How to make shoes at home

How to Make Shoes at Home

Shoemaking is one of the fastest rising lucrative ways to make money as the demand for shoes and footwear is increasing daily.

It also serves as a hobby for so many people. This keeps them busy in their free time.

In this article we will be telling you how you can make your shoes at home.

If you’ve had your mind on learning how to do so then you are at the right place.

The cost of this project isn’t so high so don’t be worried that your hobby could be an expensive one.

What Materials Do You Need to Get Started?

There are different materials you need for the shoemaking process.

Materials for Pattern Making

  • Shoe last
  • Ruler with a straight angle
  • Utility Knife
  • Shoemaker tape
  • Cardboards 
  • Silver erasable pen
  • Cutting board
  • A4 paper
  • Compasses. 

Shoemaking Materials

  • Vegetable-tanned leather for soles and heels
  • Leather for upper lining
  • Insole cardboards: Texon and Shank board
  • Steel shanks
  • Reinforcement tapes
  • Chemical non-woven fabric (elastic material for shoe counters)
  • Contact glue
  • Shoemaking nails (2 types)
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Hand tools

  • Shoemaker rasp
  • Shoemaker knife
  • Shoemaker pincers
  • Shoemaker hammer
  • Awl

These may look like a lot of tools but you can buy most of the tools online and the ones you don’t buy online you can find them in basic stationery stores. 

Steps to Shoemaking

Making the Shoe Pattern

To make a shoe pattern,

  • Attach masking tape on the shoe last.
  • Apply the design on the shoe last.
  • Next, take the masking tape off the shoe last and attach it to the cardboard and cut it out.

Making the Upper and Lining Pattern

  • Add seam allowance to each line of your basic shoe pattern.

Making the Shoe Upper

  • Cut leather of the upper and leather of the lining using upper and lining cardboard patterns.
  • Assemble and sew the shoe upper and lining upper.

Shoe Lasting

Shoe lasting is a process during which you put the shoe upper on the shoe last and attach the upper to the insole.

The purpose of lasting shoes is to stretch the shoe upper on the shoe last and give it the desired shape. 

Sole Making

After shoe lasting you need to make shoe sole.

First, make a pattern of the shoe sole, cut it from the leather attach it and finish it.

Heel making

For a beginner, we advise you use already made heels. You can also make your own heels but you’d need to take online courses for that.

Shoe finishing

Take your shoes off from the shoe last and make a sock lining and attach it.

If you have carefully followed the steps, then you have successfully learned the basics of the entire process on how to make shoes.

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