Nike Air Max 90 — Review, Pros, & Cons

Air Max 90 Review

Nike Air Max 90 is a well conspicuous shoe, mostly as Air Max III or just Air Max on the box label. It is a functional and aesthetic improvement of the first design, Air Max 1 in 1988.

The shoe made its first appearance in the year 1990. Since then, it has improved in so many ways, to fit in into the new generational want and remain within the early years of its production.

How was that achieved?

The AM 90 paneling gives more scope for colors and materials, allowing an accompanying spectrum of highlighter hues and laying the groundwork for neon and florescent colorways.

In early 2000, Air Max 90 was designed with different colorways to include its original color and the favorite of the fans, ‘the infrared’ or ‘hyvent orange’ or ‘radiant red’ as others may call it.

That had continued to evolve year after year, and it is expected on its 30th anniversary in 2020.

That leaves us to say that Nike AM 90 is everybody’s shoe. It is so popular like it’s been present in every Nike footwear season. It is crafted in different sizes that range from toddlers to men’s 18 sizes (US) with no exception.

Key features

Material Synthetic mesh, synthetic leather, rubber outsole
Design Lace-up closure, stitched overlays, Pull tab/tongue, toothed outsole
Colors Black, White, Grey, Red, Amarillo, Blue etc
Sizes 6 – 15
Uses Running, Basketball, Workout, Gymnastics, random sports
Comfort Internal foam cushioning
Price $120 – $299
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Air Max 90 Review


One thing you must know about this shoe is the style varieties. It has several colors and different materials used in making it.

The upper is made by combining mesh/knit textile and leather materials. It has a Max air unit and TPU midsole for comfort and durability.

The outsole comes as rubber for maximum grip. Just as the Max Air 97, the 90 version also features the traditional lace-up closure.

However, the Nike Air Max 90 is designed for running. However, many users do not only choose to use it to run, jog, or walk, but also as a work and play shoe. It is versatile, comfortable, breathable, and durable.


Nike AM 90 is constructed with a leather tongue tag, features a mesh insert that makes the shoe even more comfortable as it allows penetration of fresh air to your feet, keeping it dry and non-sweaty.

It also has stitched overlays, classic TPU accents that serve as retro appeal design for your maximum comfort, durability, and the salient 90’s look you love.

It comes with a lace-up closure for easy adjustment to your desired fit, and the Nike brand logo is seen at the lateral side, the medial, and at the ankle part of the shoe.


Air Max 90 Review

Outsole and midsole are where the majority of comfort you gain from the sneakers lies.

The shoe has a full-length polyurethane midsole that ensures comfort all day long, a Max Air unit at the heel serves as excellent impact protection to your feet and a shock absorber.

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There’s also a flex groove in the outsole for flexibility that makes the sneakers bend with your feet. A padded collar at the ankle that provides softness relaxes your feet and prevents blisters at the corner of your ankle.

It also ensures protection from the rubber outsole that is waffle-styled, which makes it even better for strong traction, no skidding, no slippage.

Although the sole technology is retro design, it still gives the comfort, the firmness, the cushioning you have ever desired in sneakers and always been among the best you can have in your wardrobe.

How much is Nike Air Max 90?

The cost of Nike Air Max 90 is a bit higher, but it’s worth it. What more could you ask of from a shoe with those incredible features.

Nike AM 90 are of different designs, and each design has its price tag. According to;

  • Nike Air Max 90 QS (Mars landing) – $77.60 – $155.00
  • Nike Air Max 90 men’s casual running shoes Cn8490-003 – $120.00-$346.21
  • Nike Air Max 90 men’s casual running shoes Cn8490-100 – $127.16-$226.81

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Nike Air Max 90 has various designs and styles available that are used for different outdoor recreation, and it is multicolored.

It has different sizes that range from toddlers to a full-grown man.

Not to forget the waffle-styled rubber traction sole that provides firmness to your feet, the old sole technology used but still gives a modern satisfaction and comfort, and it is reasonably priced.


Nothing manufactured is 100 percent perfect. Anything that has better sides also has a fault. Thus Nike Air Max 90 is not an exception

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It is stuffed with lots of foam for comfort and relaxation, this made it heavy to carry on for so long, and the width runs narrow.

Some designs, according to people’s reviews, are not suitable for long runs or gymnastics.


Nike AM 90 with various styles and designs has their functions, but generally, they are suitable for long-distance runs, jogging, or exercise at the gym.

It protects your feet and absorbs shock coming from the ground to your feet due to lots of old technology cushioning in the shoe. It’s a bit different from the full-length Max air unit used in Air Max 97.

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Having this classic silhouette in your sneakers will not be a bad idea. Air Max 90 is a popular sneaker, and it remains an important sneaker in the sports world and Nike’s works.

It is still comfortable in its way and in production to this day. It celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2020, and it is a testimony of long-lasting and timeless design.

You do not have any excuse for not having these sneakers in your wardrobe.

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