How to buy a hiking shoe

How to Buy the Best Hiking Shoes

Hiking is the activity of going on long walks especially across the country. To carry out this activity you need the perfect shoes for it.

These shoes must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain high traction on rugged terrains. Of course, they should also be comfortable to wear.

The quantity of hiking footwear options shouldn’t be the reason that you continue to journey to summits in unsupportive sneakers that are falling apart from overuse. With just a few considerations, you can have better boots.

The Steps to Buying the Best Hiking Shoes

1. Consider the Type of Hiker You Are

Individuals have different needs and their walking habits differ too.

The boots you choose should be a match for the type of hiking that you do.

2. Select a Type of Boot

If you are a long-distance hiker, a day hiker, or a casual walker whichever you are affects the type of boots you buy.

Seasoned-thru hikers might hike hundreds of miles in a pair of trail running shoes, while an infrequent, city-based hiker might go for something with ankle support, even for short trails.

Whatever you choose make sure it is substantial and supportive. Although some casual walkers prefer something fast and light.

3. Walk Into a Store and Try Them On

No matter what all the lists online tell you about the best hiking shoes, it’s always better to go to a store and buy it so that you can try them on.

Every person’s feet are different and of different sizes too. Hiking is also something you will need to do in very comfortable footwear.

So it is advisable you go to a physical store if you can. Online stores too can be considered as an alternative, especially when you already know your shoe size and foot specifications.

If you don’t know your shoe size, this guide will help you know it.

4. Buy Insoles

Almost every hiking boot and hiking shoe come with a foam insole that will wear out after far fewer uses than you’d expect.

Some are better than others, and most will feel comfortable straight out of the box, but none will provide the long term support of an aftermarket insole.

Insoles can achieve various purposes like provide additional support, fill up more volume, provide more comfort.

As with boot themselves, it is better to try them on at the store to find the most comfortable and best-fitting option.

Bring your boots with you, because insoles can change the amount of space inside your shoe and affect the overall feel of its fit.

The Bottom Line

Hiking boots aren’t the same as a pair of running shoes, which have a life span denoted in miles ran.

Think about them as an investment. The best of them will only get better and more comfortable with time. This is how to buy the best hiking shoes.

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