4 Safe Ways to Remove Crease from Shoes | Step-by-step Guide

How to remove shoe creases

Shoe creases can make your amazing shoe look awful. Even the original sleek look does not still appear even after you have polished it.

But when you know how to get your shoe back to shape, you will have no time to worry.

Removing crease from shoes can be simpler than you may have imagined. Here, we have shared 4 simple ways to do it so that you can enjoy that dashing and sartorial look once more.

1. Apply the Blow Dryer Method

  • Stuff the shoes with papers or socks to get the shoes back to its original shape. You can also use a shoe tree.
  • Get a blow dryer and blow hot air around the folded areas. Ensure you do not concentrate the heat on a particular spot to avoid damaging the shoe.
  • Use your hand to massage the shoe to fasten the process as you blow the hot air.
  • Allow the shoe to cool. Repeat the entire process until you arrive at your desired result.


  • As already stated, ensure you spread the heat across and not concentrate at a spot for long. 20 – 30 seconds is enough.
  • This method does not apply to all kinds of leather. Heat could cause some leathers to peel. So, read your shoe label to be sure if yours is compatible with such an amount of heat.
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2. Apply the Damp Towel and Iron Technique

Another way to get the crease out of your shoe is to iron it over a damp cloth. It is very simple!

  • Get a damp piece of cloth or a towel. It should NOT be too damp as to wet or damage the shoe.
  • Place the damp towel/cloth over the creased area of the shoe.
  • Iron the shoe over the damp towel with a hot pressing iron. Put enough pressure on the iron to fasten the process, but not too much to damage the footwear.
  • Allow the shoe to cool. Try the entire multiple times until you reach the good result that you desire. The steam from the damp towel softens the leather and pressure from the iron stretches the shoe leathers.
  • Allow the shoe to dry in a shoe tree so that its shape will be maintained.


  • Do not use this method often on your leather shoe.
  • It is not a good method to be used on suede shoes.

3. Use a Cloth Steamer

Another quick way to get rid of shoe rumple is to apply a cloth steamer on the affected areas.

This method is recommended for suede shoes and an alternative to the iron/damp towel method.

  • Get a DRY towel or piece of cloth. Place it over the area you want to work on, usually the shoe box.
  • Gently apply the hot steamer over the piece, moving it around continuously to avoid overheating and wetting a spot. You can use your hands to massage the shoe to get a better result faster.
  • Try this process multiple times until you arrive at the desired result.
  • Place the shoe on a shoe tree until it dries. Rock your shoe afterward.
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4. Apply a Leather Oil

If you do not want to suffer the laborious methods above, then you can use leather oils to remove creases as soon as they appear.

  • Drop the oil on creased areas and massage the oil into the leather with your hands.
  • Place the shoe on a shoe tree as soon as the oil is absorbed into the leather. This way, the shoe will not lose its shape.

Although this method does not give the best results, it is good for removing new and minor creases.

The use of leather oil is also a way to remove creases on shoes without applying heat.

Why do shoes crease?

Shoe creasing results from the bending pressure applied by your feet on the shoe top.

If you observe closely, you will find out that when you walk, your feet bend with the shoes. Over time, these areas that receive much of the pressure will begin to fold, hence the creasing.

Also, poor-fitting can also cause a shoe to crease. Studies show that better-fitting shoes have a lesser tendency of folding, unlike poorly fitting ones. So, make sure you buy a shoe that fits your leg. You can stretch the shoe if it is too small.

Other factors that determine whether a shoe will crease or not are the material from which the shoe is made and the shoe design. Some materials and designs tend to resist this effect better than others.

How to prevent your shoe from creasing

  • Ensure you put shoe trees in them. If you cannot get one, fold a dry towel into it.
  • Do not place heavy objects on the shoes
  • Get the best fitting shoe and not an oversized one.
  • Use a shoehorn when wearing your dress shoe to prevent the shoe from bending.
  • Wet shoes will crease faster. So apply a water repellant spray before you get out with the shoe. Avoid wearing the shoe when it is wet too.
  • If your shoe has a pointed tip, fix a toe tap under it.
  • Avoid wearing the same shoe for two days in a row. This way, the stress on the shoe will be reduced.
  • You can also use a crease protector. This is a plastic object that you can insert into your shoe’s toe box to prevent it from folding while you walk or run. It is especially used in sneakers.
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The truth is that you cannot totally avoid shoe creases, but the good thing is that you can prevent it from getting too bad.


These are ways by which you can remove shoe creases. They are not the techniques that bear the ‘Do not try this at home’ label.

So, why not try them to get the out of your sleek shoes today!

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