14 Benefits of Leather Soles Over Rubber and Plastic Soles

The modern age came with many changes that we tend to forget how important the old fashion way was. It is no doubt that fashion has evolved with time. It still does not make the old ways inferior.

Talking about good fashion, footwear is involved. I mean, what is the essence of good fashion without a comfortable and appropriate pair of shoes?

Meanwhile, people still ask certain questions about leather-soled shoes. Some includes:

  • Are leather-soled shoes still in fashion?
  • Does leather sole offer comfort?
  • What are the benefits of leather soles?
  • What advantage does leather sole have over rubber sole?

You see, there are many benefits you could get by having a leather-soled shoe. These benefits and more about leather soles are what we’ve discussed in this article.

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History of leather sole

It could be dated back before the mid-twentieth century when shoes were only made of leather soles. The shoes were then crafted with animals’ hides.

Overtime, shoemakers realized there are cheaper alternatives such as rubber, plastic soles. Users followed suit as they started going for the ones they could easily afford.

The rubber soles took a full course in society in the 1960s. They became so popular and highly recognized that people almost forgot about the leather-soled shoes.

Despite that, leather-soled shoes are still in the market and it is gradually getting back to its original form; perhaps people have realized how important, reliable, and durable it could be.

Leather sole benefits
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Benefits of leather sole

The leather sole has many benefits that you can get from it. It represents a perfect example of a class or high quality, giving you the luxury look.

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1. It is breathable

Leather sole unlike rubber sole is breathable. It acquired this feature from the animal skin from which it is made. Hides have tiny holes that help to maintain the body’s homeostasis.

As a result, it improves fresh ventilation and the penetration of fresh air into your feet. If you have sweaty feet, it might be an option you should try.

2. The risk of odor and infection is averted

Since the leather soles are breathable and allow for ventilation, the shoes can barely harbor odor-releasing micro-organisms.

Since leather soles can provide such an environment, the risk of infection is as well prevented.

3. It is environmental friendly

Unlike rubber and other synthetic material for soles, leather is natural and biodegradable. That is, it can be disintegrated back to the soil, keeping the environment clean and healthy.

When it tears because nothing lasts forever, it can be repaired and re-soled. That keeps it away from the landfill for at least a long time.

4. It is flexible and provides strong traction

At first, when you purchase a leather-soled shoe, it seems stiff on the feet which in a way, is normal. For a material to retain its shape for a long period, it goes through the process of curing.

With use, it becomes more flexible and the bottom shapes your feet perfectly. It may take a month or so but the wait is worth it. The more you wear your shoe, the more it adapts to your foot.

You will have strong traction on smooth and wet surfaces and make you flex with it all day.

5. It is lightweight

The leather materials are lightweight, no doubt. This makes the shoes with leather soles a smart option. They are perhaps more lightweight than rubber-soles shoes.

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How easy it makes your feet feel while walking is magical. The sleek and slim design of the leather sole makes a perfect walk.

6. It offers you a variety

The leather soles come in different forms. They are designed by highly skilled artisans who handcraft and model them into different shapes and forms. Beckett Simonon brand is a perfect example of this point

So yes, you can choose any design you feel is good for you.

7. Leather soles have an insulation effect

Like rubber and plastic soles, the leather soles also serve as an insulator to your feet. They help absorb shock from the ground and create no bad effect on your feet.

8. Less cracking property

The rubber sole as you may know breaks due to the excessive dryness of the sole. Once it cracks, it continues till it is useless.

In contrast to the rubber sole, the leather sole hardly cracks. But when it does, it can absorb water, allowing it to dry. It remolds and takes back its original form. This ensures its durability.

9. It does not squeak

Leather soles have a clicking sound that comes with elegance and a luxurious lifestyle. Unlike some rubber soles that have the squeaky sound that draws unnecessary attention to oneself.

10. It has a gliding effect

Like a river in its channel, the leather soles make you move gently and smoothly. To pass along without noise or apparent effort.

It moves easily and rapidly like a skater over ice. You won’t feel like you’re slipping or sliding, just gliding smoothly like a dancer.

11. It is easier to re-sole

The leather soles do not only get back to their shape when cracked, it could also be re-soled and become useful again.

It is moreover, easier to be resoled than rubber or plastic soles. Thread and middle can pass through it and remain stuck with it.

12. It helps you to save cost

The leather soles also save cost. Most people go for something that will last long no matter the price.

The leather sole is expensive, but does it last long? Yes.

Of course, every quality material is expected to last for long wear. Since it can be resoled and repaired, it has every chance of being useful to you till you are tired of it.

The more you wear leather shoes, the better it looks. No doubt that the leather sole will spoil someday. But you can get a good cobbler who will re-sole it for a lesser amount.

Buying shoes of less price but spoils easily is not a way of saving cost. Save yourself the stress and get yourself a leather sole shoe.

