Adidas RunFalcon Review, Pros & Cons

Adidas RunFalcon Review

Adidas is one of the top shoe producing companies in the world today.

From running shoes to work out shoes and even everyday sneakers, the brand has well and truly established itself in the footwear market.

In this review, we will be dissecting one of Adidas’ shoes, the RunFalcon.

Adidas RunFalcon is one of the two shoes in the Adidas Falcon series (the other is known as EnergyFalcon). It has all the makings of a great running shoe.

The first look should be enough to convince you of that. But this Adidas masterpiece is more than just looks. It has certain qualities we will go on to talk about in this review.

Key Features of Adidas RunFalcon Running Shoe

Materials Mesh Fabric, EVA midsole and Rubber outsole
Design Lace-up closure with pull tab and tongue. Adidas triple stripe overlay. Lightweight build.
Available Colors Black and White
Size 7-14
Uses Running and Walking
Performance Responsive EVA midsole, arch support insole
Price $50—$146

Adidas RunFalcon Review

General Design

Adidas RunFalcon has a very lightweight, practical runner design. The way the toe area of the shoe is designed in such a way that it supports easier strides with less effort.

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And the lightweight feel of the shoe makes you think you are running on a couple of protected bare feet.

Unlike most running shoes, the shoe has a wide design. There is a lot of space in the toe area that gives you a bit of flexibility, even within the firm grip.

The shoe also uses a lace-up closure design that helps you tighten it to your satisfaction.


The outer part of the Adidas RunFalcon is made with a mesh and synthetic material. One advantage of this material is that it has air spaces on the shoe that provide for breathability.

Adidas RunFalcon Review

It is often annoying when you get back from a run and your feet are soaking wet or slippery, even during the run.

The mesh material allows air to get in and out of the shoe and keep your feet ventilated. Thus, we can say it is highly breathable.


The running shoe has a rubber outsole, which makes it a good choice for runners.

Rubber soles, however, are known to have a good grip on the track (floor) and help a runner move better (as a result of the better traction).

On the other hand, the EVA midsole on the shoe is not one to be so proud of. It is not as comfortable as most and is somewhat stiff.

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After running for a long time, chances are you will start to lose the feeling of your feet.

Adidas RunFalcon Review


  • Lightweight
  • Professional design
  • Good traction


  • One downside to the RunFalcon is that it has a bit of an under-sized tongue beneath the laces. As a result, the shoe will not grip your feet as firmly as you would like and could make it threaten to pull off at intervals, thereby slowing you down a bit.
  • The shoe is not also not as comfortable as expected because the EVA sole seem a little stiff


Material: EVA midsole, Mesh, and Synthetic upper, rubber outsole

Sizes: 7 – 13

Closure: Lace-up

Available colors: Dark blue, Cloud White, Core Black, Black/Grey, Active Red, etc.

Price: $59 – $103

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Generally, this shoe would make a good running shoe and a great all-day shoe. It has a nice design as well, one that would go well with casual wear.

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