shoe
Big Skies: View on Amazon

6. Bobs Skipper Rain or Shine

Skechers Like Hey Dudes
Rain & Shine: View on Amazon

7. Bobs Skipper Tree Top Travel

Skechers Like Hey Dudes
Tree Top Travel: View on Amazon

8. Bobs Skipper Summer Skies

Skechers like Hey Dude shoes
Summer Skies: View on Amazon

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Skechers Melson

While Bobs skipper is the style for women, the Skechers Melson is a collection designed for men. A good number of shoes in this Skechers’ collection look like Hey Dude shoes in many ways.

The shoes feature a canvas fabric upper that ensures breathability, flexibility, and comfort; an air-cooled memory foam insole for improved cushioning, and an EVA sole for shock absorption and responsiveness.

Designed to have a moc signature, Skechers Melson shoes did not also fail to come with bungee laces and internal soft fabric lining for better performance, especially during summer. As a member of the Skechers Relaxed Fit collection, Melson shoes have roomy toes and forefoot.

Just like Bobs Skipper, not all the styles in this collection can be compared with Hey Dudes. Here are some of them that bear similar characteristics:

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9. Skecher Melson-Raymon

Skechers like Hey Dude shoe
Melson-Raymon: View on Amazon

10. Skechers Melson-Chad

skechers like hey dude shoes
Melson-Chad: View on Amazon

11. Skecher Melson-Corduroy

Skechers like hey dude shoe
Melson-Corduroy: View on Amazon

12. Skechers Melson-Aveso

Skechers shoes like Hey Dude Shoe
Melson-Aveso: View on Amazon

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13. Skechers Status 2.0 – Lorano

Skechers shoes like Hey Dude Shoe

The Status 2.0- Lorano is another Skechers shoe that looks like the Hey Dude shoes. Although it has a moccasin design, the rounded toe, canvas upper, and EVA sole match the features of Hey Dude shoes.

The shoe comes with an air-cooled memory foam insole which has a goga mat arch support. With this anatomical design, the shoe provides utmost comfort and support by taking the natural shape of your feet. They are also breathable and deliver all-day comfort just like the Hey Dude shoes.

View on Amazon

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Other Brands that Look Like Hey Dude Shoes

Aside from Skechers, some other brands have started to imitate the Hey Dude signature design. Some of them include:

a. Bruno Marc Casual Slip-On

Best Hey Dude Dupes

Key Features:
  • Breathable knit upper
  • Responsive EVA outsole
  • Padded collar
  • Supportive cork/EVA insole
  • Bungee lace with pull-on closure

View on Amazon

b. 1tazero Casual Slip-On

Hey Dude Dupes

Key Features
  • Breathable knit upper
  • Arch support insole
  • EVA sole build
  • Rounded toe moc design
  • Bungee laces for fit adjustment

View on Amazon

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