Top 10 Chukka Boot Brands You Should Go For

Best Chukka Boot Brands

This article reviews the best brands of chukka boots.

Chukka boot was birthed a long time ago; although, not as far back as Oxford and Derby. Nevertheless, the style has continued to quench men’s thirst for gorgeous looks.

Meanwhile, this style of shoe is one step closer to formal shoes and casual wear. Perhaps, I could say it is in-between the line of professionalism and informal occasions.

Chukka boots are however made at a specific standard:

  • Ankle-high
  • 2 to 3 eyelets, and
  • A crepe sole

Most brands keep to the above standards while some don’t.  Nike for example, makes chukka boots with 6 eyelets. Nonetheless, most of those brands still make good quality shoes.

Here are the top 10 chukka boot brands we suggest you go for the next time you wish to get a pair of this style of formal shoe

Clark’s Original

Men's chukka boot brands

Clarks is one of the most popular brands that runs quality chukka/desert boots.

The brand has withstood the test of time in the fashion industry producing quality but versatile shoes. It has impressed both fanatics and shoe lovers across the globe.

While at that, the introduced a type of chukka boot in 1950. The chukka boot design was inspired by the British soldiers in world war II when they needed desert boots.

This boot features a soft suede upper or the premium oak nubuck leather upper, and the signature crepe sole. But today, this boot is recognized by most people and is worn more casually than soldiers wear.

Any man with good taste in shoes would not hesitate to get one from this brand. This shoe has a rugged but casual look that could be rocked for a bit outdoorsy stuff.


  • Comfort is undeniably amazing
  • It is lace-up closure with only two or three lacelets
  • Breathable
  • Strong traction
  • Quite affordable at $99


  • Clarks chukka boot design has not been updated since it was created.

Redwing Shoes

Top brands of Chukka boots

Redwing shoes, an American brand, is another shoe brand that makes quality chukka boots and makes the best out of them. The heritage weekender chukka boot from the red wing is a whole vibe.

Moreover, the red wings are known to produce rough and rugged outdoor shoes. Heritage weekender chukka boot is not an exception but it is produced more classically.

Although it has the chukka boots standard; ankle length, lace-up closure system, and two to three eyelets, redwings still gave it its signature look.

The upper is made of copper leather construction that serves as (water, stain, perspiring) – resistant. While the inside is cork midsole, confortforce footbed, and stitch down construction.

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Even though it is called weekender, it can still be rocked at any time or day. It is more of daily footwear. Its comfort is incomparable and it is versatile.


  • It is versatile
  • Comfortable
  • Water and stain-resistant


  • It is heavy weighted
  • It is quite expensive at $219.00
  • Considering the price, it is not durable
  • It runs large

Astorflex Shoes

Best Chukka Boot Brands for men

This Italian label is widely known to produce shoes of great quality and design. It is also one of the brands that create the best out of chukka boots.

They have been in business since the 1800s and have been making strong waves for themselves.

Their sense of art has gotten them to their shoes’ recognition, globally. The Astorflex greenflex chukka boot which is one of their shoes that testifies to their great artistry work is made with the best local materials.

It is made with quality leather suede and 100% ecological conscious materials. It has a rubber outsole which provides comfort and balance. The shoe also has a casual look. You can rock it anytime, any day.


  • Comfortable
  • Strong traction
  • It fits well
  • Ecological conscious
  • Versatile


  • All the specifications might not fall into line with you choice. So, the cons are relative to users.

Allen Edmonds

Chukka Boot brands

Allen Edmonds is a shoe brand well known for its iconic designs and features. It is a brand whose shoes testify for. Every box that qualifies a quality shoe quality is in checked.

The brand has a good reputation for producing shoes with high-quality imported materials. Their chukka boot, Williamsburg is not an exception when it comes to their magnificent way of producing footwear for their fanatics.

It features an imported European calfskin leather upper with dressier construction. A 360° bench Welt, and a single oak leather sole is also used giving this ankle-high boot a prominent but stylish look. And the CustomCork insole ensures comfort.


  • Comfortable
  • Stylish look
  • Versatile
  • Strong traction
  • Durability


  • It is very expensive for $442.00 — $736.74

Nisolo Shoes

Top Brands of Chukka boot

When it comes to brands that ensure maximum comfort for their fanatics, the Nisolo brand is among. When the company made the Emilio chukka boots, people knew it wouldn’t be different from their other products.

The Emilio chukka boot doesn’t only look classic and stylish, but extremely comfortable. This hybrid shoe is cushioned with ultra-soft microporous interior and full-length sheep leather delivering maximum comfort and relaxation to your feet.

With built-in arch support, a sheepskin leather liner, the shoe affirms long-lasting and everyday wear. It is handcrafted in Peru from nubuck leather.

However, some features don’t correlate to the standard chukka. That is, it has 4 eyelets which the maximum is three and a leather sole. But other features like ankle-high and lace-up closure system is observed.

