9 Tips on How to Perfectly Pair Kids’ Dress Shoes with Outfits

kids dress shoes with outfit

There are several assortments of child’s shoes that are accessible at online stores and retail outlets. But when it comes to dressing up the child for special occasions, the parent is always lost in the thoughts – What would look great on my toddler’s feet? How can I pair the dress shoes with the kid’s outfit?

Picking the right footwear could be a mind puzzle, owing to the fact that there are so many to choose from! Thus, below are things to consider while going for youngsters’ shoes to perfectly pair the Kid’s dress shoes with outfit.

Tips to Pair Kids’ Dress Shoes with Outfit

The task is often more than it meets the eye, so here are some elementary things to consider:

1. Find a Suitable Color

Different color of kids shoes

Right color combination and choosing the perfect dress shoes for kids is always a brain storming. Brown and black dress shoes are passé.

Pick dark-hued shoes matching your child’s outfit tone. The matching shoes and garments look appealing when they structure excellent differentiation.

Continuously consider differentiating or supplementing shades of children and child shoes that work out positively for youngsters’ stylish garments.

On the off chance, your toddler is wearing a simple outfit, then more splendid shoes would add zing to their whole look.

2. Similar Match to Clothes

Similar Match

Matching-matching is always the chant of the heart for a parent when it comes to a child’s outfits and their shoes.

So go for some great colors or outfits, unless a very formal occasion or theme party. And pick matching leather shoes or party shoes for them accordingly.

3. Contrast Match to Clothes

Select shoes that contrast with your child’s garments rather than making it a match, though that also is a great idea. But the contrast is always more eye-catching.

Like, consider silver or brilliantly shaded gladiators, if the dress is a party outfit. Or for that matter give them red shoes with olive attire for Christmas to make an incredible style proclamation for your children. Think beyond Brown and black dress shoes!

4. Try Different Style Dress Shoes

Now that there are as many shoes for children as you can imagine, just ensure a good sole and fit, and experiment with various kinds of shoes for the child. We are sharing some elite, top dress shoes as below

i. Oxford Style

Oxford style shoes for kids

Oxford style shoes with outfit – are the top choice when it comes to formal and semi-formal events, outdoor parties and even weddings.

Make your kid wear them in colors that contrast the outfit and see the other parents’ eyes turn in admiration. Not just Black shoes or Brown shoes, now these come in myriad colors!

ii. Single Monk Strap

Single monk style shoes for kids

These Buckle shoes are always among the most sought after when it comes to longer-time gatherings where your child’s feet need not just style but decent comfort over the long hours. Plus these go well with a formal outfit as well as a casual one.

iii. Loafers Style Shoes

Kids loafer style shoes

Due to their ease to slip-on anytime and slip-out when exhausted, these make it to the top when it comes to a comfortable fashion statement for your kid.

Plus, these come in various materials from cloth to leather to PVC. So as per your child’s comfort, pick up a suitable color and design that complements his outfit and you will never regret having Loafers in his closet.

iv. Derby Shoes

Derby Shoes for Children are the most sought after when it comes to lace-up shoes as these mark a classic, unbeatable style statement that is always in vogue.

Even when an event is happening at a short notice and you don’t know what to go for, the Derby Shoes will be your most reliable and ideal pairing for kids’ dress shoes. What more, not just Black shoes or Brown shoes, now these come in myriad hues of these and more.

5. Match for Outing

Match the shoes with the activity as well, because that will provide the child desired comfort and you the mind-ease of cleaning the air later.

For instance, Loafers would be great when it comes to outdoor Birthday parties. And Oxford Shoes or Derby Shoes would be great for indoor events.

6. Match of Special Occasion

If the occasion is formal like the First Communion, you can always rely on Oxford Shoes, Brogue Shoes and Derby Shoes.

But for casual occasions like Mother’s Day Celebration, any picnic party, the Loafers, Sneakers or even the Buckle Shoes like Monk Strap Shoes, would make a great Dress Shoe.

7. Match with Casual Outfit

A kid’s casual outfit always demands a special pick to make the child stand out from the crowd. Loafers and Sneakers in bright hues in contrast to the kid’s outfit would be an ideal pairing. Brown and black dress shoes are always the last minute thing, if you are still unsure.

Ensure the Size of Shoes before Buying for Matching with Outfit

8. Buy Shoes One Size Bigger

Kids shoes should always be bought one size bigger because these are developing feet and require wide feet shoes. Also, because kids’ feet swell up due to their hyperactive nature. So keep the feet safe and breathing, buying them one size bigger.

9. Use Chart Sheet While Buying Online

Shoes Chart Sheet

If you are buying the toddlers’ dress shoes online, then ensure you take fresh measurements of your kid’s feet as per the kids shoes size chart Given on the website.

This is because different brands have different Size charts. So ensure that size is apt. Also look for a site that has an easy and quick exchange policy, just in case you need a quick change.

The most important thing is always to do a fresh test drive with the kid at home – make the toddler wear the shoes and do some running around and play, to ensure that his feet are comfortable.

Wrapping Up…

Ensure the above things to consider and these will help you perfectly pair your Kid’s dress shoes with outfit. But if you still have more queries, you can always ask us in the comments.

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