5 Good Reasons to Wear Water Shoes

What is a water shoe

A water shoe is a type of footwear worn during activities where the feet are likely to get wet. They are designed to provide optimal traction on slippery wet surfaces, boat deck, dock, and water equipment.

In most cases, water shoes are made of mesh for comfort and breathability sake. Their sole is also made hard to prevent cut and abrasion.

Water shoes also bear tiny holes on the bottom and/or on the side of the sole to allow easy passage of water.

Activities in which water shoes are used are kayaking, canoeing, wild swimming, boating, fishing, rafting, hiking on wet or muddy terrain, diving, coasteering, and paddleboarding

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Activities to wear water shoes to

Why wear water shoes?

When performing any of the activities listed above, it is pertinent that you wear a water shoe for comfort and safety. Below are the benefits of wearing a water shoe:

1. Comfort

Water shoes are breathable and flexible hence they offer the comfort that regular shoes don’t offer.

2. Safety and Protection

Water shoes have a specially treaded rubber outsole that provides a strong grip on wet slippery surfaces. The toe cover also provides extra protection to the feet.

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3. Quick to dry

These shoes are made with mesh and designed with holes on the outsole and side to easily move water away. As such, they don’t get heavy and drag your movement.

4. Versatile

Water shoes are not only worn in wet terrains. They’re versatile footwear that you can wear on casual occasions: at home, in a car, to the mall, and so on.

5. Easy to clean

You wouldn’t have to be grasping at straws to keep your water shoes clean. They’re made of materials that are easy to clean. All you need to do after use is to rinse it in fresh water and air-dry.

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Are water shoes waterproof?

Water shoes aren’t waterproof. However, they can’t retain water nor become heavy when wet. They’re designed to sip water away through the bottom and side.

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What is a water shoe?

How should water shoes fit?

Water shoes should hug your feet well but they shouldn’t be tight. Tight ones can lead to injuries due to abrasion. More so, ensure that the rubber on the front covers your toes very well for a better protection.

Are water shoes good for hiking?

Yes, you can go hiking in water shoes. However, all of them aren’t designed for hiking. Ensure you choose one that bears the peculiar features of hiking footwear.

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Are water shoes good for the beach?

Yes, we recommend that you wear water shoes on beaches. You may be hurt by sharp, pointy shells if you don’t wear them.

When should I wear water shoes?

You should wear water shoes whenever you’re performing any activity that will expose you to water. It’ll not only protect your feet but will also improve your performance.

Can water shoes go in the washing machine?

We recommend that you wash water shoes by hand. Throwing them in the washing machine may not give you the required deep clean.

But if you must, set the washing machine to low spin and use baking soda to get a deep clean. If you do otherwise you might be initiating the end of the footwear.

Can water shoes be used for running?

Water shoes aren’t designed to improve your running performance. Their midsoles aren’t responsive enough to give you the boost you need while running. Instead, go for special running shoes like Skechers Elite Cushioning, Adidas RunFalcon, and their likes.

Can water shoes go in the dryer?

Don’t put your water shoes in a dryer. We only recommend that you air dry them.

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