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  • Comfortable
  • Stylish and versatile
  • Durable
  • Slip-free


  • Relatively expensive for $160.00

Rhodes Shoes

Best brands of Chukka Boots for men

This brand has proven to be the best brand that produces chukka boots. Their craftsmanship and dedication to their line of work brought them into the limelight.

The Rhodes Felix chukka boot and Rhodes Dylan chukka boot are proof of their classic designs. They are undeniably attractive especially the Rhodes Dylan chukka boot.

It is made of high-quality Italian leather and a 100% natural rubber sole for traction control. Moreover, the shoe is made with environmentally conscious materials that could withstand the aridest climate in the world.

While the Rhodes Felix chukka boot is crafted from the premium calf leather uppers, on top of an insulated insole and a stud rubber outsole for support and strong traction. It is a tough but smooth shoe.

The Rhodes chukka boots can serve as both professional and casual wear. What kind of man with good taste in shoes would not buy these ones?


  • Good arch support
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Quite affordable for $98.00


  • Not durable enough

Thursday Boots

Best brands of Chukka boots

Although not as old as their counterparts, Thursday Boots has strived to keep up to a perfect standard, by impressing their fans with classic boots at a retailed price.

The Thursday scout chukka boot is a perfect representative of their good works. Using an ultra-sleek chrome leather upper characterized with stitches construction on the surface.

When it comes to comfort, the Thursday scout chukka boot has you covered. They render undeniably ultra-comfort to your feet with a fully lined glove-leather interior.

Adopting a shock-absorbing Poron insole in handy with the cork-bed midsection provide anti-bacteria properties. However, the boot is a little bit higher than its similar varieties which makes it even more suitable for your tailored suit and casual wear.


  • Anti-bacteria
  • Comfortable
  • Quality outsole for strong traction and support
  • Durability


  • Quite expensive at $149.00

Frye Boots

Chukka Boot Brands

Like most chukka boot brands, they combine ruggedness with a classic and more refined look. These give them an exceptional and magnificent look.

Frye is one of the brands that create the most wanted footwear especially ankle-high boots. Their good reputation is more reserved with the chukka boots they have produced.

Not one but up to three and probably beyond the number. The Frye browery, Frye Graham Brogue, Frye chase, etc.

Their chukka boots are exquisitely beautiful, especially the Frye Browery. It is covered up with a distressed oiled suede characterized by a Goodyear-welted construction.

The insole has a soft breathable leather lining for shock and heat absorption. There are more features to the shoe including waxed fabric laces and antique brass hardware.

And not to forget the outsole which is also looked out for when buying shoes. In this case, the outsole is a rubber-injected lug sole that gives undeniable traction to your feet.

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While the Graham Brogue chukka boot is made of rich black leather and wingtip detailing. These Frye chukka boots can be rocked at the office or for a casual party. The comfort service they render matters a lot.


  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Versatile
  • High-quality material


  • Tight around the top lace and tongue area
  • Expensive for $124.00 — $328

Rancourt Shoes

Top chukka boot brands

Rancourt is a Chukka boot brand that has always been known for its prominence and diligence to art work. Its shoes are well crafted and designed for your comfort and happy feet.

Its chukka boots serve as good representations; Rancourt Blake Chukka boot, Rancourt Acadia chukka boot. Their models are amazing. Starting from the Rancourt Blake chukka boot, it stayed true to Rancourt’s old style of shoe.

Which includes a natural leather midsole, a horween bulldog burnished cowhide upper, and brass eyelets. To enhance your traction, a reltex lactae hevea crepe sole was used to complement the outsole.

While on the other hand is the Acadia chukka boot that has the upper made of horween chromexcel leather. And the outsole of Rancourt’s caliber sole. It is a crepe wedge style sole that brings extra durability.


  • Durability
  • Strong traction
  • Versatile


  • It is highly expensive for $325.00

Mark McNairy

Best men's Chukka boot brands

Here is a shoe brand founded by an American fashion designer Mark McNairy. He had helped other shoe industries get up to their feet and stopped them from disappearing into the thin air.

He decided to fly solo and get his own shoe brand. His footwear is inspired by vintage English and American designs. In fact, he divided his footwear into two and one of them is the one called ‘red brick soul’. It consists of chukka boots, dirty boots, loafers, etc.

The D-ring chukka boot from McNairy makes the brand among the best chukka boot brands. It features a modernized Vibram sole, storm welt, and leather lining for comfort and support.

Mark McNairy shoes are made in England including the D-ring chukka boot. It is well-informed footwear that has all the qualities needed in a shoe at top-notch.


  • Fashionable and versatile.
  • Highly durable
  • Breathable and comfortable


Generally, chukka boots are held in high esteem; it is both formal and rugged. The brands discussed above make good and memorable designs out of it. They are worth every penny you invest in them.

Meanwhile, chukka boots are versatile and you can wear them with different clothes ranging from denim to chinos wears. Go ahead and make you choice without fear.

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