Do Arch Support Insoles Really Work?

Do Arch Support Insoles Work

The myth about the magic that arch support insoles perform might be overwhelming that you could begin to wonder if truly it helps. Well, the fact is that arch support insoles can prevent your feet from painful injuries like wear and tear of ligaments, tendons, and soft tissues. So there is a valid point in the argument.

However, arch support insoles should be used following the proper diagnosis of a podiatrist. We’ve written in this post to inform you whether arch support really works or not. We also provided extra information about the type of insoles to help you personalize your choice.

Do Arch Support Insoles Really Work?

Yes, arch support insoles provide support to the floor of the feet. With this, it dissipates the stress and pressure that might lead to foot pain such as plantar fasciitis.

Therefore, using different types of arch-supportive insoles while doing different activities will give your feet the proper support and cushioning, enhancing the shock absorption.

If you go through the soul insole review, you will be able to get a clear idea of how the insoles alleviate foot pain. Many people are not very careful about their foot health so they may suffer from plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, or joint pains in the long run.

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Who Needs Arch Support Insoles?

Arch supports are helpful for people who are suffering from flat feet, high heel arches, bunions, or hammertoes.

People who have flat feet may face extreme pain and discomfort while wearing a pair of shoes with high heels or even their feet remain aligned usually.

If you also have these issues wear arch supports in your shoes. Also, if you apply proper foaming on your shoes you can minimize stress on your arches while running or walking.

Each person having foot pain because of improper form or physical problems can benefit from arch support. It is essential for every pair of shoes you own. You can use them while doing exercise, playing in the field, or working.

If you suffer from any physical problem, you should always consult a doctor for better ideas on whether you need arch support or which type will be better. By using arch support you can get your food properly aligned and get relief from pressure on your arches.

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The Types of Arch Support You May Need

You may get various types of loose arch supports available in the market. But which one you should choose will depend on your requirements. The arch supports can be different in styles and designs which you have to choose depending on your preferences and taste.

1. Orthotic Arch Supports

This is an alternative to general arch support shoes which are designed for your optimal coziness and right foot health. These types of arch support are not similar for all shoes so try properly with them before you make a purchase. You can get a variation among orthotic arch supports like-

1. Athletic Shoes

The best type of athletic shoes are Adidas and Nike. These shoes provide extreme support and cushioning which may support you for having the best performance in your sport. These athletic or sports shoes are designed to support your exercise or running activities.

Flip Flops

This is a type of sandal that is made with a single sole. It can hold the wearer’s foot by a thong between the toes and a thin strap that goes across the instep. These types of sandals are worn on warm days and they are usually made from plastic to rubber.

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Hiking Boots

These boots are more durable and supportive types of shoes that are best for wearing on rough trails, tricky terrains, or anywhere you may face difficult road forms.

Work Shoes

Work boots are designed to provide the highest support based on the type of your work. It can protect you from possible injuries you may get in your workplace. These shoes usually are formed hard in the outsole and plenty of arch support has been built inside.


Slippers are casual shoes that you can use in your house while doing household chores. They are made with suede, leather, or soft synthetics. These slippers don’t usually offer much arch support.

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2. Arch Cushions

These types of arch supports are good for those with high or low arches. You can use them to add extra cushioning to your shoes. These arch cushions are Orthotic arch cushions, foot petals, insoles, Altra, and so on. On Altra, you will get variations like – Zero Drop, Max Cushion, and Shoe repair Kit.

3. Sport Insoles

The main purpose of sports insoles is to provide extra comfort and stability underfoot. It helps to absorb shock and decreases any sudden movements which can cause muscle strain. These insoles are considered to prevent injuries that can occur during athletic or sports activities like damage to joints, ligaments, and soft tissues.

4. High Arch Shoes

High arch shoes are used as running shoes which are usually designed with a curved shape at the front. You can use these shoes while playing basketball or tennis.

These will provide you firmness and support to get adjusted to the nature of the sport. Most pediatrics recommended this arch support for those having flat feet or high arches.

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How the Arch Support Works

How Arch Support Works

Arch supports don’t only support your feet to become smooth but they also help in increasing height, limiting scratches, blistering feet, and sweating.

Most insoles are glued or attached firmly to the bottom of the shoes. They are usually thin and hard and not so comfortable. Because of the designs, they are featured like permanent insoles. So, to add comfort you need supportive insoles.

If you work for a long time standing or walking on your feet and your feet are having uncomfortable support, no matter how strong you are you will feel like leaving. As you need to do a lot of movement you should use an arch support insole to feel relaxed and to be more concentrated with work.

Usually, the insoles are thin and hard. So, if you continue with these, you may feel pain in your legs, and joints or finally may suffer from serious health injuries.

With the constant movement with your daily work, our feet become sweaty, tired, and aching. So, you should use arch support to improve this condition. Arch support inserts can provide you with a great feeling of comfort while you walk or exercise vigorously.


Arch support is really important to give you comfort and a relaxing feeling while you are working outside or doing household chores.

Try to use prescribed arch support to keep yourself free from foot pain, tendonitis, foot muscle straining, and ligament injuries.

But do not use too much arch support which may push your foot from overpronation and then supination. This practice will cause extra pressure and pain in your leg muscles or different parts of your foot.

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