How to Remove Dog Poop from Shoes

How to clean off dog poop from shoes

Do not lose your temper yet. You probably stepped on the poops by mistake. In this guide, we have shared the easy methods of removing dog poop from your shoes.

1. Scrub with a Brush

  • Use a dry paper towel to take off clumps of poops off your shoes.
  • Using a wet towel wash the rest of the poops off the outer edges of your shoes.
  • Get a cleaning brush or an old toothbrush (you can add soap to it), then scrub thoroughly.
  • Rinse the shoes in the sink if possible. If not, you can wipe off the poop with a wet paper towel.
  • Repeat these steps for thorough cleaning.

If you washed off your shoes in the sink, ensure you clean and disinfect your sink properly.

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2. Place the Shoes in a Freezer

This may sound absurd, and you might be unwilling to try it out. But it’s an easy method. Let’s see the steps in getting this done.

  • Put your shoes in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer.
  • Allow the shoes to freeze so that the poop freezes alongside.
  • Use a blunt object to get rid of the frozen poop.
  • Scrub with a brush and some soap to get rid of the remaining poops.

3. Wipe your Shoes on the Grass

This is a funny and common method of getting dog poops out of shoes.

  • Go to a grassy lawn if there’s any nearby.
  • Wipe your shoes on the grass
  • Then, use a stick or a long blunt object to clean the bulk of poop off your shoes.

To make your shoes very clean, you can scrub them with a brush or wash them in a washing machine if they are washable.

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4. Dry the Shoes

Fresh poops can be difficult to remove. Have you tried removing them when dried?

Drying out your shoes first will name it easier to remove the poops. Check out the steps below.

  • Turn your shoes upside down so that the soles face the sunlight.
  • Let the poop dry out
  • Then, use a long blunt object to remove the dry poop
  • You can further clean it by using a brush to scrub off the remaining poop.

5. Put the Shoes in a Washing Machine

If your shoes are machine washable, consider throwing them into a washing machine.

  • Remove the shoelace
  • Place your shoes in a washing machine. You could place your shoes in a cloth or follow the washing procedures of your shoes to avoid ruining them.
  • After washing, scrub with a brush to further remove the remaining poops.
  • Dry out your shoes under the sun.

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How to Remove Dog Poop from the Bottom of Your Shoes

How to remove dog poop from shoe bottom

1. Visit a Local Golf Course

You can employ any of the methods discussed above to get poop off the bottom of your shoes. Nevertheless, you can visit a local golf course around you for a thorough clean of the bottom of your shoes.

Most local golf courses have shoe cleaners and compressed air cleaners that will easily get rid of poop off your shoe bottom.

2. Wash Off Under Running Water

If the golf course isn’t close, you can wash off the dog poop under running water. However, the water must have some pressure so that it can displace the poop more easily.

To increase the water pressure, adjust the tap valve. You can also fit a narrower hose.

While splashing off the poop, be careful so that it doesn’t get on you.

How to Remove Dog Poop from Vans

  • Spray the poop on your pair of Vans with water
  • Scrub off the dog poop with a brush
  • Then leave the shoes to dry off

You’re good to go. You can also wash your vans in a washing machine. However, ensure you remove the shoelaces before you wash them.

How to remove dog poop from suede shoe

  • Use a stick or any long blunt object to take off the dog poop
  • Get a sponge and dip it inside a bowl of warm water and soap solution.
  • Use the sponge to wipe off the dog poop thoroughly.
  • Then use a wet towel to further wipe the shoe
  • Lastly, wipe with a dry towel.

How to clean dog poop off leather shoes

You can use the sun drying method described above to clean dog poop off your leather shoes.

If that’s a long process, then consider cleaning off the poop with vinegar.

  • Put some white vinegar in a bowl of water and shake vigorously.
  • Sprinkle the vinegar solution into the poop and leave for about 8 to 10 minutes.
  • Scrub the part you sprayed the solution with a brush to remove the poop. Do this cautiously.
  • Wipe the area with a dry towel and allow the shoes to dry off before putting them on again.

Note: Do not leave the vinegar solution on your leather shoe for too long to avoid ruining it.

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How to get dog poop off Birkenstock

You can simply get dog poop off your pair of Birkenstocks by applying the 40th formula of water displacement popularly known as WD 40.

  • Take off your pair of shoes if you have them on
  • Wipe the dog poop off your Birkenstock with a paper towel.
  • Apply the WD 40 and allow it to soak in for just a few minutes.
  • Then scrub with a brush or an old toothbrush.

How to Clean Dog Poop off Uggs

One of the methods that work best in cleaning dog poop off uggs is simply the vinegar method which will be summarised below in a few steps.

  • Mix equal amounts of cleaning vinegar and water i.e. 50/50.
  • Then apply it to the affected area on your uggs and scrub gently with a sponge.
  • Rinse off with clean water and dry off with a clean dry towel.

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How to remove dog poop smell from shoe

Despite giving your shoes thorough cleaning, your shoes just might not stop smelling of dog poop. Here’s how to get rid of the offensive odor.

1. Natural smell remover

You can get rid of the offensive odor on your shoes by simply applying a solution of natural smell remover on your shoe’s sole.

2. Activated Charcoal

This is a very simple technique to get rid of the lingering poop smell. Put your shoes next to an open bag of activated charcoal for a few days. You would be surprised at how sudden the smell would vanish.

3. A bag of Baking Soda

Place your pair of shoes in a bag of baking soda and close it up. After a few hours, take out the shoes and there you have it– a smell-free pair of shoes.

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There you have it! Simple ways of getting rid of the dog’s poop and its offensive smell off your shoe. You’ve just got to pick the best and easiest method to use when you get some poop on your shoes.

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