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10 Incredible Adidas Sneakers Made from Ocean Waste (Plastic)

History of Adidas Parley Sneakers

Adidas Parley is a collection of shoes made from ocean wastes (plastics).

This collection came through as a way to save the oceans and its organisms by reducing or eliminating the waste plastics that get into them.

Adidas is a popular shoe brand known for their iconic designs and quality materials. It also produces shoes from parley ocean plastic waste.

The company is believed to make over 400 millions of shoes in a year. Making this amount of shoe will need lots of resources to accomplish.

To make materials available for production of shoes, they decided to use upcycled plastic. After all, studies claimed that there will be a time where number of plastic is higher than fishes inside the ocean. The pollution that may occur will cause harm to aquatic animals and humans.

Adidas decided to use oceanic plastic waste that have Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). As such, it partnered with the environmental organization — Parley Ocean Plastic, in 2015 to keep the ocean clean.

And in 2018, Adidas claimed to have prevented 2,810 tons of plastic waste from entering the ocean. The organization, Parley Ocean plastic intercepts those plastics from remote islands, beaches shorelines, etc, before they enter the ocean.

Adidas Parley Ocean Waste Shoes
Source: Parley TV

With those plastics refined and reformed, Adidas has recreated it to beautiful sports shoes available for hiking, running, playing tennis, etc. In fact, they are the best for sports.

They make walking, even at a long distance, a fun-filled on; they cover your feet to comfort and stability; they make running fun and hiking a memorable experience. These shoes are thus listed below;

Which Adidas sneakers are made from ocean plastic?

1. Adidas Ultraboost DNA

Adidas Ocean Waste Sneakers

A stylish performance running shoe made from ocean waste. It can also be referred to as a go-anywhere shoe because of its versatility.

It is characterized of adidas prime knit textile upper that wraps the foot to a comfort zone and enhances movement. The responsive boost midsole delivers incredible energy and comfort. Adidas made the shoe more suitable for sports and your work out.

And the outsole, a continental rubber outsole gives an extraordinary traction to your feet. Makes walking on the slippery sidewalks fascinating. It grips your feet and make it slip-free. Moreover, the lace-up gives it an adjustable features.


  • It fits true to size
  • The width runs normal
  • It is lightweight
  • It is versatile. A go-anywhere wear
  • It provides ultimate traction
  • It has variety of colors


  • Quite costly at $180.00

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2. Adidas Two Ultra Parley Trail Running Shoes

Ocean Waste Parley Sneakers

Another of the parley ocean plastic waste to keep the ocean healthy for living organisms. Yet adidas made it exclusive and very comfortable for sports like running.

The plastic waste was reformed to a an abrasion-resistant synthetic upper. A sock-like primeknit upper construction. Looks incredibly classic by the way. And it adapts to fit natural foot expansion.

To ensure comfort to its customers, the shoe is cushioned with lightweight Eva midsole. It delivers comfort to the core and promising happy feet.

Walking through terrains and rough surfaces may be hard but not when it comes to wearing ultra parley trail running shoes. The continental outsole is doing a good job at providing strong grip to your feet. It makes walking a long way fun.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Fits perfectly
  • Lace closure
  • Strong traction
  • Wide toe box


  • It is quite expensive for $180.00

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3. Adidas Solecourt Parley Shoes

Adidas Parley Ocean Waste Shoes

When Adidas have you covered in all kinds of sports activities, you can’t help but admire their good works. The Solecourt shoe is purposely for a tennis court. Like the others, it is built with the oceans in mind.

This shoe is typically made from parley ocean waste, upcycled plastic waste obtained from done remote islands, beaches, coastal communities, and shorelines.

However, A TPU chassis features in the upper wraps around your foot for rock-solid lateral stability. Underneath the upper is the boost midsole that boots your energy and creates enjoyment while walking. No matter the distance.

A well-molded counter and textile lining characterize the shoe as well. Plus an adiwear 6 outsole creating smooth trails and strong traction.


  • Comfortable and reliable
  • Lightweight
  • It fits accurately
  • Suitable for your tennis game
  • Extraordinary traction


  • Fairly expensive for $170.00
  • It has only 3 colors available

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4. Adidas Ultraboost Winter.RDY Shoes

Adidas Parley shoes

This is just the tune to fuel your run in any weather. An incredible Adidas pair prepares you as a runner. The upper made of Adidas primeknit textile upper wraps around your foot to a suitable fit. It has a sock-like fit.

This upper features body-mapped support zones and stretch zones for elasticity making it more suitable for the runners. Not only that, the Winter.RDY upper resists the penetration of snow and water into the shoe. It is water-repellent.

The shoe provides comfort as well with the boost cushioning midsole. Like an energy booster, it gives you reasons for long time wear.

The continental rubber outsole as usual gives your feet ultimate grip and strong traction. It makes good trails while walking or running on a slippery sidewalk.


  • Water and snow resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Lace closure
  • Accurate fitting
  • Perfect for running performance


  • It is expensive for $190.00
  • It has few color varieties
  • It has few sizes available

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5. Adidas Two Parley Trail Running Shoes

Ocean Waste Sneakers by Adidas

No matter the long-distance, there is nothing you will feel except an everlasting comfort and penetration of fresh air to your feet. The penetration is gotten from the perforations on the tongue.

Is Adidas 2 Parley trail running shoe suitable for running? Yes, it has a wide toe box and makes rough surfaces unrecognizable. The upper takes the shape of your feet and fits exactly as you want. With the help of adjustable lace, it gives you desired grip on your feet.

