Best infant Hey Dude shoes (2-10 years) – Complete Guide

Hey Dude boys wally youth Infant Hey Dude

Looking for a classic slip-on shoe for your kids? Then be rest assured Hey Dude shoes got you covered.

Hey Dude is one of the most popular brands to produce slip-on loafer shoes for men, women, and even children. The brand aims to satisfy its customers with comfort and happiness.

The Italian-made shoe is endowed with quality materials to make room for maximum comfort and support for the kids. Here are our best Hey Dude shoes for kids of 2 to 10 years.

Overall best infant Hey Dude shoes

Best for boys

Hey Dude Boy Wally Youth

Hey dude boy's wally youth - Best infant Hey Dude


  • Upper: Cotton Canvas
  • Insole: Removable Memory Foam
  • Outsole: Well Treaded Rubber Outsole
  • Quality: Flexibility, breathability, and comfort
Best for girls

Hey Dude Girl’s Toddler Wendy

Hey Dude girl's toddler wendy - Best Infant Hey Dude shoes


  • Upper: Sox Knit
  • Insole: Removable Memory Foam
  • Outsole: Deep-treaded rubber outsole
  • Quality: Comfort, Breathability, Lightweight, Stylish and glittery, and support.

Best infant Hey Dude shoes for boys

1. Hey Dude Boy Wally Youth

Hey dude boy's wally youth - Best infant Hey Dude

Buying this shoe for your kids will make them happier. The stretch polyester fabric upper ensures breathability.


It has a flex-and-fold design which gives complete freedom of movement. It also features a roomy toe box for free wiggling of their toes.

Lightweight and Traction

The shoe is so lightweight that your children or nephews can run all day long without feeling it on their feet. You don’t have to worry about slippery grounds. Hey Dude shoes feature a rubber outsole with a deep treaded pattern to ensure a non-skid effect on your kids’ feet.

Comfort and odor-free

It also features a removable memory foam insole to enhance comfort and absorb odor from their feet.


It is very lightweight and ensures flexibility

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Its comfort is second to none

It provides maximum traction.

It can be machine-washed with cold water

It appears in different appealing colors


It is not durable

Teresa Rhodes
Teresa Rhodes
Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2022 | Size: 5 Toddler | Color: Stone | Verified Purchase
Read More
Everyone in my family wears these! (Except me) because I tend to wear the most uncomfortable shoes ever made!! (Heels) I knew with how lightweight these are and compatible with any type of foot that these would be perfect for my 20 month old grandson! Easy for us to slip on him and easy for him to walk in!!

2. Hey Dude Unisex Child Wally

Hey Dude unisex-child wally - Best Infant Hey Dude shoes

Ensure happy feet for your children with unisex Wally shoes. Like other Hey Dude shoes, the shoe is super lightweight and comfortable. It features a cotton canvas upper that ensures maximum breathability to their feet.


The removable aerated memory foam insole creates room for comfort and sweat absorption. More comfort is provided as the shoe is lined with soft patterned cotton.

Better traction

Your kids can play around on any floor texture without slipping off. This is so because of the well-grooved rubber outsole featured in the shoe.


It is lightweight and ensures maximum comfort

It offers ventilation at its peak

It offers better traction for your kids’ feet

It is easy to slip it on and off

The shoe is great for travel as it is flexible and can fold

It is very affordable


It is not true to size

The stitching is not durable

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Best infant Hey Dude shoes for girls

1. Hey Dude girl’s Wendy Youth

Hey Dude girl's wendy youth - Best infant Hey Dude shoes

Make your baby girl look super cute today with this beautiful silhouette.

Flexibility and breathability

Its Flex and Fold Technology ensures easy strides at any duration. It features a sox knit upper, which guarantees breathability and flexibility.

Comfort and easy slip-on

The elastic lace helps for the easy slip on and off. Your children can enjoy the utmost comfort with the memory foam insole.

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Stylish and lightweight

The shoe is colorful as it is stylish. They can travel anywhere with the shoe and still don’t feel the weight on their feet. That is how lightweight the shoe is.


