High Top vs Low Top Converse: Which is More Comfortable?

High-Top vs Low-Top Converse

The high-top and low-top converse are top-notch in both fashion and athletics. For decades, they have served many feet, ran, and jumped on many basketball courts. Among many things, the converse sneakers keep alive the classic retro fashion and have become must-have footwear.

Obviously, the high-top Converse is quite different from the low-top. But what is uncertain at times is which of them is better. Making the right choice is key, as no one will genuinely want to compromise comfort for trend.

This article is a comparison of high top vs low top converse. With certain benchmarks like comfort, durability and, styling, we shall reveal which of the two styles is better.

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High Top Converse

High Top Converse vs low top
High-Top Converse

The high-top converse extends a bit over the ankle when worn. They were initially used for playing basketball because they provide ankle support that prevents athletes from getting injured. Today, they have graduated into a casual style that can suit several occasions.

High-top converse is majorly lace-up and is available in many colors and patterns. They also come with normal heel height and also with platform heel. High-top Chuck 70 and All-Stars are the most popular versions.


High-top Converse features a flexible canvas upper that rises a little above the ankle and provides support. The rounded toe comes with a toe cap that shields against toe impact and friction.

The high-top All Stars feature a regular flat insole while the Chuck 70 comes with a cushy ortholite insole.

In terms of freedom and flexibility, the high-top converse does not perform well, as they tend to restrict your feet in the chunky design.


High-top sneakers are made with high-quality cotton canvas and rubber outsole. With these materials, the shoes tend to last long. However, with use, you may begin to notice a visible sole separation at the toe break.

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  • High tops are very versatile. You can wear them with several outfits and they would be good to go 
  • They are well-fitting
  • Quite affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Provides ankle support
  • Easy to maintain. 
  • Very stylish and timeless


  • More expensive than the low tops
  • Lacks sole flexibility
  • Restricts the feet more than low-top sneakers
  • Difficult to slip on and take off
  • Without the eyelet, the tongue tends to shift on the side and expose your socks.

When to Wear High-Top Converse

If you are wondering when it is the perfect time to wear a high-top converse. Well, it can be best worn in winter periods. This is because they cover your feet up to the ankle thereby providing better protection against the winter cold. Low-top converse does not offer a similar warmness.

Nevertheless, there is no strict rule here. You can wear them just in any normal weather provided it is not hot. Also, if you are going for an activity where you need more ankle support or restriction, then a high top will serve.

What to Wear with High-Top Converse?

  • High-top converse is great with jeans and holds the jeans legs better than low tops. 
  • A high top can be worn with shorts too but not as impressive as wearing it with a low-top. 
  • Wearing high-top converse with tuxedos also makes a good fashion sense
  • Additionally, high tops can be worn by both males and females.

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Low-Top Converse

Low-Top Converse

Unlike high-top sneakers, the low-top converse does not extend over the ankle but features a regular shoe cut. They are available in lace-up designs as well as a slip-on. They also come in platform heel and regular-height All-Stars and Chuck 70.

With several patterns and colors available, you will never run out of options to choose from in this collection of Converse.


With the regular shoe-cut design, a flexible and breathable canvas upper, the low-top converse ensures enough air in and out of the feet.

The freedom it allows on your ankle provides better flexibility and movement of the feet. The low-top converse is also lighter and less bulky.

Just like the high-top version, it features a toe cap, rubber foxing, and rubber sole that provides protection and traction. However, it does not offer as much ankle support as the high top.

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Built with an organic canvas upper and rubber outsole, the low-top converse is durable and can last for several years. Although there is a tendency of sole separation from the shoe break, it is lower compared to the high top.


  • Compared to high top, the low-top converse is less expensive
  • The low-top converse gives a more mature and classy look. 
  • It is very comfortable and offers more freedom especially when walking.
  • The low top is more versatile. It can match almost effortlessly with just anything.
  • It is easier to slip on and get off. You don’t have to start lacing and unlacing whenever you want to wear them or take them off.
  • Easier to clean
  • Simple and less bulky, especially for people who prefer a minimalist design


  • Lacks ankle support
  • It becomes uncomfortable after wearing it for a long time

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When to Wear Low Top Converse

The low-top converse is best worn in the summer. Compared to the high-top converse, it is more breathable and allows air around your feet, keeping you dry and comfortable. If you wear a high-top converse during such a period, your feet would be sure to be sweaty and even stink.

You should go for this if you want more freedom and flexibility. Also, if you prefer to keep things simple and classic, getting a pair of low-top All-Stars should be a better choice.

What to Wear with Low Top Converse

  • The low-top converse is very versatile and easily goes with almost any kind of casual clothing. 
  • They can be worn with skinny legs or flare-leg jeans. You can also wear it with a skirt and long sleeves or a casual dress and tights. It can be worn with a hoodie or sweater. 
  • Low tops are great with shorts even more than high tops. 
  • It is a unisex style of shoe. So anybody can wear it.

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High Top vs Low Top Converse: Which is More Comfortable?

Both high-top and low-top converse are comfortable and stylish. However, for walking comfort the low tops converse are more comfortable. They are also more breathable and allow for enough air into the feet.

The low-top converse is also easier to slip on and take off. This is great especially when you are tired and exhausted or feeling sleepy. Although, for ankle support, the high-top converse beats the low-top counterpart. 

We can say the low-top converse is more comfortable than the high-top converse, but in the end, the choice is yours to decide on what style and choice you would prefer.

You can still opt for both of them for more options. Right?


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