The primeknit sock-like upper, just as other shoes mentioned here, is gotten from ocean plastic waste in remote islands, beaches, shorelines, etc. After many processes of refining, it produced an iconic running shoe suitable on gravelly trails.

The lightweight EVA midsole ensures the shoe is lightweight and gives maximum comfort to your feet. The continental rubber outsole does its usual best by keeping your feet on track.


  • Long-lasting comfort
  • Breathable and comforting
  • Ensures smooth trails
  • Lightweight
  • Available in different sizes
  • Versatile from denim to sportswear


  • Fairly expensive $140.00
  • It is not available in color varieties

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6. Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Parley Shoes

Adidas shoes from ocean waste plastic

The skillfulness of Adidas in producing head-turning shoes is amazing. This 4D Run 1.0 parley shoes is not an exception. Its comfort is right out of the box.

Crafted mainly for athletics, it turns out to have the most qualities needed in footwear for a fast run. The upper that is of primeblue features parley oceanic plastic waste. Well refined and recreated as the upper.

This dual-layer mesh upper wraps the foot to its shape. Gives it a firm grip and ensures all-day comfort. But more comfort is ensured from the innovative lattice and the 3D-printed midsole. It tunes on cushioning and support on the exact spot on your feet.

The rubber outsole creating smooth trails to your feet and slip-resistant. Then, the lace-up continues to provide an adjustable fit.


  • Strong traction and firm grip
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Availability of different colors and sizes
  • Perfect fitting


  • It is expensive at $160.00

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7. Adidas Fitboost Primeblue Trainer

Shoes from ocean waste

This is one of the parley oceanic plastic waste products, typically lightweight and well-cushioned.

Hit the road with this awesomeness as it is very lightweight and low to the ground. It gives you a stable feel as you move with it.

The responsive midsole delivers an incredible firm grip to the sides of your feet and gives you support in the right places. The breathable mesh upper made of oceans primeblue features a lace-up closure for a suitable fit.

Beneath the upper is the effective rubber outsole that keeps the trails smooth and walks along the terrain without feeling it.

The Adidas Fitboost Primeblue trainer shoes is a recommended running shoe because of its wide toe box and light weightiness. You can also hit the gym with it feeling very comfortable and having a day well spent.


  • Lightweight and well-cushioned
  • Perfect for the gym and other sports activities
  • Moderately priced at $120.00
  • It fits true to size and width


  • It doesn’t appear in different colors

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8. Adidas Ultraboost DNA Prime

Adidas Parley Ocean Waste Shoes

A past-meets-future shoe. The Ultraboost DNA Prime is inspired by the first Adidas primeknit shoe made in 2012 for the world’s greatest sporting event, a trailblazing model. Like other Adidas shoes in this shoe, it is also created from transformed waste to high-performance footwear.

The primeknit upper is made stretchy. That is, it wraps your feet and fits naturally to your foot expansion. You get the same amount of energy you give to your shoe.

With the responsive boost midsole, it delivers magnificent energy in return. It keeps you comfortable and supports your feet all-day.

Combined with the flexible rubber sole, it gives you a legendary feel and delivers strong traction to your feet. With the rubber outsole, no-slip is ensured, and smooth movement is what you get.


  • Perfect fitting
  • Created for a good race
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Ensures comfort and stability
  • Strong traction and firm grip


  • It doesn’t have much variety of colors
  • Quite expensive for $140

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9. Adizero ubersonic 4 Parley Hard Court Tennis Shoes

Adidas Parley tennis shoe

The last in the list but not the least is this one; a court tennis shoe with the swag.

As in the others, the upper is of primeblue that features parley oceanic plastic. The shoe wraps your feet and gives you stability through every sprint and sidewalk.

To tighten up your feet with the adjustment you desire, the shoe features lace at the upper for lace-up closure. While under the upper is the flexible rubber sole. It keeps you on good trails and ensures stability to your feet.

It is very lightweight which is sponsored by the lightweight woven mesh upper. It also causes it to be a breathable.

The super-light cushioning midsole also ensures lightweight and is designed to make your move an easy one.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Accurate fitting
  • It runs true to size and width
  • It has a wide toe box
  • Perfect at playing tennis at the tennis court


  • It doesn’t come in different colors
  • Fairly expensive at $140.00

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10. Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Parley Hiking Shoe

Adidas Parley Ocean Waste Hiking Shoe

Terrex free hiker parley is one of the most amazing shoes produced with ocean plastic. It is created from upcycle waste gathered from beaches and coastal communities.

The shoe features an abrasion resistant and primeknit upper. is featured in the upper. It comes with a topnotch cushioning midsole, modelled to boost your energy at any temperature and ensure your comfort on rocky surfaces.

While the Terrex free hiker parley’s continental rubber outsole gives an extraordinary grip to your feet. Ensures you can walk on uneven surfaces so you can enjoy every moment spent with the shoe. It has a lace-up closure for adjustable fit.


  • Firm grip and traction
  • Comfort and ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • It fits true to size
  • Suitable for hiking


  • Expensive at $200
  • It has only two colors available

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For Adidas to recreate shoes from plastics waste shows it has high initiative, and it looks out for a healthy environment. Adidas has indeed created a good impression for itself as a brand. It doesn’t only make beautiful designs out of shoes but also unique qualities.

These shoes are in no doubt super dope. Although their price may be a bit high, they still worth it. Grab yourself one of these shoes and testify to the magical feeling.

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