Average Shoe Size Male – The Answer Will Shock you

Have you ever experienced your size being out of stock when choosing a shoe style?

I do, and it happens not only once. (Especially sales items)

You probably need to determine whether your size is too popular or the shop’s stock is less.

Everyone has different sizes of feet. Anyway, searching for the perfect fit might be a challenging thing. 

Do you know if your feet are considered small, medium, or large? Let’s explore what the average feet size for a man is.

Average Shoe Size Male 

10.5 is the average men’s shoe size in the USA. It is the conclusion in the report of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons in 2014. 

It falls between 9 -12, the international average shoe size. However, the average means something other than men’s most common shoe size.

From actual experience as a worker in shoe shops, the most commonly asked size is about 9.5 or 10. These are the sizes that are selling out fast in the store.

People choose their shoe sizes based on their preferences. The same person might choose different sizes for different kinds of shoes.

For example, I choose size 10 for my sandals. But I’ll opt for size 10.5 for my sneakers to reserve additional space to feel comfortable wearing socks.

How To Find Your Shoe Size Based on Average Shoe Size Male

You can always try out different sizes in physical stores but not online stores. You only know if the size suits you after payment and receiving the parcel. Thus, the accuracy of the shoe size measurement is crucial.

As an experienced online shopper, here’s a simple and helpful guide for finding your size.

What you need: 

  • A piece of paper 
  • A pen
  • A ruler. 


  1. Place your foot on the paper. 
  2. Draw an outline of your foot with the pen. 
  3. Measure the length and width of your foot: 
    1. Foot length: vertical distance from the longest toe to the point of the heel. 
    2. Foot width: two sides of your foot. 
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I suggest not measuring the feet directly without the paper to avoid measurement errors. Also, I recommend measuring your feet size in the late afternoon. It is when you will get your most extensive measurement due to swelling.

After you get the data, apply the following formula:

Adult Shoe Size = 3 * length in inches – 22

If your foot length is 10 inches, your suitable shoe size is 8. 

However, the most accurate way is to use a Brannock Device. It is a unique device for foot measurement, and you may easily find it on Amazon

Let’s look at a pretty interesting graph: 


Foot Length Distribution Foot Length Distribution for Men and Female

Resource: Analysis of 1.2 million foot scans from North America, Europe and Asia – PMC

From the graph, a man’s most common feet size is 270mm, around 10.6 inches. The most common shoe size for men is about 9.8 if converted based on the formula provided.

Shoe manufacturers make the shoe size that people usually have. You can still buy your shoe in exclusive stores if your feet are bigger or smaller than average.

Read More: https://fdra.org/latest-news/americans-feet-getting-bigger-but-shoe-choices-slim/

Should You Measure Your Foot Length Time by Time? 

If you are in your teenage years, you should measure your feet every time before you buy a new shoe. Expanding foot size is possible as you grow. 

If you gain or lose weight in months, you may measure your foot length again. The size might be the same, but it is safer to have a double assurance.

International Shoe Size Conversion Chart 

Shoe manufacturers in different countries have different standards of measurement. Here is the conversion chart you can refer to if you are buying online: 

Conversion chart for men's shoe sizing

Conversion chart for men’s shoe sizing

Conversion chart for men’s shoe sizing. Source: International Shoe Size Conversion Chart – Women & Men

What Is The Factor Determining Shoe Size? 

Have you ever wondered why shoe sizes are different among people? Here are the factors of varied shoe sizes:

1. Height

The general rule is that your height is seven times the length of your feet. However, this is just an estimate and does not apply to everyone. Even if two people are the same height, their shoe sizes can differ.

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Studies prove a particular proportional relationship between foot length and height. Usually, the taller you are, the bigger your foot size you own. There might be exceptional cases as well.

Average Shoe Size Male of NBA Players

NBA players are known for their height and wingspan far beyond average, and their feet are also enormous.

The average shoe size of male NBA players hit 14.81, which is higher than the average. The bigger foot size supports their body with tall height. 

In the history of the NBA, the largest shoe size is 23, worn by Shaquille O’Neal.

Such shocking gigantic data.

2. Weight 

You might be surprised that weight is a factor affecting shoe size.

Based on the study in 2017, the shoe size of volunteers who lost 50 to 100 pounds in 12 months decreased by size on average. The reduction of the overall body fat incurs a drop in foot pressure, which may result in apparent foot narrowing or shortening.

You may need to measure your shoe size again if you have any significant weight change.

3. Age

Humans undergo puberty and aging. Studies have shown that the fastest stage of a child’s foot growth is between 6 and 12. For most men, you will stop growing your feet by age 16.

Our feet may get wider as we age. You may reach over 50k miles on your feet at age 50. It is like a car engine; it gets looser as you go. The ligaments and tendons have lost some of their elasticity which causes an increase in foot width.

4. Nutrition

Medical experts prove that hormones in high-density food cause larger body parts, including feet size. Especially during puberty, this is one of the crucial factors in growing height. 

To have balanced nutrition, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk, fish, and meat should be eaten together. Dairy products, soy products, lean meat, seafood, and nuts are also rich in protein and calcium. 

Final Words

The average shoe size male has increased over the decades. According to experts, we grow with healthy nutrition rich in vitamins and minerals. Our feet are increasing in size along with our height so that we can withstand more weight.

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With the growing popularity of online stores, people are increasingly switching to shopping online. Thus, selecting the correct shoe size is crucial. You would not like to waste your time returning the parcel because your feet did not fit the shoe.

Don’t worry if you have an extra-large or small foot. Many shoemakers provide customized shoe services. Just like clothes, you can get a personalized shoe based on your measurement. Read these articles to learn all you need to know before buying shoes rep and shoes sole!


1. What is the average shoe size for a 6-foot man?

The average shoe size is 11.5 for a 6-foot-tall man. Note that this is just an estimate and does not apply to everyone. There might be a case where a 6-foot man wears a size smaller than 9. Do measure your foot and get the correct shoe size before any purchase.

2. What is the average male shoe size by height? 

Average HeightAverage Shoe Size Male 
< 5’5”7 to 9
5’6” to 5’9”9.5 to 10.5
5’10” to 6’2”11 to 12.5
> 6’3”13 to 20+

Based on the result above, tall men tend to have larger feet than shorter men. It makes sense, as tall men need a larger surface area to support whole-body balancing.

Shoe size by height determines the recommended option of your shoe size. You can refer to the average male shoe size by height if you are unsure about your foot measurement.

3. What is the average shoe size by country?

Here’s the estimated average shoe size male by country: 

United States (US): 10.5

United Kingdom (UK): 10.5

China: 9.5

Canada: 10

The result shows only a tiny difference between countries, and men worldwide share a similar average shoe size.

4. What is the average men’s shoe size worldwide?

The range of average shoe size for males worldwide is 9-12. Varying growing environments and ethnicities have a significant impact on the difference. People tend to have smaller foot sizes due to malnutrition in less-developed countries.

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