How to Waterproof Snow Boots — Effective Ways

“Winter is close and I like to walk under the snow, but my snow boots aren’t good enough.

“How do I protect my feet?”

You need not bother yourself with such worries. Your snow boots probably can’t serve because they get soaked easily, but you can waterproof them and make them serve the purpose. You don’t need to compromise the happiness you get from walking under the snow to getting freezing feet.

Here are the basic boot categories and the best methods to waterproof them.

Meanwhile, waterproofing materials are basically in two forms as

  • Silicone waterproofing product
  • Wax waterproofing product

Silicone products can be the best waterproofing material depending on the kind of boot. Silicone spray can be used for all shoe types. The only problem is that it tends to change the color of your boot, interfering with its appearance.

They can also be the easiest method used to waterproof your boots. But for the fact that it’s not usually thick enough, it could require waterproofing the boot frequently depending on how often you use the boot.

However, silicone spray is most preferred when new boots need waterproofing.

Wax option can be the best option when waterproofing old leather boots. This is because using wax to waterproof is a more natural and classical method. And as such, it takes a more intense activity to get it right.

Applying wax on boots is mostly done manually. This makes it possible to attain thorough and deeper layered waxing. Unlike the silicone spray that may just be done sparingly. Wax waterproofing lasts longer.

Wax materials can be of many types such as

  • Candle wax
  • Bee wax.

Amongst these wax, the bee wax is always the most efficient. However, adding a small quantity of conditioner or oil will ease application and cause a flourishing outlook.

Candle wax is always a home remedy, most times it is used in the absence of other wax though it is still durable when properly applied.

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How to waterproof leather snow boots using wax

How to waterproof leather snow boot
source: Amazon

Most snow boots are made of leather. Leather boots are naturally water repellent, but being water repellent is not enough to save you from the dip in muddy and thick snow.

So, it needs to be waterproofed to enable it to be perfect amidst all odds.

Materials and tools needed

  • A brush
  • A piece of fabric
  • A hand dryer
  • Waterproofing product (been wax, oil, conditioner)
  • Heater.


  1. Use a piece of clothing to clean the boots thoroughly. Make sure that it is devoid of all dust and debris.
  2. If you cleaned with a touch of water, allow the boot to dry naturally to avoid cracks. But if you’re in a hurry, you can use a hand drier but make sure it’s in it’s lowest effect.
  3. Adding a little oil to your beeswax is advice-able. So you have to heat your wax adding oil and conditioner to make it easier to apply and to have a smoother surface.
  4. After heating, allow for some time to cool and harden a little.
  5. Apply gently all around the boot until it is spread evenly. ( Make sure that the way goes around well and is thick enough).
  6. After thorough application, Allow the boot to dry and coat to cure.

How to waterproof leather snow boot using a silicone spray

You could waterproof a snow boot using a silicone spray. It is much easier to do, but that could change the color of your boot. Here are the procedures:

  1. Clean the boots thoroughly.
  2. Allow the boots to dry naturally.
  3. Use the silicone spray to spray all around the boot’s exterior.
  4. Allow the coat to cure.

How to waterproof suede snow boots

How to waterproof suede snow boots
Source: Amazon

Suede made boots are a lot more fashionable than efficient. They are not always the best option for a thick dip of snow, though can be used during a mild winter walk.

But to boost its efficiency, it needs to be waterproofed to prevent water permeability and to prevent freezing feet.

Materials and tools needed

  • A piece of cloth for cleaning
  • A brush
  • A hand dryer
  • Waterproofing product( silicone spray).
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  • Clean your suede boot with a piece of fabric thoroughly.
  • Allow your boot to dry. But you can use a hand drier to quicken the process.
  • Spray the boot exterior evenly with a silicone waterproofing spray.

(Ensure that the boat is well coated)

  • Allow the coat to cure.

How to waterproof nylon snow boots

How to waterproof snow boots
Source: Amazon

Nylon made snow boots are always light and very easy to clean. It is mostly chosen because of its breathable quality. It can also be waterproofed to get the best out of it.

Nevertheless, they don’t permit water influx and as such do not need waterproofing to do the needful. And since Nylon boots are breathable enough and can be a better option during winter.

How to waterproof rubber snow boots

How to waterproof snow boots
Source: Amazon

Rubber snow boots are water-resistant. If in a good condition, rubber boots do not allow water to flow. It may not need waterproofing to repel water and snow.

They are always easy to clean and can dry quickly but they are awkward to put on. Rubber boots are not easily adjusted to fit into size.

The only disadvantage of using rubber during the winter is that they are heavy and may not be breathable.

How to waterproof wool snow boots

How to waterproof snow boots
Source: Amazon

Wool snow boots are usually rare and not always the best option for winter. This is because wool inside the boot keeps the feet warm but wool outside the boot can absorb a lot of water and snow easily and cause cold feet.

This category of boots is very much difficult to use. This is because no matter how you waterproof the boot, it must still absorb water.

So, I don’t think there is any need to do that. But if you think wool snow boots can serve, you can use a silicone spray to waterproof it. But it won’t last.

How to care for your snow boots

How to waterproof snow boots
Source: Pxfuel
  • Clean your boots immediately you’re done using them.
  • Make sure they are dry. Wet shoes can easily get weak and eventually spoil.
  • Ensure you waterproof your snow boots as at when due.
  • Avoid washing leather boots as it could be harmful to the boot.
  • Mixing a little oil when cleaning the sure is necessary as it will help condition it and make it shiny
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Why should I waterproof my snow boots?

Perhaps you’ve never experienced winter and this is your first time, there are uncountable reasons why you should waterproof your snow boots to avoid having a horrible experience.

1. Protect your feet

Winter could be very harsh on your feet when it is exposed. Knowing that having an injured foot is problematic, you can flee from allowing water to soak into your feet.

When you waterproof your snow boots, it keeps your leg warm and healthy as you walk through the snow.

2. Save cost

It is not easy to keep changing your snow boot yearly because it was destroyed by snow.

When you waterproof your boot, it can prevent spoilage and make the boot last longer therefore saving the cost of purchasing new ones.

3. Last longer

Waterproofing is one of the care methods that will make your boots last for you. A frequently waxed boot will last longer than that which is not waterproofed because it’s water repellant ability will slack and it will get to spoil.

4. Save stress

Waterproofed boots are easy to clean. You don’t need to wash or scrub or squeeze to remove water.

Just clean with a little piece of cloth and dry. Then, you’re good to go. Both your boots and yourself are safe.

5. Comfortability

Imagine hiking or playing under the snow with water-absorbent boots. You’ll be so uncomfortable and unhappy.

With waterproofed boots, you don’t need to worry. Your feet are warm and devoid of water.


Winter could be a terrible nightmare, but with the right accessories, you don’t need to worry.

You’ll enjoy the winter and accept that it’s one of the best seasons. Waterproofing your boot is a necessity in this case. To get the best, you have to do the needful.

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