Do Hey Dude Shoes Have Arch Support?

Do Hey Dude Shoes Have Arch Support

One of the essential qualities to look out for when purchasing a shoe is arch support. There are times when you have to stand on your feet for a long time, and not wearing a comfortable shoe with arch support would tell on your feet.

It makes the matter even worse when it comes from your favorite brand. And to avoid such circumstances, you are keen to ask the right questions. Hey Dude is a fast-rising brand that works towards satisfying the pressing needs of its customers.

They produce shoes featuring premium quality materials that ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Just to be on the safer side you want to know if Hey Dude shoes can offer arch support to your feet. Well, let’s find out.

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Do Hey Dude Shoes Offer Arch Support to Your Feet?

Yes, Hey Dude shoes can offer arch support to your feet. With the patented technology sole and their thick memory foam insole, the shoe supports your foot arch and distributes weight across your feet. The combo makes you feel as though you are walking on clouds.

Hey Dude Insole
Hey Dude Shoes Insole

To create enough room for your comfort, it has an anatomically shaped footbed that takes the shape of a footprint on the sand that cradles and supports your feet. The footbed features construction layers and structural patterns for a better fit and comfort.

Hey Dude Arch Support Shoes

These Hey Dude shoes listed below are comfortable and offer quite a reasonable level of arch support. However, if you have high arches or you a very serious foot pain, you could either buy a custom orthotic insole or consider other brands like Skechers, Hoka, Vionic, Oofos, etc.

Hey Dude for Arch Support
Hey Dude Farty: Best for Plantar Fasciitis

Are Hey Dude Shoes Good for Flat Feet or Fallen Arch?

Yes, they are perfect for flat feet or fallen arches. The shoe’s insole is incorporated with the company’s flex and fold technology, which provides enough support for those with flat feet or fallen arch.

The footbed has a deep heel cup and elevated arch that takes the strain or stress off your midfoot. The contoured footbed distributes the weight on your feet and relieves you of your pain. However, if you don’t find the insole or footbed comfortable, you can replace them with custom orthotics.

Yes, the insoles in Hey Dude shoes are removable and can be substituted with custom orthotics for your foot health. Another quality that made Hey Dude good for flat feet or fallen arch is the lace-up closure system. You can easily adjust the shoe for your suitable fit.

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Are Hey Dude Shoes Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Well, of course, they are suitable for those with plantar fasciitis. A Hey Dude shoe has a patented technology with a thick memory foam insole that supports your arch and calls a stop to any further tear of the plantar fascia.

However, the brand disclaimed that they don’t produce shoes to treat patients with foot or arch problems but only relay the positive reviews from their customers on how Hey Dude shoes helped in their plantar fasciitis healing process.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Suitable for Your Feet?

Yes, they are excellent for your feet. They possess every good quality wanted in a shoe. The shoe has a breathable upper made of canvas or cotton material and a lace-up closure for an adjustable fit.

It has a contoured memory foam footbed that supports your arch and offers comfort to your feet. The soft insole makes you feel as though you are walking on air. The Hey Dude shoe features deep grooves at the outsole for better traction and a firm grip on your feet.

However, they are not suitable for hiking as they cannot offer enough slip resistance to your feet. Hey Dude shoes are worn for casual and professional purposes and are also perfect for the summer.

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Which Hey Dude Shoes are Suitable for Plantar Fasciitis?

All Hey Dude shoes provide arch support to your feet, but the most talked about Hey Dude shoes that are good for plantar fasciitis are the Hey Dude Farty styles. They have comfortable and soft insoles that offer a stress-free walk to your feet.

They also come with wide-fitting sizes for those with wide feet for a breathable and comfortable experience to your feet.

Key Takeaway…

Hey Dude shoes deliver maximum arch support to your feet because of the memory foam insole and patented sole technology. They are also suitable for minor or moderate plantar fasciitis as the shoes are not purposely crafted to treat plantar fasciitis.

Although they are made to fit snug on your feet, they also produce shoes for wide feet to create room for long-lasting comfort and stability. Hey Dude shoes have the qualities you want in a shoe. They could create happy feet while making you look stylish with any attire of your choice.

Hence, you haven’t made the wrong choice by choosing Hey Dude shoes.


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