Are Converse Shoes Slip Resistant?

Are Converse Shoes Slip Resistant?

One of the qualities of a good shoe is slip resistance. It is quite embarrassing to slip off the ground while walking because your shoe doesn’t have good traction.

Worse if it comes from your favorite shoe brand, Converse. To avoid a bad story, you need to know if Converse shoes have rigid traction.

The converse shoe has been in existence for over a century, and it didn’t stop to keep its fans in awe. The brand has amazing designs of footwear that are high sales in the market.

But some questions are about these sneakers lingers:

What is the outsole made of?

Can it help in slip resistance?

This article answers these questions and more to them.

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Are converse shoes slip-resistant?

The Converse shoes are resistant the first few times of wear. With constant wear, the rubber sole starts to lose its tread pattern and its rigidity, causing the shoe not to have strong traction.

The outsole is made of a rubber material. Specially designed for indoor activities, with tread patterns that enhance grip.

Previous reviews have said lots of things that don’t align Converse shoes with slip resistance. They have rubber outsoles that are well vulcanized to the upper but are not rigid enough.

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Why are Converse shoes not slip-resistant enough?

Perhaps it would have been better if Converse shoes were still made in the USA. Now they’re made in China, Vietnam, and India. Hey! Far from what you might be thinking right now.

Converse soles are a mixture of Plain rubber and fuzzy materials. The outsole consists of more than 50% of fuzzy materials.

It is done this way because of the high importation tax on sneakers. Instead, the shoe is now taxed as slippers.

The fuzzy materials are applied around the edges and arch areas of the shoe to reduce the risk of slipping off. But over time, the shoe starts to lose its grip as the fuzzy materials wear off.

However, if your Converse shoe has strong traction, it either means the shoe was not manufactured to be sold in the US, or they found their way through import taxation.

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Features of a slip resistance shoe

The things you need to look out for when searching for a non-skid shoe are as follows:

  • A non-slip tread pattern (Hexagonal pattern is most preferred).
  • It should be an EVA or rubber outsole
  • The shoe should have a padded collar
  • An orthotic footbed with arch support
  • Sizable toe boxes

How will you know if a shoe is slip-resistant?

First, you have to check if it is specified in the product description. Some brands that produce non-skid shoes have it written in their Description.

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Most times, it will specify that the shoe passes ASTM international F1677 standards, indicating that the shoes were tested on wet, oily, and surfaces.

You can also check the material used in making the shoe outsole. A good slip-resistant shoe is made of a sturdy EVA or rubber outsole.

The sole should be lightweight and soft. The softness enhances a strong grip on slippery ground.

Another thing that matters most in a shoe’s slip resistance is the tread pattern of the outsole.

Most times, it comes in circles, hexagons, or little squiggles.

The patterns are created to cause friction between your shoe and the floor and to enhance strong traction on your feet.

How to make your shoe slip-resistant

There are some of the best hacks to make your shoe slip-resistant. They include;

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1. Scuffing your shoe sole

You can achieve scuffing soles of your shoe using sandpaper, a nail file, or a rock. Just rub the nail file or rock till a small groove appears. It is better if you use sandpaper. Unfortunately, it removes the coating of your shoe.

2. Using grip pads

A grip pad applied on your shoe can also do the work

3. Applying sprays

You can use a grip spray which will simply cover the outsole coating and induce tackiness to the sole. A hair spray will more or less be helpful.

Take away…

If you wish to get a non-skid pair of Converse shoes, then you can get the ones not manufactured to be shipped in the US. Or you can make sure not to make your favorite shoe everyday wear.

You can take it upon yourself to make your Converse shoe slip resistant by taking the hacks we shared above.

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