It is washed in a machine with cold water

It is travel ready as it is flexible

Its comfort is second to none and it offers maximum breathability

The shoe is very lightweight and has a roomy toe box


It runs wide

It does not fit true to size

The material fades quickly

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2. Hey Dude Girl’s Britt Youth

Hey Dude girl's britt youth - Best Infant Hey Dude shoes

Hey Dude Girl’s Britt is a perfect shoe for winter or spring. It adds a winter booty look with casual vibes.


The shoe has a fur lining that extends over the foldable cuffs, which enhances the warm feeling on their feet.

Comfort and flexibility

 It also ensures comfort at its peak with the removable memory foam insole. The Flex and Fold Technology make them walk a long distance without feeling it.

Easy slip-on and breathability

The cotton canvas upper with elastic lace ensures breathability and easy slip-on and off.

Firm grip

You can trust the rubber outsole to provide a non-skid effect on your children’s feet while walking or running on slippery terrain.


It offers comfort and flexibility

It is stylish and looks beautiful

It protects your children’s feet from cold

It is perfect for their trips

The insole absorbs moisture and odor

They can easily slip on their feet in the shoe without much effort


It is not durable

It doesn’t fit true to size

Reviewed in the United States on January 19, 2022 | Verified Purchase
Read More
I bought it for my daughter for the winter. They fit perfectly and are as comfy as expected. It can be worn with nice jeans and a sweater, or sweatpants and a hoodie! Cute either way.

3. Hey Dude Girl’s Toddler Wendy

Hey Dude girl's wendy youth - Best infant Hey Dude shoes

A typical girlie shoe with a glittery design which makes it cute.


With a round-toe design and flex and fold technology, your kid is up for a better stride experience. The sox knit upper is elastic, which ensures flexibility and perfect fitting on their feet.

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Great fitting

The memory foam insole conforms to the shape of their feet, giving them a perfect and snugly fit.

Strong traction

The rubber outsole ensures they can run around without slipping off the ground.


It is cute and stylish

It is washed in a machine with cold water

It provides enough traction for their feet

It is very affordable

It offers maximum comfort, breathability, and flexibility


Depending on your child’s foot, the shoe could be tight or runs wide. It doesn’t fit true to size.

Angie Bodell
Angie Bodell
Reviewed in the United States on August 22, 2022 | Verified Purchase
Read More
I bought these for my granddaughter. I suggest making sure you definitely know their correct shoe size since there aren't any half sizes. I would round up rather than down for kids, especially. These shoes are light and are easily washed in the washer and left to air dry.


Does Hey Dude have toddler sizes?

Yes, Hey Dude shoe has toddler sizes ranging from 1 to 13 in US size.

The sizes ranging from 1 to 7 are often tiny baby sizes, while from 8 to 13 are for kids up to 4 to 5 years.

 Examples of Hey Dude shoes with toddler sizes are Hey Dude girl’s toddler Wendy and Hey Dude Wally youth. The size ranges from 5 to 10 toddlers.

What size does a 6-month-old wear?

According to the size chart below, a six-month-old baby of foot length at 3.67 inches wears US size 2.

If the baby’s foot length is up to 4, his or her US size is up to 3.5.

What shoe size is a 1-year-old?

Also, referring to the size chart above, a one-year-old baby of foot length 4.33 inches can wear US size 4. A foot length of 4.5 inches wears US size 4.5, and a foot length of 4.67 inches wears US size 5.

What size shoes do babies wear?

Newborn babies of 6 weeks to 3 months wear US size 1. US size 2 goes well for babies within 3 months to 6 months.

6 to 9 months babies wear US size 3 to 3.5. a year-old baby wears up to US size 4 to 4.5, depending on the foot length.


Hey Dude shoes have exquisite styles for everyone, especially the kids. The brand ensures comfort and stability on every step you make.

Don’t miss out on getting any of these beautiful shoes for your kids. They will definitely love the awesomeness that comes with it.

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