13. It has multiple layers

Most cobblers make use of multiple layers of leather soles to ensure durability and comfort. Most artisans use triple layers of leather to outlast others.

When you are choosing leather-soled shoes, you should check for multiple layers for long-lasting wear.

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14. It does not cause floor marking

In most professional environments, leather shoes are one of the employee’s compulsory outfits. Scuffs and stains on the floor are barely tolerated.

With leather soles, you will not have to worry about any marring on the surface. You just have to take it right out of the box, wear them on any surface without causing any floor marking.

Unlike the rubber soles that cause scuff and serious black marks on the floor, leather soles do not.

How to care for a leather sole

Leather is sourced from animal hides. It is very natural and so it needs appropriate care to prevent it from withering off or getting the sole warped.

Moisture is an enemy of leather soles. But you could clash with the rain while still on the road, or you might have sweaty feet.

In either way, the leather sole needs to be dried and maintained for long-lasting wear. What are the ways out?

Benefits of leather sole
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1. Use of shoe tree

Dab the show with a cloth or paper and then insert the shoe tree. The shoe trees are devices that are almost the shape of the shoe which absorbs moisture and retains the shape of a shoe.

By inserting a shoe tree in your shoe, the leather will go back to its shape and stop it from developing creases.

For a quality shoe tree, softwood is the best you can use such as cedar. It helps to absorb moisture and retain the shape of the shoe.

2. Use of socks or polyester bags

But what happens if you forget to pack your shoe tree for a journey?

You can insert your socks or a plastic bag inside the shoe. The socks also absorb the moisture in your shoe.

But it is not quite efficient and effective since the socks have their limit of absorption.

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3. Use of sole leather protector oils

The recommended protector oil is the Saphir Sole Guard. It is used for the maintenance of the leather sole. It consists of vegetable oil which protects the sole from water and salt.

You don’t have to worry about it making your shoe slippery. It dries very fast. However, it is not advisable to spray on a new sole. It is better for soles that are already rough, so they can absorb easily.

On how to apply it to your sole, you have to stir the oil well. Use a stiff brush to remove dirt from your sole. And finally, you apply the oil by spreading it with a clean cloth under the sole.

But then, there are precautions you have to take. You don’t apply the oil too close to the edges of your shoe to avoid staining the upper part of the shoe.

You should also not overdose the oil on your shoe. This is to prevent the oil from getting through the soleplate and seeping into your shoe.

4. Addition of a metal or rubber toe-plate

Because people walk differently, if your shoes wear off quickly at the tip, you can use a metal or rubber toe-plate. You can get a good cobbler who could do that for you.

There are other ways of taking care of your leather sole:

  • When you are not wearing the shoe for a long period, you should make sure you keep it clean, dry and keep them in a shoe bag.
  • When the leather sole starts to wear off which is inevitable, you should get a high-skilled cobbler who will insert another sole. This is to prevent it from affecting other parts of the shoe.

Why you should get yourself a leather-soled shoe

Elegance is the prime of fashion. No one wants to dress out and not receive compliments from people. Judging from the benefits aforementioned, it is worth making that choice.

If you enjoy using natural products, then a leather sole is highly recommended for you. A good leather shoe with a good leather sole gives you the best support you can ever have.

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With that been said, leather soles could be summarised as an excellent choice for the recent world. A world where old fashions are being renewed and awakening of the usage of natural materials.

A natural material that only needs a little bit of care, can last long, and can easily be repaired.

It is also suitable for people with wide feet as it gets flexible overtime.

What you need to do about slippery leather soles

Advantages of leather sole

It is undeniable that a leather sole could be slippery at first. The last thing anyone wants is a shoe that makes them feel uncomfortable. To fear that they may slip or skid.

All you have to do is to get it off the box and wear it on the rough ground like gravel. With time, the traction improves to a perfect form.

Well, in the meantime, you have to take a simple and steady walk on the shoe. It shows professionalism, elegance and gives you a calm look.

For your advantage, most leather sole comes with a rubber heel cap which always saves the day when walking on a smooth marbled floor. You can also add a rubber protector which gives little traction to your feet.

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How can you break-in leather soles?

Having a good quality leather-soled shoe is not something you should worry yourself about when it comes to breaking-in. The soles are molded perfectly well for your feet and fit right out of the box.

Indeed, the leather sole is not flexible at first but there is a free movement at the heel. And it is good for a start. Through consistent wear around your house, the shoe gets to be used to your feet. And your feet to the shoe.

And perhaps, you need to know that cycling your leather-soled shoe with your other shoes is helpful. This is for the leather sole to slowly become perfect for you.


The leather sole has many benefits you can get from it. This is ranging from breathability to long-lasting wear.

For there is nothing good about fashion without having the elegant feeling and luxurious look. Leather soles can easily be maintained, repaired, and re-soled.

Why don’t you get yourself a leather-soled shoe and feel the magic of satisfaction that comes with it?

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