Chuck 70 vs All-Stars: Differences and Quality Comparison

Chuck 70 vs All-Stars

The difference between left and right is quite clear. But when you compare similar products from the same producer like the chuck 70 and Chuck Taylor All-Star, it becomes harder to quickly say which is which, or which is better.

Since 1917, the iconic All-Star has maintained its unique design, featuring a minimalist construction. It has also enjoyed widespread popularity and has become a staple shoe for those who care to live in the ecstasy of the legendary canvas sneaker. However, in 2013, Converse decided to introduce a premium version of the Chuck Taylor All-Star. They called it Chuck 70.

The 70s features a chunkier design, with its sidewall rising some millimeters higher than what All-Star has. It also comes with an extra layer of canvas and more cushioning features.

Even with all the modifications, it still did not fail to have the traditional silhouette of the Converse you know. In this post, we have discussed Converse Chuck 70 vs All-Star, stating their differences and which of them is better for you.

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Differences Between Chuck 70 and Chuck Taylor All Star

Chuck 70


Double layers of canvas Single canvas layer
Shiny eyelets and thicker laces Matte eyelets and thinner laces
Higher sidewall and sole but small toe cap Bigger toe cap with regular height sole and sidewall
3D-printed patch Screen-printed patch
More structured and heavier Floppy and lighter
Features cushy ortholite insole Features a regular flat insole
Single piece rubber sole 3-pieced rubber sole
Glossy and yellowish sole and toe cap White toe cap and sole
Costs about $85 Costs about $65

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Chuck 70 vs All-Star: Quality Comparison

Design and Appearance

Chuck 70 Sneaker

Looking at the sneakers, you will observe that Chuck 70 features a chunkier construction and appearance. It has a thicker canvas upper which makes it sturdier than the All-Star. Also, the sidewall and foxing in chuck 70 extend higher, giving it better lateral stability.

Chuck Taylor All-Stars

You can also notice that the 70 has a glossy sole that is yellowish to off-white in color. Classic Chuck’s sole is white but less glossy.

Meanwhile, the toe cap in All-Star is bigger, the laces are thinner, and the metal eyelets aren’t as shiny as those featured in Chuck 70. So if it is all about simplicity in design, we will give it to the All-Star.

Chuck Patches


Another striking difference is that in Chuck 70, there is an extra line of stitching on the midfoot believed to serve different purposes. While some believe it holds the two canvas layers together and helps prevent sole separation at the toe break, others say it’s for added support and rigidity.


Both sneakers feature canvas material in their upper. While there is a single layer of the fabric in All-Star, the chuck 70 has an extra layer of canvas. Thus, Chuck Taylor is lighter but floppy, especially the high-top version.


Chuck 70 Sole vs All-Stars Sole

Both sneakers feature a vulcanized rubber sole. However, they are built differently. In chuck 70, the sole is molded into a single piece of sole whereas, in All-Star, the sole is a 3-piece rubber joined to form a single piece.

The height of their sole/heel also varies. Chuck 70 is about 5mm higher.

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Chuck Taylor All-Stars features a regular flat insole with little or no cushioning. With the stability that the sole and insole offer, the sneaker helps to enforce correct posture on movements such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.

Chuck 70 on the other hand comes with an ortholite insole which is known to absorb shock and deliver high cushioning on the feet. The insole also has an arch support feature, making it more appropriate for those struggling with plantar fasciitis.

Due to the squishiness of the insole, the chuck 70 does not offer enough support and stability during activities like powerlifting. Classic Chuck does better.

Comfort and Support

In terms of comfort and cushioning, the chuck 70 beats the Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Beginning from the upper down to the outsole, the Chuck 70 is designed to deliver the utmost cushioning that the classic All-Stars do not offer. This is most evident in the cushy insole and the sturdy-and-flexible upper.

However, chuck 70 fails when you need extra stability or rigidity on your feet. That is why Chuck Taylor is a better sneaker for the gym. Similarly, All-Star is more flexible, which means you have more freedom around your feet.


Chuck 70 costs about $85 while Chuck Taylor All-Stars is priced at $65. However, the retail prices vary depending on the store and size.

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Which is Better: Chuck 70 or All-Star?

Sticking with the Classic Chuck is not a bad idea, after all, it has served and delivered the needs of users several decades before the introduction of the retro version. It is also more flexible and maintains what we know Converse for. Go for it if you want to save $30.

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Chuck 70 should be a better option to take if you desire more comfort and cushioning in your sneakers. Some also prefer this because it looks a bit more advanced in design than the Classic Chucks. In any case, you will pay an extra $30 for a pair. If that sounds great, then why not?

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