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Top 9 Shoe Polish Brands to Use

Shoe polish has been around since the early 18th century. However, it gained more ground during World War I & II when soldiers needed polish to clean their stained boots.

Even today, soldiers are expected to keep their shoes in a good nick.

Several brands are working on reviving leather shoes rather than consigning them to the rack or tossing them out.

Sustaining and pigmented shoe polishes renew dried, scratched, or harmed leather, and add dampness.

Shoe polishes are very easy to apply, and if used consistently, will extend the existence of footwear. These are our picks for the best shoe polish brands you can find around the world.

1. Kiwi

First on the list is Kiwi. The shoe polish was created utilizing a quality mix of multiple wax which includes a higher concentration of carnauba wax.

This wax is also found in average shoe polish. Kiwi is arguably the most used shoe polish on this planet.

It was first launched in Australia in 1905. As of 2005, it had expanded to over 180 countries. It was founded by Ramsay and McKellar before handing over ownership to Sara Lee Corporation in 1986, who later sold it to S.C. Johnson and Son in 2011.

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2. Shinola

As well as motivating the expression, “You don’t know shit from Shinola“, The Shinola Company has been creating a wax shoe polish beginning around 1907.

The brand became famous during the World Wars for armed force faculty and has been handcrafted by experienced craftspeople from that point forward.

Their particular shoe clean conveys incredible sparkle, waterproofing, and cover. Shinola has seen a cutting edge resurgence in limelight, especially among the trendy people shoe set, since it started delivering covetable extras like leather merchandise and watches.

3. Cherry Blossom

Perhaps less notable than its primary competitor, Kiwi, Cherry Blossom is an old and reliable organization that has been working on men’s feet since the mid-1900s.

Two Siblings Dan and Charles Mason established the organization after finding a common longing to concoct a shoe polish that would not come off on and smudge clothing as numerous different products did at that time.

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Over a century after the creation, Cherry Blossom became an honor-winning brand that has delighted in twofold development year-on-year throughout the previous four years; thus it’s put on our best shoe shine brand list.

4. Allen Edmonds

A 212-venture process goes into creating each pair of Allen Edmonds Goodyear welted shoes. It’s nothing unexpected, then, at that point, that the organization prizes trustworthy tender loving care in everything identified with footwear, including legitimate shoe care.

Allen Edmonds’ lavish shoe polish arrives in a scope of tones and details to protect even the most fragile smooth leather upper.

Attempt the superior variant with a wipe tip for simple application with no wreck.

5. Angelus

At the point when we say that the best shoe polish brands stick to custom, no brand is more obvious than with Angelus.

Angelus shoe polish was made by Paul T Angelos in 1907 in his kitchen. The brand is as yet going solid today with his grandson in charge.

The polish contains carnauba and honey bee wax to ease application and give sparkle. Angelus shoe polish carries life to old shoes while reestablishing the shading and safeguarding the leather.

6. Meltonian

Meltonian is an exemplary maker of cream-based shoe polish in a bewildering exhibit of tones. Over 30 shades are accessible to resuscitate dulled tints, from light bone to brown sugar, Bordeaux to magnificent blue.

Meltonian uses fundamental oils and waxes in its shoe clean to keep leather from drying and breaking over the long run.

Not exclusively will your shoes get a more splendid sparkle, they’ll stay shielded from the components to drag out the existence of your cherished footwear.

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7. Lincoln

Starting around 1925, Lincoln has been trusted to convey the exemplary military “spit sparkle” to shoes and boots throughout the planet.

John Lincoln first fostered his creative shoe polish in quite a while San Francisco kitchen, where he mixed shadings and liquefied waxes as per a recipe that is still in use today.

The organization keeps on calling California home and creating little group items with no modest solvents, vapor sprayers, silicon science, or plastic wipes.

8. Boot Black Japan

We coincidentally found this little magnificence of a brand in Pitti Uomo. Made in Japan, Boot Black deals a scope of oils, shines, creams and assistants to guarantee your shoes stay in top shape and condition.

The enterprising organization was established in 2007 by Japan’s biggest shoe care maker, Columbus, which has been around beginning around 1911.

9. Saphir

For genuine footwear devotees, no shoe polish brand can eclipse Saphir. The French organization is an old-fashioned symbol cherished for its all-regular recipe and admired family.

Saphir keeps on utilizing the very components that won the brand a Gold Medal in Paris in 1925, including pine-based turpentine, mink oils, and vegetable, creature, and mineral waxes. You’ll track down no unsafe silicones, pitches, or petrol in Saphir items.

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Buying the best shoe clean available can be a similarly expensive possibility, however, yet its armies of steadfast fans wouldn’t condescend to utilize whatever else.


These shoe polish brands are trusted for their quality products. Most of them have been in existence for more than a century. Any brand you chose among the listed ones is great.


Is shoe polish fumes toxic?

Yes, shoe polish fumes can be toxic if inhaled into the lungs or left on the skin for long. Meanwhile, its toxicity level is relatively low.

Shoe Polish contains chemicals like turpentine, naphtha, dyes, gum arabic, petroleum, etc

Can shoe polish go bad?

Shoe Polish can go bad if you fail to keep to the storage instructions. Leaving the lid open, for example, can cause it to cake up. Then instead of making your shoes shine, the polish would make them dull and could even cause the leather to crack.

Will shoe polish cover scuffs?

Yes, putting a colored polish over scuffs can make them less visible.

Will shoe polish darken leather?

Yes, with use, shoe polish darkens the leather. The wax contained in the polish penetrates into the leather and over time, it tends to change the color.

How does shoe polish work?

Shoe polish works by providing a layer of wax and oil on shoes. When you apply shoe polish, the vigorous buffing creates a mild heat that’s enough to melt the wax.

The viscous layer then flows into the cracks and scuffs of the leather causing it to shine and remain subtle. The dye contained in the polish, therefore, helps to improve the color of the leather.

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