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20 Beautiful Shoe Clips for Wedding

Weddings are special occasions for both the celebrants and guests likewise. Therefore, it is one of those days you should wear your stunning looks, to celebrate love and happiness.

Yes, you might have gotten those charming wedding shoes that can best accompany your sartorial dress. But do you know your shoes can look better if you adorn it with beautiful bridal shoe clips.

Here is a list of twenty (20) beautiful wedding shoe clips, from which you can make your selection so that you wear that dashing look that melts your man’s heart.

Where’s the best position to wear shoe clips?

You would want to put the clips where they can be seen and adorned, right?

So it is best you fix them on the upper of the shoe, by the side or behind the footwear.

Best clips for bridal shoes

1. Amosfun crystal pearl shoe clips

Best Wedding shoe clips

This flowery clip is as it appears on picture. It is cute, and gives you a stunning look that would win you the admiration of many.

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2. Casual Fashion crystal beads flower shoe clips

Best Wedding shoe slips

With its crystal flowery look, you can style it on boots, sandals, pumps and even flats. Using the clip, you can easily attach and detach the pair without hitches.

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3. CMT Jewelry crystal shoe clips

Best Wedding shoe clips

It does not matter if your shoes is inexpensive; with this elegant crystal shoe clips, you will transform it into a charming footwear.

4. Elegant Park rhinestone crystal shoe clips

Wedding shoe clips

This simple by fancy shoe clips comes in different colors including emerald, red, blush, sky blue, silver and so on. It is easy to wear and you can use also use it for other occasions aside from weddings.

5. Fodattm pearl and crystal shoe clips

Wedding shoe clips

For instant makeover, feel free to attach this wedding shoe clip on the front, back, or side of your shoes. It can go with wide rage of footwear types including pumps, sandals and flats.

6. Lauthen S. rhinestone bridal shoe clips

Wedding shoe clips

It is designed with pearl and can give you an amazing look when you decorate your shoes with it. The flowery design says nothing else but beauty, love and happiness.

7. Elegant Park bow shoe clips

Wedding shoe clips

This Elegant Park branded bow shoe clips is made of textile material and embellished with a shiny crystal. It leaves you looking more beautiful and of course, attractive.

8. Douqu Fashion bow faux pearl ball

Wedding shoe clips

This clip would serve as a perfect complement on your shoes for bridal party or wedding showers. You can also wear it for fashion as it suites different occasions.

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9. Casual Fashion Totem Shoe Clips

Wedding shoe clips

For a more classic look, you can attach this shoe clip on your shoes to wedding, and evening parties. It does not only confer on you the elegant look, but also improves the quality of your footwear.

10. Elegant Park fashion rhinestone shoe clips

Wedding shoe clips

This is a classy detachable shoe clip, embellished with shiny crystals, which instantly transforms your shoes to the most amazing one. You can rock it on a wide range of footwear including pumps and stiletto.

11. Elegant Park pump rhinestone shoe clips

Wedding shoe clips

If you need to something simple but beautiful to jazz up your looks, you want to consider this shiny clips designed with adorable rhinestones. Just like any good shoe clip, it is easy to wear and can hold firmly on your shoes.

12. Elegant Park sunshine design shoe clips

Wedding Shoe clips

This is a sparkling clip specially made to improve the looks of your shoes and yours generally. It is designed with rhinestones and it comes in different colors to fit your different clothes. However, it is a swift portal to beauty.

13. Elegant Park GK shoe clips

Wedding shoe clips

Made with stunning rhinestones and sparkling crystals, this wedding shoe clip confers the attributes of a high-quality shoes on your footwear. It is made in such a way that you can easily use it on different kinds of shoe.

14. Douqu leopard ribbon bow

Wedding shoe clips

This is a simple but classic ribbon clip adorned with sparkling crystals in the middle. It comes in substantial size such that you can embellish your shoes with it and not bother if you’re really looking stunning.

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15. Lauthen S. butterfly bridal shoe clips

Wedding shoe clips

This is a pair of rhinestone clips designed to transform ordinary shoes to amazing ones. While you can use it to decorate your shoes, you can also use it on your purse or bag. It is classic, sparkling and beautiful.

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16. Elegant Park spider-design

Wedding shoe clips

It is fashioned in web manner with sparkling rhinestone crystals crusted on different positions to give it a dazzling look. Clipping such on your shoes would give you an utmost beauty which anyone can hardly resist.

17. Steve Madden square-shaped rhinestone

Wedding shoe clips

For a wedding party, you should wear something comfortable and adorable too. However, with this clip designed with a clear-cut square crystal, you can quickly improve the appearance of your footwear.

18. Casual Fashion Jewelry flower

Wedding shoe clips

Made with artificial pearl, metallic alloy, with bright crystal rhinestones crusted on top, this shoe clips helps you to up the game of your fashion. Wear it to wedding and evening parties to catch the eyes of those that love beauty.

19. Elegant Park clutch dress hat

Wedding shoe clips

If you are seeking for something beautiful to complement the beauty of your wedding shoes, this might be an option to consider. It is made with metallic alloy with sparkling rhinestone crystals.

20. Fodattm decorative charm

Wedding shoe clips

With this clip, your shoes become more charming by instantly transforming it into an exquisite one. The sparkling beads of rhinestone which branch into wings gives you an automatic look of a queen.

Now, it’s your turn. Which of these shoe clips do you like most?


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