8 Important Tips on How to Buy Shoes Online

How to Buy shoes online

Shopping online can be lots of fun and seamless. At the same time, it can be challenging especially when you are looking for the best match apparel like shoes.

Nevertheless, you can still get your hands on the best shoes when you know some secrets of online shopping.

Below is a list of some tips that will help you to choose the right shoes when next you embark on an online shopping spree.

1. Go for a reliable and popular online store

For best services, it’s better to patronize popular online stores; ones that have built a name for themselves in the online market.

Although you could get better or cheaper deals from unpopular online stores. It is advisable to stick with the popular ones so that you don’t get scammed off your money.

Moreover, you can research the store and check their About page just to confirm their legitimacy.

Amazon, Zappos, and Nordstrom are some of the trusted stores to get quality shoes. There are others of course; just make sure the one you choose is trustworthy.

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2. Select an online store with a good return policy

After shopping, one or two things might happen that may require you to return the shoes you bought.

Before checking out what you’ve in the cart, make sure to read the store’s return policy.

You must do so, to know how it works with that particular store.

Will you get a refund or will you need to pay for a return?

This is one thing you should confirm first so that you know what is convenient for you.

3. Read the shoe description

You will be looking to see if they are of high quality and contain materials you are allergic to. A vegan, for example, will feel terrible to order a calfskin shoe.

In the description, you will also see the quality of the leather, type of sole, construction, and design; ensure they meet your taste.

In case you don’t know how to spot a quality shoe, we’ve made a post on how to identify the best footwear.

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4. Read customer’s reviews

This is a point you mustn’t neglect whenever you’re looking to buy a good shoe online. To know more about the shoe, read reviews left by customers so that you have an idea of what to expect.

There are blogs (like this one) and YouTube channels that unbox these shoes. We also recommend you read or watch them before you go ahead.

5. Use charts to find the right size

Many choose to buy shoes offline because of the fear of choosing the wrong size. Picking the wrong size isn’t usually the case especially when you use shoe size charts.

Firstly, check the way the shoe is sized. It could be sized in US, China, EU, or UK format. Be sure which it is.

After that, you can proceed to measure your feet. You can follow our guide on how to get your footwear size.

Then, using the international shoe size chart, you can match the figure you got with the appropriate size on the chart.

6. Stick with your brand

It is often nice to try new brands of footwear. However, when you’re scared of making the wrong choice, it’s safer to stick with the brands you know.

Aside from the certainty, you can confidently grab other styles and the right sizes.

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7. Explore the shoe images

Shopping online is not worth it when you don’t have the liberty to explore the image of the shoe you want to buy.

Some stores for example do not allow you to zoom images. It appears fishy when they don’t want you to see the details of the product you want to buy.

It is also proper to see how the shoe looks when worn. Some online retailers may provide an image of a model wearing the footwear, while others might not. You could search other resources to see more information.

You will want to see if it elongates or shortens your legs, or how it reveals the toe cleavage.

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8. Do not go for pricey shoes at first

If you’re just starting with buying stuff like shoes online, it might be considered wise to buy relatively cheaper ones. You wouldn’t want to throw in all your savings on a purchase or brand you’ve not tried.

Start with a test order, and when you’ve established that the brand and sizing fits your taste, then you can spend more.

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Bonus tip

  • Use the measurement you have gotten to shop for your shoes. Be sure the shoes are true to size.
  • Pay with the methods made available by the online store.
  • Try the shoe on immediately it arrives to know if it is your size or not.

If you do the things mentioned above, I guarantee you a successful, fun shoe shopping journey.

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